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 Deal with the Devil

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PostSubject: Deal with the Devil   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:04 am

My journey is almost at it's end, or is this new beggining, all I know is what I do, I do for My Brian and my child.
Date: june 1st , 2009

Dear Diary

So much has happened and I fear I don't have a lot of time left, I think my story is coming to an end or maybe it is just beginning. I have made a deal with the devil to protect those that I love and cherish. My body is breaking under the strain of carrying my special child and I am days away from losing everything for a second time.

I bet your wondering what I mean, how much can happen in just a few short days. It started after my last entry when I overheard Marcus and Aro speak. Brian was away at his company, some major disaster came up and I was in my room. I had woken up to hear Marcus and Aro at the doorway they assumed I was asleep so they were talking in a normal tone and not speaking in their low hisses that were too fast for my human hearing. Marcus had asked Aro what he intended to do about my child and I, how would he convince us to join. Aro mentioned that he would convince us if not he would kill us and claim we had broken the law and created an Immortal child. Aro spoke saying the last thing that he needed was for the Cullens to gain more allies least of all those who were as powerful as my child and I.

No other vampire knew of my child and I aside from the decorator that had came that day to remodel the guest room. So no one would miss us it was ingenious of Aro to get Brian to stop his other friends from coming over.

I did everything I could to stay calm listening to the two speak. Marcus told Aro that he did not want me to die and Aro accused Marcus of getting bewitched by my gift. Marcus said nothing and said again that he did not want me to die. Aro was quiet and then told Marcus that getting into an argument now would be pointless as the proposal hasn't even been submitted yet. Aro told Marcus that he,Demetri and the twins were going out hunting and that he should keep an eye on me.

Once they left Marcus surprised me by sitting on my bed and telling me that I could stop pretending to sleep. I asked how he knew and Marcus told me for a slight second my heart rate had skipped a beat and he knew then. I asked if that meant Aro knew and Marcus shook his head and told me if it did Aro would have put on his friendly facade. I looked at Marcus and asked him if it was true that Aro would kill my Brian, my child and I and he nodded his head. I shivered in fear and Marcus touched my cheek and smiled "do not fret child" he said. I looked at him, we had became close since he arrived I considered him a friend in a way. Marcus said "I want to make an offer" he said. I heard him out and basicly he said this "I will protect you and your Child if you become my queen and returned to Volterra with me." My heart was pounding. I did not want my child around the likes of Aro and I instead gave him my offer, I would become his queen if he let my child stay with Brian and left the two alone, giving them full immunity in exchange for me joining the Voltori.

Marcus was surprised and told me he would arrange it that my child and Brian would remain safe and out of the Voltori's grasp. I made him promise and he gave his word and leaned in to kiss me on the lips. I kissed back, but my heart was not in it I was sacrificing myself for Brian and my child I had made that choice with no hesitation because I knew it was the only way to protect them.

Marcus pulled back and told me that I indeed loved Brian and my child more than anyone has ever loved before. He told me in time I would forget Brian and love him instead I doubted that was possible I looked at Marcus as he walked away and broke down into tears I Had made a deal with the devil. My life in exchange for the life of my true love and child...it's a fair price to pay.

I wiped the taste of Marcus away from my lips I decided to enjoy whatever time I had left with Brian. He returned home and kissed my forehead and smiled Marcus did not say anything of our deal he knew it would cause problems and now was not the time for problems. I was weakening the baby was sapping too much of my strength and he had started to break my body down.

I was as big as a house and I could kiss my figure goodbye, but my bones were also breaking. No amount of blood could stop my thirst or help me regain my strength. I was dying slowly, but surely, I knew that's what was happening. I made a promise to Brian I would pull through and survive for his sake and for the baby. Soon he will wish that I did not make him that promise.

Brian and I talked about baby names and we managed to agree on two names for either gender

Tobias Marcus Jacobson

Cassandra Hope Jacobson

I know its strange giving Marcus as a middle name especially since after his offer I hated him, but I was gratful for the opportunity he had given me to save Brian and my baby. Today Brian took me to the beach and sat behind me on the sand we watched the sun set together and he surprised me by proposing to me. I was shocked as he placed the beautiful gold ring on my thin white finger. I had lost so much color from the pregnancy I practically looked like one of the vampires now. I accepted Brian's proposal knowing full well that we would never get married, I did not do it to give him more pain. I did it to give him as much happiness as I could before I would break his heart.

When we returned inside I could see Marcus' shocked expression and I insisted Brian give Demetri and the twins the tour of New York. Jane threw me a dirty look, she loathed me and I did not care. Brian thankfully thought it was a good idea. My poor Brian you have no idea the pain that awaits you. When they were gone Marcus grabbed my hand and I flinched in pain at the tightness in his grasp I could have sworn I heard a crack. He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was letting him have joy for as long as I could give it to him. I asked Marcus if he had told Aro my terms and he nodded. I looked at Aro and Aro agreed to my terms. He would leave my child and Brian alone to live their immortality in peace if I joined his guard. I looked down and felt my heart break, I was in tears and asked him to swear it and Aro swore on the good name and reputation that the Voltori had.

Afterwards Aro touched my face and wiped away my tears no doubt he saw all my thoughts and probably felt all the emotions I had caused by my thoughts thanks to my baby. Aro smiled and said to me "don't cry child you will become Marcus's wife and a queen you should be happy." I pulled on a smile it was fake and they knew it, but they both chose to believe in the lie and say "much better" Marcus wrapped his hands around me gently from behind and I felt cold and stiff not from the influence of his body temperature, but because he was not the man I loved.

Marcus asked when I would tell Brian the truth and I told the both of them the day we leave. I asked how many days they would give me with my child and Marcus said I would have three days to be with my child and I could consider that my wedding present from him. Three days with my child that's a lot more than I had with Jayne I supose I should be thankful. Marcus held me the entire time not letting go of me he had claimed me as his possession I now knew how Helen of Troy felt, she was the daughter of Zeus and Leda and had the face that launched a thousand ships. I had the gift that would affect the outcome of a war.

Marcus was forced to let go of me just before Brian's return when Brian returned My eyebrow twitched when I saw Jane in a I love NYC T-shirt I was about to say something when Jane said "One word and I will seriously kill you just on principle" I smiled and kept up pretenses of everything being normal by telling jane she put the itch in bitch.

Brian and I retired into the bedroom and he asked why Marcus scent was all over me. I told him that I needed help getting around. Brian believed me of course he was so good natured and so good to me, he believed in me to tell him the truth no matter what ,it's a shame that won't last. I need to now, I am feeling really weak.

~Sarah Frost

Sarah's Story has not come to an end it's only just begun you have not seen the last of Sarah Frost, but for now it's time you see things from Brian's view. I will give you a sneak peek of whats happening you can see it below

Preview of the future

Brian's Diary
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Deal with the Devil
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