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 A Prisoner's Life

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PostSubject: A Prisoner's Life   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:09 am

A life of hell and Torment
Date: June 11th, 2009

Dear Diary
I awoke in a strange room, resting on a bed, the mattress was soft and comfy and the lining was plain white, the blankets were puffy and had a fancy pattern. I wondered why a vampire would have a bed, I mean we don't sleep. I sat up and looked at my clothing I was wearing a beautiful elegant dress and over the dress I had on a red cloak. I also had on a gold necklace around my neck with the crest of the Voltori.

I looked at my hands and saw a beautiful gold ring with a red jewel on the ring. I looked at the walls around me, they were brick walls and it looked like I was in a reformed dungeon and other than the bed there was nothing else in here...well almost nothing. I saw Alec in the corner of the room leaning on the wall he was about to say something when voices from a distance could be heard.

"Have you gone mad Marcus, why would you want such a creature as your mate?" The voice was unfamiliar and I heard Marcus say "my reasons are my own, Caius, she is mine."
Aro was next to join in saying "her gift is extremely powerful, you have yet to sample it, Caius, I assure you, she is indeed a jewel to be kept and treasured, she is worthy of being with our brother Marcus and a powerful addition to the guard once we train her."

Alec smiled and walked towards me. "Do not fret Sarah it will all be ok." I looked at him and asked what happened. He told me he had cut off all my senses so it would be easier for them to take me back to Volterra and Marcus had someone called Heidi dress me in garments he picked out. I was afraid if my heart could beat it would have been pounding in fear. I closed my eyes and took in the stale air and swallowed it. I had just realized my throat was burning and my black eyes looked at Alec and then back at the door I bolted to the door and everything went blank again.

The next thing I knew, I was in a room with three seats in front of me. I could see Marcus, Aro and Caius watching me Caius seemed to be disgusted with just the sight of me. I looked around and saw Jane along with a few other people I have met.

“Just look at he,r not even here a day here and she tried to flee we should kill her.” Caius said. I looked at Jane and she had this look on her face like excitement, like Christmas had come early for he,r I examined Marcus and Aro both were calm. “Nonsense she was probably thirsty look at her eyes pitch black and she is a newborn she probably just wanted to go to the humans we have employed and have her for lunch.” Aro said. Marcus nodded his head in agreement.

Caius looked disappointed, but not as disappointed as Jane, it looked like someone told her Santa wasn’t real or that they would be stuck at a Justin Beiber concert. “Jane send in Gianna” Aro ordered, the savage dwarf nodded her head, “yes master.” She walked to the door and called “Gianna come.” Gianna walked in and I looked at the human for the first time, a tall woman with dark skin and green eyes, her heart was pounding she was either afraid or excited I could not tell by the heartbeat, but the look in her eyes showed fear.... “Eat up Sarah, enjoy your snack.” Marcus instructed.

I looked at Alec and he nodded as if to encourage me and I ran to the human, in a flash the look of horror stuck in my mind as I tackled her and she screamed that was until I ripped out a good chunk of her throat and spat out the flesh. I sunk my fingers into her arms letting it sink deep until blood poured out from the wounds on her arms. I drank the blood that poured out of the wounds I created. “Damn she is brutal, no emotion or compassion she is truly a newborn.” A voice said, it was one I haven’t heard before, but that did not matter I was lost in the beautiful taste of Gianna’s blood.

“I agree Felix” Demetri whispered, the heart beat of Gianna started to slow down and I heard her short shallow breathing she was dying. I had no intentions on turning her or stopping her I just wanted to satisfy my thirst and forget about everything else around me. I moved down Gianna’s body licking the puncture marks I'd made on her arms and biting off more of the flesh and spitting it out. What little blood she had left splattered over my face and she was dead. I up, I was still thirsty, but the burning had become dull and bearable.

I looked at Marcus and Aro as I stood up my eyes cold and emotionless, I did not want to show these men any weakness. I would kill all the emotions within me to protect Brian and Tobias. Marcus clapped his hands and Aro joined in “well done, very brutal indeed Sarah...Felix, Jane come.”

Jane stepped forward along with a man, he was tall and muscular he looked to be strong, very strong. “I am interested in seeing Sarah’s potential. I am appointing you Jane to try and teach Sarah how to use her gift...teach her to master it anyway you deem necessary.” Aro said and Jane smiled with glee.

I felt a shiver run down my spine, there was a good chance I was imagining the shiver, but the look on Jane’s face told me I was royally fucked. “Felix I want you to train Sarah, teach her to fight, I want her to be a top soldier.” I was confused, I could understand them wanting to see what this gift of mine was exactly and just how powerful it was, but why teach me to fight. I said to them “Wait, why teach me to fight, I can understand you wanting to learn just what I am capable of with my gift, but what’s the point in teaching me physical combat?”

