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 Conflict (Entry 28)

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PostSubject: Conflict (Entry 28)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:06 am

Date: March 13th, 2006

Dearest Diary

Edward and Bella’s relationship has grown in such a short time; is it love that the two share? I believe it is. How can Edward love someone who he wants so badly to kill? He has changed so much in the short time since he first met that Bella human. He composes songs without bitterness or darkness. The music he writes and performs is sweet and alluring. He has a natural talent for music, that brother of mine. It’s beautiful.

Edward and I have yet to reconcile, if you’re wondering. I blame Bella for the conflict she has brought, but I also blame myself for my own pride. I had the power to change everything, to just give in and accept their relationship, but if I did that I would be betraying my beliefs. I would be disregarding the law. Vampire law.

Edward informed us that he intended to bring Bella to our home today. Lovely.

I was against it, of course. The girl already knew too much about us. Alice was excited and full of life. She had told us she had a vision that she would be best friends with Bella. So I guess I have been replaced. I, however, am not threatened by Bella. She is only human, after all. A weak, fragile human.

Alice and Jasper decided to go hunting to make things easier on Jasper. He doesn’t have the control the rest of us do yet. Esme said she was fine, her eyes still perfectly golden. Carlisle was in his office, working. Emmett seemed excited to meet the Bella girl, but I decided I could not be there.

I went to Esme and told her I intended to go out to the old cottage near by. I planned on doing some homework I’d neglected. Esme tried to convince me to stay, and Emmett wanted me to stay too, but I held my own. Edward overheard everything and spoke up.

“No it’s fine Esme,” he said. “If she can’t be happy for me, I rather her not be here when I bring Bella over.” I looked away from Edward and excused myself then grabbed my school bag and left the house.

I traveled through the forest, running at inhuman speed. I found myself somewhat startled when I saw that Emmett was running beside me. I asked him what he was doing, why he wasn’t at the house. He grinned. “Where you go, I will follow… even if it’s to the ends of the universe,” he said, lovingly. I smiled, shocked by his devotion. I know Emmett loves me more than anything, but I still get surprised when he shows it.

After a quick run, we arrived at the cottage. Emmett and I entered silently through the front door. I sat on the old comfy chair and lowered my bag. I was surprised Esme has not redecorated this old place. I did my homework while Emmett talked, trying to convince me to go back to the house. I told him no, I did not want to be around the human and if he wanted to, he was free to go and take part in the illegal activities.

“Come on babe, don’t be like that,” he responded. I looked down, then back up at Emmett, who was frowning. His beautiful face he was so adorable when he frowned.

I stood up and walked to Emmett and climbed onto his lap then kissed his lips. He kissed me back and wrapped his huge arms around me. I felt so safe in his muscular, yet comforting arms. Like nothing else mattered. Simply being held by Emmett melted away any fears I had… momentarily.

I kissed Emmett’s lips again, softer this time, then moved down to kiss his neck. Emmett groaned. “That feels good Rose,” he whispered, grinning. I smiled and softly bit his neck. I enjoyed his scent more than anything. It was intoxicating to me.

I pulled out of Emmett’s hug and pulled off his shirt. “Like what you see, babe?” he asked, his golden eyes sizing me up. I nodded my head and smiled as I leaned in and kissed his chest. “My monkey man,” I breathed.

Emmett had that smile on his face. You’ve never seen such a beautiful smile, Diary. It’s unbelievable. Emmett….this smile he does…. it’s not using his mouth really, it’s like he’s smiling with his eyes. He gets this look and it’s extremely bold and seductive and really mischievous - way more so than his usual mischievous grin. I can swear my lifeless heart almost begins to beat again when he looks at me that way.

Emmett stood up and he carried me to the table, my legs wrapped around his waist. He leaned down and pushed my school books off the table without effort. Emmett and I made love right there in the cottage. The table, needless to say, did not survive our little adventure. Emmett was proud to say it was because of our passion. He always seems proud when we break the furniture. My theory was the termites, of course. But I let Emmett have his victory, not wanting to spoil his good time.

Shortly after, Emmett received a text message from Alice. “She says there is going to be a storm tonight, you know what this means,” he said, his eyebrows almost lifting off his face. “Baseball,” I replied with a wink.

Emmett Lifted me up and swirled me around in the air holding me close to his chest. “Come on babe. You’re going to play, right?” I looked at him for half a second, then smiled. How could I refuse him. I caved in and told him I was in. I decided to ignore Bella, for my Emmett. She wasn’t going to ruin his fun.

We went to the clearing and the thunder was impressive. Loud enough to drown out our thunderous batting. Bella was there, and she was dressed rather plainly. I was surprised Alice did not dress the girl. I mean, since they’re all best friends now. Alice always picked out everyone’s outfits. She tends to know what looks good on people.

