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 Last days of Joy part 1

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PostSubject: Last days of Joy part 1   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:06 am

The first day
Date: June 7th,2009

Dear Diary

Change has happened to me and it will almost be the last time I ever change. Six days ago I wrote to you as a human being. I was a weak child...blind and deaf to the world and carrying a special child. Three days later on the fourth of June the change began when my child clawed his way out of my stomach and ripped open the last of my flesh to escape me.

It was exactly one month since Brian and I had sex for the first time. I found myself weakening from the pain of child birth...well child popping out of my gut like something out of a horror movie, still it hurt like a mother fucker. I saw my baby boy he was beautiful. Brian let me hold my son and I held onto him tightly, but suddenly...everything went dark.

I opened my eyes and was surrounded by darkness. I was confused and ice cold. I could see nothing, but darkness. I walked around in the darkness for a while and stopped when I saw a light, the Light was small, it was so far away, so I began to run towards it, slowly the light expanded.

I finally made it to the edge of the darkness and stood at the border. The light was warm and embracing and behind me the darkness was cold and scary.

I could hear something, it was a voice, it was faint. I stepped forward and instantly felt the warmth of the light. It was beautiful and loving. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around myself enjoying the warm embrace of the light.

This was it, this was peaceful after all the pain and suffering I finally found peace.

"Her heart has stopped...she is dead." A voice spoke. It sounded like Aro, he sounded disapointed.

"She is not dead, she isn't, you don't know her, Sarah is a fighter, she won't quit no matter what, that's who she is." The voice belonged to Brian and I smiled he thought so much of me, I had no idea.

"The venom did not reach her in time...she is gone..." Aro insisted.

The sound of crying drowned the rest out ,my special little man Tobias.....I wondered what was wrong with him, but I did not dwell on it for long. I was drifting away blissfully.

"Sarah you promised me." My eyes snapped open, the white void was around me. I could see the warm white light. I realized I was dying...or dead....Brian was right, I made him a promise. I would not die.

Brian's life and the life of my son Tobias was connected to mine. If I died the voltori would claim Tobias and Brian would die fighting for our son. I placed my hands over my heart and clenched onto my skin.

I reminded myself that Death is peaceful and it's easy to be in the void of oblivion, but I was never the type of girl to take the easy way out...not when I had a reason to fight.

I concentrated in the void focusing on the crying of my son. I kept telling my heart "start....start....start." I pumped my heart area with my hands and gasped feeling warm. My entire heart was warm. "That's Impossible!" It was the voice of Jane ,she sounded disappointed. I smiled hearing the disappointment in her voice.

The light vanished and I returned to the cold darkness. My skin was cold, my entire being was cold...with the exception of my heart that was still warm and I was proud to say still beating. It was my son and my Brian keeping me alive and soon I would keep them alive. I folded my arms and the warmth in my heart continued to intensify until it spread through my entire body if felt really nice.

The warmth kept getting hotter and hotter "ok turn down the heat a little." I cried out to the darkness. The heat, however, did not stop, it was intense, I screamed out as it burned, I felt like I was getting burned at the stake.

I felt the flames consume me, but I also felt stronger, the darkness suddenly vanished and I opened my eyes to see Brian sitting next to me, the pain was incredible and it was only growing. I said to him, "you asshole you didn't tell me it would hurt this much," my voice was strained from the pain and he chuckled.

Brian stroked my cheek and I asked about Tobias and Brian told me he was sleeping in his crib. I had been burning for two days. Brian thanked me for keeping the promise and I told him that I would do anything for my two special men.

I told Brian to go and be with Tobias. I did not want my son alone with the voltori, especially the dwarf. I could hear a hiss in the other room...it surprised me I could hear that.

Brian thankfully did this and left me to suffer alone so he could protect our son. I spent the rest of my time trying to drown out the sensation of pain... I failed of course nothing could stop the pain.

It finally stopped with the exception of my throat. When I opened my eyes after the change it was like I could see for the first time, when I heard Brian it was like hearing the voice of an angel...up until now I was a worm and now I evoled into a Hawk I became a predator feeding on the worms.

I looked at Brian for the first time he was beautiful and perfect.

Normally I would have pounced him, but I was thirsty. Brian's scent, I love it, he smells like the air during a storm it was refreshing.

Brian suggested we go hunting together and leave the voltori to babysit Tobias. I almost hissed no, I told Brian I was not in the mood to leave the house, to give me the left over blood from the blood bank. I drank the blood and it was incredible it tasted amazing I wanted more and Brian left with Tobias I did not get to see him since I was still thirsty. They had to go into town and buy more blood. I was amazed at Brian. He had already bought baby seats and everything. I suggested formula and baby food ,Brian asked why since it was obvious Tobias had the sense to like blood.

I told him the child was still half human and needed all the proteins and vitamins that a human child would need. Brian argued back and in that moment I am ashamed to say I snapped, I grabbed Brian and threw him out of our bedroom door.

I was shocked, I ran to Brian and saw him on the floor grinning. "We should get insurance because if your this passionate now what are you gonna be like when I nail you" I hissed at Brian and told him to get going and that was when he left with Tobias.

The Voltori or as I like to call them Vultures stepped out of the shadows and made their presence known.

Marcus hugged me from behind and the twins as well as Demetri looked at us confused. Aro explained everything and all jane could say was "HER, are you serious?" I looked at Jane for once we were on the same page.