Caius was surprised “you dare speak to us, you will speak when spoken to regardless of who your mate is child, learn your place.” He sneered he was cold and a little frightening. “I am sure you know this Sarah, but we of the Voltori live to enforce the laws of our people, we have many allies, but also enemies if the time arises, we must fight to keep peace and enforce our laws. Since you are the mate of Marcus you will be a prime target, by killing you or if we lost our mates we would be wounded emotionally and our judgment impaired...that has already happened to us once before.” Aro said.

I looked at Marcus and watched as he looked down, “I understand so when do we begin?” I asked . Aro seemed to be very pleased “glad you asked me that Sarah it begins now, Jane your first.” Jane stepped forward and had a twisted smile on her face, I did not like this . “Alright Sarah this is how it works you’re going to inspire me, super charge my gifts each time you fail you are going to experience a small burning feeling.” I looked at Jane “are you serious that’s fucked up, even if I manage to supercharge your gift I am just going to feel more pain than normal because your gift is supercharged by mine.” I argued back.

“You know she has a point” Felix spoke quietly. I felt a burst of pain and fell on my knees . “Begin” she said. I let out a hiss and Jane laughed, I closed my eyes and concentrated. I began to sing and I instantly felt a burn “No singing or humming Sarah, you must learn to use your gifts without relying on sound, sound will only get you killed when trying to use stealth.” She spoke her voice was innocent and child like.

I did not know how to do that, I did not even know when to begin in trying to do that, but I had to try my best. I have to make sure I am so valuable to them and their cause that they leave Brian and Tobias alone. I looked at Jane and she told me to try again, I tried to inspire Jane, I thought about my reasons behind the reason of being here I closed my eyes and saw my son’s beautiful face and the face of the man I loved.
I felt pain again over and over the pain did not stop, it went on for hours and my venom came out of my nose, I was bleeding venom. “We must stop this, she is exhausted” Marcus said. I raised my hand up and told him that I could do this, I opened my eyes and thought of my son and told Jane to Bring it. I tried, I was panting for air out of habit, but also from exhaustion.

I looked at Jane and felt this warm sensation flood my entire body and my entire body felt hot, it was not painful...it reminded me when I was human and I was out on the beach with Brian I felt the warmth of the sun all over me.

This was like that, only it was under my skin and now coming out of my pores affecting the temperature in the air started to change in heat. I could hear the gasping of several of the guard along with Marcus and Aro, Caius seemed disinterested by the fact. “Do you feel that?” Felix asked. I concentrated letting the warmth leave the pores of my skin it was hard I was exhausted from the torture, but I just concentrated on thinking of Tobias memories of holding him, seeing him smile...calling for me.

“Yes I feel it, it’s incredible, this is what I felt back at Brian’s place.” Demetri said pleased. I couldn’t help it, I was too exhausted to keep up whatever it was I was doing. I fell to the ground again and felt a burning pain, it was so intense, the burning was stronger than before, it was Jane. “Get back up Sarah, I am not done playing with you yet.” She said but I couldn’t do it. I was too exhausted. “No that is enough. Demetri take Sarah back to my room, She needs rest.” Marcus said.

I looked at Demetri as he lifted me up and held me in his arms, he had a smile on his face as he looked at me. He carried me out of the throne room and towards Marcus' bed chambers. “You did very well Sarah, how do you feel?” he asked me. I looked at Demetri and his smile, “I can’t....I can’t move I am exhausted.”
“Of course, you have been trying to access your gift for hours on end, and each time you failed Jane gave you incentive to get it right....give it time Sarah you will soon learn just how powerful your gift is and how to use it. Today you have just taken the first step on learning to control your amazing ability.” He encouraged me. I looked away and told Demetri I did not care about that, he was surprised and asked me what I cared about and I told him nothing. Demetri placed me on Marcus bed and left me there, Jane’s gift had left me so weakened I could not move at all I felt weak and powerless. While I lay on the bed I thought about how I found myself in this mess.

I thought about the last time I saw Brian and Tobias ,I had said terrible things to them both even attacked them, I knew Brian would shield our son, which is why I had thrown Brian and even had Jane try and attack Tobias, to make it more realistic, to make Brian think I never loved him, my heart broke when he asked me for the engagement ring back, I thought I could keep it and treasure it as a memento of my love. I had to turn away from him so he would not see the pain on my face when I removed the ring from my hand.

I did not look at them, instead I allowed that man to touch me and I....I kissed him, I did everything I could to allow Brian to believe I did not love him and when my son called for me, his very first word...instead of jumping for joy and running to him to kiss and hug him, I killed all kindness in my heart and ordered that bitch to attack my son. I did not know how I did that, it took everything I had to be that cruel and deceptive and not show a trace of it.

