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 Final day of Joy

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PostSubject: Final day of Joy   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:08 am

The Final day
Date: June 9th, 2009

It's all coming to an end, my last day was perfect and the reason was I was completely alone with Brian and Tobias. The Voltori went out hunting today. I don't think they went back to New York City, but to New Jersey or something. I don't know or care.

Brian and I started the day by watching the sun rise. I sat in front of him, my back touching his chest and his head was resting on my shoulder.

The sun rose up and the light caressing our skin causing it to sparkle and to shimmer. I closed my eyes feeling Brian's warm touch. Now that I was a vampire his touch was no longer cold because we held the same body temperature. Brian kissed my neck and told me I looked beautiful in the light. I smiled and told him to stop joking. Brian turned my shoulders slightly so my crimson eyes looked into his, "you are the most beautiful woman to ever walk this earth Sarah, I am lucky to have you in my life." I looked at Brian and got on my knees and pushed him down into the sand and pinned his hands down and kissed him.

I slipped my tongue into his mouth and Brian fought back as I allowed him to over power me, he pushed me off him and climbed on top of him. He undid his zipper and smiled. I loved Brian's smile, it was one of the many reasons I loved him. I wanted him to make love to me just as much as he wanted to.

My hair was covering my eyes and he leaned up and moved it away gently with his hand. "Sarah when I am with you I am alive, there are no words that can describe the depth of my feelings for you."

I looked at Brian and smiled. Here I was going along with the LIE of him having a happy life, giving him false hope, my, what a terrible woman I have become.

I kissed Brian and he pulled up my skirt with his hands and he made his way to my panties. I heard something from inside like a small sigh...Tobias. I was done letting Brian pin me down. I pushed him off me and heard him cuss in defeat and jumped up and after re-adjusting my clothing. I ran to my little man's room and saw he was awake.

I picked him up and smiled, I could hear his heart pound away at it's normal fast pace. He looked at me with those beautiful eyes of his, I can honestly say I never tire of seeing his beautiful eyes, it's like watching a favourite movie.

Brian joined us and I lifted Tobias up holding him close to my chest . "Your fly is undone," I reminded him and he asked if this meant no sex and I nodded my head. Brian grumbled something along the lines of "need to teach my son not to interrupt when I'm trying to claim his moma." I rolled my eyes up and told Brian "don't talk like that around our son or ill give you something to cry about."

It just came out I don't know why, I guess I just want him to grow up to be a respectful young man. Brian quickly went quiet and he knew I was serious he grumbled an apology and I went to him stood on my tippy toes to kiss his cheek. I hated being short, it seriously sucked.

Brian immediately cheered up and I turned from him and went to the rocking chair. I sat there and reminded Brian about his fly and he zipped it up. I told Brian to get the baby formula and he went immediately. I heard a small grunt and looked down. Tobias did not like the stuff he hated it. "It's for your own good little man." I told him, he still did not like it I could tell, I don't know how, but I could feel it, has to be a mother's intuition.

I began to sing for my son and he seemed to mellow out. "Damn that feels good Sarah." I could hear Brian speak in a normal tone from the other room. I guess my gift was in effect, I still haven't figured out the full potential of my gift. I have been distracted with my son.

The only thing I have figured out is I can inspire to the point of supercharging gifts and inspire myself to push through agony when I think of my son, but then again that could be considered a mother's thing . I don't really know, this is all so new to me, being a vampire, being a mother, it's all new.

I was lucky enough to have this moment with my special little man. He was gifted too he could super charge a vampire's senses and had complete control over his gift the little show off. I knew he could do more than super charge the senses. He is special far more special than any other little boy in the world. It's not because of his heritage or his gifts. It's because he is my son.

Brian returned with the formula and handed it to me, he knew I loved feeding our son. I tried to feed Tobias the formula and he pushed it away. I looked at Tobias and raised an eyebrow and tried to feed it to him again. My little man pushed the bottle away again with his hand again. "Defiant little bugger aren't you" I said to him. "Yeah I wonder who he gets that from" Brian joked. I put the bottle down to the side to flip Brian off and he chuckled. "I knew it." I rolled my eyes up and picked the bottle up and tried to feed it to him again and he pushed it away again.

I sighed "come on Tobias cut it out." Tobias watched me and did a little frowning face. I smiled he was so adorable, I looked at the bottle, "fine more for me then" I told him, and I started to suck on the bottle. The formula tasted like shit in my mouth, it was foul and horrid. I could not blame Tobias for refusing the shit, but he still needed the stuff.

Tobias used his little hands to reach for the bottle, the adorable little man wanted the bottle now that he thought it's what the grown-ups drank. I gave him the bottle and watched him drink it down. "That stuff must taste horrible" Brian said. I looked up and nodded slightly. Tobias finished drinking the formula and I burped him patting his back softly until he burped.

I handed Tobias to Brian while I spat out that awful crap, it tasted like dirt, it was horrid I wouldn't force that on anyone, well other than Tobias needs it he is half human. The little rascal loves blood, but he needs human stuff too.

