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 Reunited (Entry 29)

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PostSubject: Reunited (Entry 29)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:08 am

Date: March 17th, 2006

Dearest Diary,

The war between the Nomad coven and my family is over, thankfully. The end resulted in James’ death…… and the near death of Bella Swan. I have to tell you how everything happened.

Alice & Jasper took Bella to Phoenix to try to keep her safe. While hiding her there, Bella called her mother at home and left a message. James was at her home, though, and had heard the message then tricked Bella into thinking he had her mother held hostage by using old video footage of their vacations and playing the audio over the phone. He manipulated the audio to sound like she was begging for her life.

I have to admit, I am impressed with Bella. She managed to fool Alice and Jasper, even with both of them possessing heightened senses and, of course, Alice’s ability to see the future. They should have detected the deception that Bella planned, but they didn’t. Bella used a two exit bathroom at the airport to escape from Jasper and caught a cab to a ballet studio near her home. Brave girl.

Bella was a fool to think James would release her mother, even if he did have her. James ended up torturing Bella, injuring her greatly, he even bit her arm. Bella was saved by Edward, Alice, Carlisle, Jasper and my Emmett; together they took down James while Edward sucked the venom from Bella’s arm and saved her life… her human life. If he hadn’t, the change would have happened and Bella would have been one of us by now.

I don’t know how he did it, but Edward found the strength to stop feeding off Bella, something that is close to impossible. He loves her with every ounce of his immortal strength, that I will never ever doubt. He resisted feeding off her, something that normally causes an uncontrollable frenzy. Carlisle and Edward managed to get Bella to the hospital, while Jasper, Alice and Emmett burned James’ remains and the ballet studio to get rid of any evidence.

Alice made sure to take the video camera. Esme and I waited at home nervously for our men to return to us. When Emmett, Jasper and Alice returned they informed us that Bella was going to be fine, that Edward saved her. We were both so proud to hear of Edward’s control.

I hugged Emmett tightly and did not let go of him. I missed him so much and I was incredibly worried about him. I was terrified he would get hurt, my reckless monkey man. Emmett and I went off to the old cabin together and we spent some time there alone. I needed to be with him, just him, for a while.

I refused let go of Emmett for the longest time. I just hugged him. Emmett rubbed my back in the way a parent would try to soothe their child. It terrifies me anytime Emmett is in potential danger. For us immortals when you lose your love, you have to go on for an eternity without them. An eternity of undying pain. I tend to push those thoughts from my head as quickly as they come, though.

Emmett kept his promise. He came back to me safe and unharmed. But still, I did not let go of him. I never wanted to let go of him again. He was the only one that made this way of life bearable. Without him I was nothing. I kissed him passionately and ripped off his clothing. He ripped off mine. When I say ‘ripped,’ I mean that in the literal sense. Our strength is intensified when we’re in the heat of the moment - and it’s hard to help it, we literally tear each others clothes off, shreds of fabric floating to the floor in little piles.

We made love in the old cabin and it felt so good to be with Emmett again. Familiarity. I felt incredibly close to him, and I could tell he felt the same. Emmett lights up around me. His grin gets a little wider, his eyes a little brighter. I love Emmett. I love him more than anything. Forever.

The days that kept us apart only made our passion more explosive. Lets just say we had a good time in the cabin.

Emmett and I spent more time together just laughing and talking before returning home. We crept home naked and ran to our bedroom when we were clear. I need to make a mental note to leave some clothing for Emmett and I at the old cabin.

Emmett and I got dressed and when we went downstairs my eyes flickered to Alice sitting outside with the video camera. Jasper was standing inside, giving Alice her space, trying not to hover. I asked him what happened, why Alice was holding the camera with such a confused and hurt look drowning out her normally happy, angelic features.

I was blown away when I learned what was happening. I wanted to go and see Alice and try to find out how she was, but Jasper told me it was best that she was left alone for now… and I understood, completely. She needed time to process this. I felt the same way when I learned what happened to my family. Emmett and I returned to our room and we sat on our couch, speechless.

After about ten short minutes of not saying anything, I broke the silence and asked Emmett if he wanted to go hunting. He did, but first he wanted to ask Jasper and Alice if they wanted to join us. He thought it might help Alice, keep her a little distracted while she figures out how she feels.

So I sit here now writing to you and thinking about the lives that has been changed all because of Bella Swan.

The death of James, a nomad vampire. The eternal loss of love for Victoria, she will never again know the touch of her love and must now walk the earth alone. My sister Alice, who has discovered that the reason why she has no memory is because she was locked in an asylum all alone in darkness. Something I’m assuming she would have preferred not knowing.

All these lives affected by Bella Swan. I fear that if she and Edward continue this relationship many more will suffer. Such a fragile human, yet she causes so much destruction. So much chaos.

~Rosalie Hale
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Reunited (Entry 29)
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