I only hope Brian can put together the hidden clue in my speech, so he can find the hidden message in that clue. I don’t trust the vultures, not for a moment. I concentrated on recovering and wondered if this is what my eternity has come to, enduring torture after torture to force myself to master my gift.

I closed my eyes and heard the discussion all the way in the hall room. "The newborn has talent, I feel like I can do anything." It was the one called Felix, "yes I agree, she has managed to access her gift without using her voice as a medium and the effect she has on us is incredible." Alec added.

"I concur, but it is interesting don't you think when she sang we felt stronger and our gifts were super charged, but when she did it without sound the temperature changed, it's like something was coming from her body" Marcus said.

"Yes it's like a type of pheromones, it radiated from her body, you could feel it and it indeed inspire us and empower us" Aro added. "We must let her rest for now, we have pushed her too hard, she can't even move from Jane's constant attack and the strain she has exerted." Marcus said again.

"Master, if I may, what next, we discovered that she can use her gift without singing, but what next." Jane asked.

I looked at the door and waited for Aro's answer, I wanted to know that too. "My child it's simple we have discovered that sound is not needed, now we see how long she can last with broadcasting her gift and we test how long our abilities are supercharged. Once we establish that we will work on extending Sarah's limitations" Aro answered, No one said anything. "Very well, I believe we should end this for now, I want to go check on Sarah." It was Marcus this time and things were silent until I heard Aro speak "ah yes it's nice to see our brother in love is it not Caius."

A few moments later Marcus entered the room. I looked at him and saw Demetri and Felix behind him. "How are you my dear?" Marcus asked me and I answered him in truth telling him I was exhausted and extremely thirsty Marcus sent Demetri and Felix away to go and get me someone to drink.

Marcus sat on the bed and climbed next to me, he placed his hand on my leg and leaned in to lick the dry blood on my face. I was too exhausted to shiver out of disgust, I laid still ,Marcus praised me on how I endured the pain without much screaming and how I made a lot of progress.

I thanked Marcus keeping my voice as calm as possible, I did not want to show how much I disliked him, but he surprised me in saying "I see you're still love with Brian...I can see your feelings for him my dear, I promise in time you will feel the same way about me as you do him...if you stopped fighting your love for me it will grow a lot faster." He kissed my neck and moved his hand closer up on my leg, I did not say anything and heard knocking on the door. Marcus told the people to enter and I saw it was Demetri and Felix with two humans.

The two humans looked less than interesting the male had an olive complexion with green eyes and blond hair, he was tall and plump, he looked to be about thirty years old, while the female was shorter with blue eyes and red hair, she looked to be my age. I could hear their heartbeats pounding and see the expression of terror on their face. The burning in my throat burned ,it was so painful, not as painful as Jane's burning talent, but still it burned deeply, I needed to have them now, the burning it hurt too much.

Marcus let go of my leg and gestured for Felix to bring the male to me. Marcus stood up and grabbed the human and pulled him to me, brought the human close laying out the arm and told me to bite him. I opened my mouth and bit into the flesh hearing the human scream out in agony he was in pain as my venom spread into his body paralyzing him preventing him from running away even if he could somehow get past Marcus, Felix & Demetri, let alone everyone else around the guard's that were all over the place.

Marcus petted my head while I fed off the human "good child, good, feed off the humans, regain your strength." I did not look at him, I was too lost in the frenzy, I found myself regaining my strength being able to slowly move my arms. I placed my hand over Marcus hand surprising him as I closed my eyes and continued to drink the blood "as expected of my mate." he spoke, I wanted to yell and tell him I was not his, but said nothing I finished the humans off and felt a lot better.

Felix and Demetri left with the corpses and Marcus moved in, licking the fresh blood off my face cleaning me. Apparently the almighty Voltori never thought to invest in wash cloths, I did not mind when Brian did this, but with Marcus doing it...it was weird and uncomfortable. Marcus' tongue moved in to my lips and kissed me pushing his tongue into my mouth French kissing me. At that very moment I hated the French for making French kissing.

Marcus pulled back and surprised me telling me he had a gift for me. He pulled out a box from under the bed, it was white with a red ribbon tied around it. I opened the box to see a leather black Diary with a V on the front. Marcus told me that Aro told him that I like to keep a diary and that since this is the start of a new life it should be the start of a new diary. I asked him how Aro knew and Marcus told me he saw every thought I had the first time he touched me, back when I was human and one of those thoughts....well a lot of them were about my diary.

I thanked Marcus and he seemed pleased with himself and he left to excuse himself telling me he had to speak to a guard member named Chelsea. I wanted to ask him why did he have a bed in his room when he never slept, then I decided best not to ask him I probably would not like the answer. So here I am now writing to you my new diary and waiting for the rest of my strength to return.... I wonder how Brian and Tobias are doing, god how much I miss them both.

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A Prisoner's Life
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