Aro had made his plans and I have made mine, well my plans weren't thought out and they still are. My thoughts are no longer safe, So I am going to do things without thinking about it, Aro won't be able to see that coming, needless to say my plans have already been set in motion, I just need to find the right time to be alone now.

Aro had insisted that I begin learning how to use my ability. I sang a song and nothing happened, no inspiration, and Aro suggested that it was Tobias was the one with the abilities. That I was only the vessel for the abilities to go through.

I thought of my son and closed my eyes . I loved him so much and Marcus tightened his grip. "No she has the gift...I can feel the love she has for her son....it was her super charging our gifts not the offspring."

I opened my eyes shocked. "Ah good then, we really have no need for the child. We just need to find how to trigger her gift and unleash it completely."

I listened to Aro's words and realized that he had no intention of keeping his word. I too was grateful that my thoughtless plan was set into motion.

I had promised Brian I would survive and I kept it, and I promised myself to protect my love and my son and I will be damned if I don't keep that promise.

The Voltori continued their discussion and I excused myself not interested. I went to the bathroom and removed my top I was surprised that my body was scarless from Tobias's escape, well my chest had one scar it was a crescent moon over my heart. I looked at the mark and traced my hand over it this was my momento from Brian.

I looked down at my wrist to see the scar from my suicide attempt was gone. I looked back at the mirror and notice my blood red eyes. I was shocked and wondered how could I miss that. I examined my new skin and eyes. I wasn't me anymore. "You're still ugly." I looked at the doorway and saw Jane. I flipped her off. "Shouldn't you be back to the village of the damned, tormenting some parents or something you little freak"

Jane hissed and I felt my entire body shake in agony and i fell onto the ground.

I looked at Jane and she had this smug grin on her face. "What was that...." she asked, her voice was filled with a fake sweetness.

The pain was gone and I was left gasping.

"I said your a stupid dwarf that should fuck off, before I give you a swirly."

The pain returned and it was even more intense then the last time.

I looked at Jane with hate as the pain surged through my body this was one of the reasons I wanted to keep Tobias and Brian away from the Voltori.

It was then when I thought about Tobias I felt myself becoming inspired. I felt like I could do anything. I pushed through the pain to get off the floor. Jane looked at me surprised.

"Come here you bitch," I screamed my entire body burned, but thinking of my special men I was inspired to push through the pain .

I grabbed Jane by the neck and lifted the Dwarf up, carried her to the mirror and smashed her against it.

"Help me out Elf, is that seven years bad luck for me or you."

I carried Jane to the can and shoved her head down the bowl and flushed her head the pain actually stopped.

Marcus and Aro came in asking what I was doing and I continued flushing the toliet and told them "she's getting the royal Flush."

I lifted her head up and tossed her to Aro's feet.

"She attacked me" I hissed.

Jane got up and looked at me, "yes and I will end it," she said.

My entire body burst into agony again like I had been set on fire.

I looked at Aro and Marcus and did not resist the agony. Aro said nothing for a moment while he touched Jane.

After a moment he finally ordered her to stop and I panted in pain venom dripped out of my nose and I looked at Jane, I wanted her dead and she felt the same way about me. Aro told us both not to fight anymore and I had no choice, but to comply.

Aro did, however mention how amazed he was to learn I had been able to move while Jane's gift worked it's wonders on me.

I wiped the venom from my nose and told him it was just plain luck. I buttoned up my shirt and heard Aro speak with marcus telling him i should train with someone named Felix once they returned to Volterra.

Brian finally returned Tobias and placed him in the nursery. He then went outside and returned with two eski's full of blood bags.

He found me in the bathroom and asked what happened and I told him I had some quality time with Jane.

Brian was shocked about it and Marcus came in and told Brian he had to hold me down, Marcus was smart it would explain why I had Marcus scent all over me.

I went through half of the eski and felt confident enough to handle Tobias.

I went to the lounge room and of course Marcus was near by, the rest of the Voltori also watching eagerly. Brian gave me warning telling me from the other room that Tobias was growing fast and his touch also gave off an unexplainable spark so I should be prepared.

I told him to shut up and give me my son. I could hear Brian's chuckle and he brought in Tobias.

I gasped, shocked, seeing my son, he was not an infant, but a toddler, he was growing so fast. Surely this could not be the same Tobias.

I held my son and gasped again. I felt my senses go into overdrive they were super charged. I could hear the distant traffic all the way to New York City. My son has this incredible gift......It was him super charging Brian's senses that time before the Voltori's arrival.

I wondered how I was super charging everyones gifts as a human then. I wondered if Tobias could actually do that too.

I looked into my son's beautiful brown eyes and saw something in those eyes....awareness. My son was so quiet, he just kept watching me the entire time and I began to sing for him a song.

My voice was different from the change, but I did not care and everyone seemed to be acting stranger then usual, but again I did not care. I was lost in the beauty and perfection of my son

I spent the rest of the day holding my son. Brian handed me a bottle of blood for Tobias and I fed it to him. He sucked away at it like no tomorrow.

I sat in Tobias' nursery, on the rocking chair feeding him the bottle of blood. Brian was with me the entire time.

I told him how quiet Tobias was and Brian nodded. He told me the only time Tobias had cried was when I was dead.....I looked at Brian surprised and looked back at my little man he is a genius. He knew I needed to hear him to start fighting off death. Tobias eventually fell asleep and I am now watching him sleep. My little man....How I will miss you.

~Sarah Frost
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Last days of Joy part 1
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