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 My time with Marcus

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PostSubject: My time with Marcus   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:04 am

The Voltori's answer
Date: may 22, 2009

Dear Diary

I woke up and found my bump even bigger than yesterday, but that is nothing compared to the intense day I had today, but first I should tell you about what happened yesterday. Brian returned with the blood and I sculled it down I wanted more, but before I could ask for more Aro, Marcus and the twins returned Aro told me they decided to stay and witness the pregnancy and assist in any way possible I could see that this was just an excuse immediately I knew they wanted to study my child and I to see how the pregnancy would effect us firsthand. Brian held me tight strengthening my resolve I knew I had to be strong and fearless not just for him, but my child they count on me and it's up to me to protect them there was nothing I would not do to keep them safe Aro suggested that Brian and the others go hunting together. Brian did not want to leave me home alone especially with the big baby bump now Marcus volunteered to stay with me I was surprised that he did. Brian still did not want to go and I told him not to be foolish I told him I wanted warm blood that the microwave blood he made he bought sucked because it was not fresh enough. I did not want to give the Voltori any reason to be insulted. Brian left with Demetri and the twins

I sat on the couch and Marcus sat on the couch opposite of me. He seemed lifeless again nothing to inspire nothing to give him passion and without those two things he may as well have been a part of the furniture. I found it hard to strike up a discussion with Marcus I asked him what Tv shows he liked and he was curious I sighed and told him to never mind so instead we sat in silence for a while I kept watching as he became lifeless again and I finally had enough and asked him what his baggage was. Marcus told me his story that he was once in love with Aro's sister Didyme and married to her they intended to live a peaceful life and leave the Voltori, but she was murdered before they could leave and since then he has been caught in a depression no longer caring about anything at all until he met me. I asked him what that meant and he said I was interesting because of my gift I asked him again and Marcus said I had the ability to inspire people by singing. He believes once im turned I won't need to sing to inspire. This took me by shock and he continued on telling me that my gift was very powerful that I not only affect them by inspiring them, but my ability seems to affect them in other ways that I could make make them stronger and enhance their senses make them more focused....In short my ability seemed to be a drug for them and if I could affect vampires this much as a human, then what could I do as a vampire. Marcus told me that's something Aro wants to see badly. I was in shock I had this ability to inspire vampires I was a Muse.

I thought about it and asked Marcus I told him that Brian was touching me and he could smell your scents even when they were out of range, but I wasn't even singing then. Marcus seemed interested and told me that was my childs gift Just like I could affect the senses my child seems to have the ability to supercharge gifts. I thought about it and Marcus was right Aro felt the thoughts that I had and Brian could smell the voltori because he was super charging my gift. I asked Marcus why he was telling me all this and he told me he cared a great deal about me, because for the first time since the death of his wife he was feeling again and it was because of me. I blushed and Marcus chuckled he admitted his curiosity to what my child would do for his gift so I stood up and touched his cold hand and brought it to my stomach I felt a chill as he gasped and smiled he pulled back and seemed different. He explained he had the gift to see the magnitude of relationships, but when he touched me he felt it he felt the love I had for Brian and the love I had for this child growing inside me. He told me he had never felt anything so powerful in his entire life.Seeing Marcus smile I felt happy to see him that way He has suffered so much I could still see he suffered, but I felt for him because we have both suffered a lot just in different ways. I moved close to Marcus and sat next to him he was surprised and I began to sing for him it was a song I believe he could appreciate and perhaps this would be enough to inspire him to move on with his immortality. This song was basically the theme song of the titanic a movie I enjoyed because Leonardo Dicaprio dies at the end. I watched him the entire to see his expression he was listening intently hanging from each word that escaped from my lips. When I finished singing he looked stunned and said that he felt something he did not think capable of again when I asked him what it was he said it was complicated. I told him something That I did not know his wife, but I was sure she would have wanted him to grieve and move on for love is truly a gift that was meant to be shared and maybe it was time for him to start sharing again. Marcus told me that it seemed my gift also worked with speeches too and excused himself

Brian and the others returned home and Brian brought me back a nice American person to eat. I finished my meal and looked at Aro I could not help, but think of everything Marcus told me and realized not even my own thoughts were safe with him around. Brian and I spent the day together. Like I mentioned I woke up today found my stomach was huge Brian seemed surprised too I got up slowly and walked around and leaned on the chair I felt lightheaded I grabbed onto the chair and I crushed it the chair was made out of wood. Brian was shocked while Aro spoke that this was not mentioned During the Cullen's pregnancy Brian told Aro that I have only been drinking human blood from the start. Aro believes that the baby's strength is being channeled to me as a medium, but I don't think that's it. I think it could be the child's venom is slowly changing me, but then again it's only a theory Aro's theory makes a lot of sense too.

I have been having trouble with the twin girl Jane. She seems to be jealous of all the attention he was giving me not that I wanted it. She said something snide and I told her to bring it on that id give her a swirly and stuff her in the boot of my car faster than Paris Hilton unleashing another sex video. Jane looked at me with killer intent, but her brother quickly stepped in the way and he fell to his knees in agony. When Aro found out he lost it he grabbed Jane by the hand and dragged her outside and began talking to her I was dying to know what he told her and how it affected my child and I. Jane returned and apologised I told her to forget about it that it must be hard to be stuck in the same league as Justin Beiber and never go through puberty Jane unleashed a hiss at me and I flipped the dwarf off and walked away. I could hear Jane mumble "fucking bitch" I smiled it felt good releasing the inner bitch again I have noticed recently I have been to nice for my own good. I spent the rest of the day with Brian we talked about baby names I wanted to call the baby Brian junior of it was a boy and Brian broke into a rant saying that no son of his would be called BJ and I pointed out what was wrong with it and he said he did not want other people associating his name with BJ because its short for blow job. I frowned and before we could continue Aro joined us with Marcus I sat besides Marcus and listened as Aro and Brian spoke about the pregnancy and stuff. I noticed Marcus seemed a little distracted he would watch me from time to time and I wondered if I had blood on my chin or something.

So here I am on the beach alone with Marcus at the terrance watching me for some reason. I finally learned what this gift of mine is and have learned that my child would also be gifted and from what Brian & Marcus told me of Aro that my child and I are no longer safe. We are coveted and I need to think of a way to protect my child and myself from Aro's grasp. I need to go I want to be with Brian I may even lift the penalty tonight oh and I want to continue talking with Brian about babynames.

~Sarah frost
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My time with Marcus
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