We played baseball for a short time before Alice got a vision. We quickly gathered around and she told us that there were vampires coming in our direction. Needless to say, things got chaotic, and of course, it was Bella’s fault.

The vampires were nice; they even wanted to play ball with us, until James caught Bella’s scent and wanted to have her as a snack. Edward’s hisses were louder than the rain pouring from the sky. His growls gave the thunder a run for its money. After a menacing warning, the clan left Bella unharmed… but she isn’t safe yet. We went back to our home and one of James’ coven members, Laurent, was there. He had a warning for us. He told us all that James is a tracker. The hunt is like a game to him. He wouldn’t stop until he caught Bella.

Edward was overwhelmed with guilt for putting Bella in harms way and demanded I help him. “Go upstairs and trade clothes with Bella,” he said, and I knew it wasn’t a question. I looked at Edward’s eyes and saw fear. It was painful to see such fear, and a part of me wanted to help him. I could forget every hurtful word he said, and those loathing looks, but I couldn’t help him. I couldn’t help protect a human… I am a vampire. We don’t protect humans.

“Why should I?” I rebutted. “What is she to me… except a menace, a danger that you have chosen to inflict on all of us?” I tried to sound as cold and ruthless as possible. Emmett placed his hand on my shoulder. “Rose,” he tried to sound rational, but I shook his hand off me before he could say anything more. I stood my ground and refused to ignore the law. At least I tried to…

The way Edward looked at me after I said that. It gave me a moment to reconsider, but I refused again and then this new look came over him. He looked at me as if he did not know me, like I was non-existent to him. He looked like he saw nothing but a vacancy where I stood.

I watched him turn to Esme and ask her to trade clothing with Bella instead. “Of course,” Esme replied, and she was next to Bella in a heartbeat. Esme took Bella upstairs and after they left Carlisle approached me and we got into a small argument. He told me Bella was a part of our family now. He told me that I had to treat her like family, because she is with Edward.

I told Carlisle that I believe everything Edward was doing was foolish. I told him that Bella could not be a part of this family. I looked at Emmett and saw him gear up, grabbing a large backpack. I had no intention of helping Edward out, until Carlisle made me feel guilty.

I should tell you about my father’s ability. Some say Carlisle is the most compassionate vampire on the planet. I say he is the master of guilt trips, though. When Carlisle went to defend me to Edward, he was sure to make me feel an unrelenting guilt.

“I am sure Rosalie has her reasons Edward. Even if she does not want to help the family, who have shown her so much love and support in the past,” he said, putting his head down as if he were ashamed of me.

Once Carlisle spoke, I knew I would end up defeated. I should have known Carlisle would come to Edwards aid. I mean, he is the favorite. I sighed… finding it harder to give in than I imagined, and told them that the only thing I would do is take Bella’s truck with Esme to watch over Bella’s father Charlie while they’re gone. That’s it. Nothing more, and nothing less. Carlisle thanked me for helping them out and I glowered at him with obvious resentment.

Esme returned from upstairs and was not surprised by all this. Like all vampires, she has magnified hearing that is perhaps a thousand times better than humans.

Emmett was going to the front line of this war with Edward to take James down. Emmett is the strongest out of us. He really is my monkey man and I admire his courage.

I went to Edward as everyone left for the kitchen and gave him a little piece of my mind. “If anything happens to Emmett, I will never forgive you, Edward. Make sure you take care of him for me,” I said firmly. I was almost shocked by how cold and ruthless my voice sounded. I knew everyone, apart from Bella, could hear. I didn’t care though. I just wanted to make sure Emmett remained safe.

I went to the kitchen and joined my family. I refused to make eye contact with Carlisle. I was still angry about the guilt trip card he played. Emmett hugged me tighter than ever. “Relax Rose,” he started. “I promise I am going to be okay.” I hugged Emmett back and asked, “do you promise?” He nodded his head and told me to relax again.

I pulled back and looked at Emmett. I knew he saw this as a game. Something fun to do. Emmett is always so reckless. I can’t help but worry about him. I just hope he keeps his promise and comes back to me safely. I can’t function without him.

We all left according to the plan, and now Esme and I have begun watching Charlie. I don’t mind watching Charlie at all, actually. I do not blame him for his daughter’s actions. He seems to be a good man. He seems lonely.

We are watching Charlie now, at this very moment. He is inside his home, dozing off with the game on the television. I feel for Charlie, he has dedicated his life to upholding the laws of humanity and has done no wrong to anyone, and now, he is in mortal peril without even knowing.

The only thing I can say is if I am a terrible daughter for not wanting to help my family out, then how much worse is Bella for endangering her own father’s life. I need to go now, Esme wants to talk and I should be watching for the red headed Victoria woman.

Rosalie Hale
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Conflict (Entry 28)
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