I went back to the nursery to see what my men were up to and saw the room was empty. I looked around the house, they were gone. I went outside and saw them both on the beach. I looked at Brian and folded my arms "BRIAN JACOBSON GET YOUR BUTT IN HERE NOW!" I yelled, my Brian returned with Tobias and I inspected my son. "No sunscreen huh." I took Tobias and stomped down on his foot hard . I heard Tobias chuckle and I smiled looking at him, I carried him inside. I ignored Brian's cussing and hopping around on one foot. I did not want my son outside without sunscreen. Sure, he is growing fast, but he is still my baby and while I was here, he would be looked after.

Brian started to yell and I told him to shut up, I reminded him our son was human and we needed to be cautious so I told him to stop his bitching and get Tobias's hat. He did as he was told and returned with the blue hat with flaps. I put some sunscreen on his arms and legs and over his cute little nose of course. I kissed both his cheeks and handed him back to Brian and told him now he could go and play.

Brian grumbled "your mother is scary." I looked at Brian and asked him to repeat himself and he told me he said nothing. I smiled I would miss this. The boys went outside, Brian loved taking Tobias along the beach, I used this time to get the last of my plan ready.

I finished everything for tomorrow, my plan was eratic. I knew that if Aro touched me he would be able to see some things, but not enough to know what I was up to. I had made sure not to think about somethings. I walked outside and joined my son and true love we spent the afternoon together. I eventually put Tobias down for a nap and Brian and I went outside again.

He wanted to pick up where we left off before Tobias woke up. Brian kissed me passionately, I lifted my leg and wrapped it around his leg his hand grabbed my leg and we continued to kiss. Brian used his free hand to unzip his pants and moved his hands towards my panties... We were interrupted again with the arrival of the Vultures.

Brian cussed and at the end added "not again." I smiled and suggested maybe his pants were cursed, pointing out that both times he unzipped the pants and both times we were interrupted. Brian let go of my leg and admitted I made a good point he told me he intended to burn the evil pants as he zipped up his zipper.

I rolled my eyes and fixed myself up and looked at the Voltori minus Jane, and three humans were with the Voltures Aro told me it was a gift for Brian, Tobias and myself for being such good host.

I thanked Aro with fake sincerity not caring if he knew it. I went to Tobias bedroom and I felt terror Jane was holding Tobias. I moved hard and fast and snatched my sleeping son from Jane and placed him back in the crib.

I moved fast again and punched Jane in the face with such speed and force. She was sent flying through the wall. "Don't you Ever touch my son again". The noise woke Tobias up and I turned to him and comforted him my poor little man must be so afraid, I bent over and before I could pick him up I felt agony.

I fell over onto my knees and heard Jane "that was not nice of you Sarah, you would do well to remember your place." She said. "As would you remember yours." The voice belonged to Marcus and the pain suddenly stopped . "She touched my son" I hissed with hatred ,"She goes near him again I will kill her."

I picked myself up, Marcus asked Jane the meaning of touching my son and she told us she was just curious to see how big he had grown. Brian heard everything and came to be the mediator and told Marcus I was just over protective of Tobias. He was intent on making peace, and afraid I would end up getting myself killed his fears were for nothing.

I was too valuable to be killed I picked up my son and comforted him he settled down and I took him to the humans and the voltori.

Brian wanted to dig in on the first human and I tripped him. He fell flat on his face and Tobias giggled.

I bent over and picked Brian up by the scruff of the neck like a mother cat to it's child,. I could hear Brian complain and I ignored him instead I asked our son which human he would like. Tobias pointed to the one Brian wanted and I smiled and dropped Brian he landed on his feet and went to one of the other humans. I held Tobias while he bit into the arm of the human and began feeding off the human. The human screamed in agony and I ignored it.

I found myself amazed at not caring about the humans whether they lived or died. I wondered when it was that I became this heartless woman. The scent of the blood was enticing and I told Tobias to pace himself. The little rascal eyes were too big for his stomach when it came to blood.

Brian finished his human and I asked him to take over with Tobias. He did so and I lost control. I pounced the last human and held him down. I bit into his neck and with my teeth ripped off the flesh of the human and spat out the flesh and drained the blood, licking the blood from the sides of the wound I inflicted on the human. I ignored the screams of agony and continued to suck out the blood. It was magnificent.

I finished the human off my lower face covered in blood. I felt a lot better, now the need for blood was gone. Tobias couldn't finish the human, so I snapped the human's neck without hesitation. Brian looked at me and walked to me. He licked the blood from my face and told me I was his sexy beast.

The rest of the day went fast, I put Tobias to bed and here I am writing to you its 10pm two more ours and this day ends....I keep begging for time to stop...please, please don't let tomorrow come. I pray and pray for tomorrow never to arrive, but I know my prayers would end up unanswered.
-Sarah Frost
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Final day of Joy
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