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 Bella's Birthday (Entry 30)

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PostSubject: Bella's Birthday (Entry 30)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:10 am

Date: 13th September, 2005

Dearest Diary

The events that unfolded today were just as I predicted when Edward & Bella first started their foolish relationship, but to understand the events that happened this evening you must first understand the events of today. Alice had worked on researching the past to find out more about her life before the asylum. She had found nothing yet, but my sister was not one to give up, she would fight to discover the truth about her past regardless of what her discovery would be. Jasper seemed a little on edge he informed us that he was having trouble with his thirst and when Edward asked if he would be ok for tonight he assured us that he would.

Esme had begun working on a birthday cake for Bella, while Carlisle kissed Esme on his way out to go to the hospital and Emmett was watching tv with Jasper. I was content with sitting at the window and watching the beautiful scenery. Out of all the properties we have lived in all over the world, Forks was my favorite. I missed Forks, Emmett and I now live in Africa since we both graduated from high school. The only reason we were in Forks today, was because of Bella Swan, Emmett wanted to be here for her birthday. I did not want to come at first, but I missed Esme.

The reason behind us moving out was because Emmett and I decided it was time for us to be on our own for a while, one of the reasons why he wanted to move out is so we don't have to sneak out of the house and go all the way to a worn out old cabin to make love or as he calls it "the couple appreciation time." I smiled thinking of Emmett, he was always so cheerful and daring. I considered his attitude, one of his most sexiest attributes. I love the way he talks, the way he is so flamboyant.

Emmett and I had of course broken the news to everyone and it was our cover story for the humans. We are going to college in Dartmouth. I have yet to tell you about my relationship with Edward, things have improved slightly between us, what can I say, but distance makes the heart grow stronger. Our relationship is still pretty tense and as usual I do not allow him to see my thoughts. I concentrated on Emmett and our couple appreciation time reflecting on the good parts. Edward shivered and made a disgruntled sound and I chuckled a little. Emmett looked at me and smiled "what's on your mind Rose?" he asked.

Edward shivered again and said back "I really did not want to know that." and he left the room, in a flash, Emmett broke out into laughter. "Naughty girl" he said. I smiled and moved from the window side to the couch and sat on his lap. I put my legs on Jasper's lap and he watched me as I leaned in to kiss his lips. Emmett was playful and kissed me French style, Jasper and Alice weren’t as open about their relationship as Emmett & I, they showed their affection behind closed doors.

Alice finally seemed to have enough research and closed off her laptop. Edward returned and glanced into the room cautiously looking left and right. I could not help, but smile although I don't approve of his relationship with Bella, I enjoy seeing him happy and full of life. It's hard to believe that he has changed so much. I am also glad that Edward has enough sense to refuse Bella's wish to become a vampire. Since the whole James incident, she is insisting that she become a vampire...stupid child, she wants to throw away her life for this, being cursed with immortality, Bella is such an ignorant fool. I remained on Emmett's lap and turned to see Esme was baking yet another layer for the pink birthday cake. I could not help, but wonder why make one so big considering Bella was the only human who was coming. The rest of us were on liquid diets if you catch my drift.

Edward walked into the room as Alice stood up "Alright Edward tonight is going to be magnificent, we will give Bella a night she will never forget right." she asked. Edward smiled that crooked smile of his and nodded his head. "Right." Alice clapped her hands excited, "now knowing Bella she is going to be kicking and dragging her feet, we must endure her complaining and show no waver in our resolve." Esme nodded her head agreeing and I rolled my liquid gold eyes up and snuggled closer to Emmett. I considered their actions to be very foolish.

Edward looked at me as I accidently let it slip in my mind that this was completely unnecessary. Edward walked to the tv and turned it off and Emmett complained. "Rosalie you promise me tonight you will be on your best behavior, Bella is a guest in our home and I don’t want to hear a single snide comment from you and no glaring. Today is about Bella, not you, understand." I shrugged my shoulders, "Sure whatever," I answered Edward and then he glanced at me his eyes were cold "Promise me Rose" he repeated, I frowned and looked at Emmett. Iit's just for one night babe, she will be out of your hair before you know it." I heard Jasper complain about wanting to see the rest of the game and I frowned "I promise I will behave Edward." I told him annoyed.

Edward turned on the TV and the football game on the cable tv ended replaying the last kick. "YES I WIN, IN YOUR FACE JASPER" Emmett cheered and he kissed me with passion. "I should have asked for Alice's help" Jasper grumbled as Emmett and I kept kissing. The day went by pretty fast as Alice & Edward went to school. Jasper seemed to be missing Alice a great deal, I thought it was cute. Emmett and Jasper went out to play catch ,I remained behind with Esme and we spoke about Edward and Bella and she admitted that Bella being human was a big obstacle in their relationship and it was dangerous, but it did not matter because she already thought of Bella as a daughter and cared for her greatly

In Esme's words she said this "Bella is a lovely girl Rosalie, she maybe only human, but look what she has done for this family, she brought Edward from his shell and in all the time I have known Edward I have never seen him so at peace, that alone is reason enough to call her family." I looked at Esme and debated with my point of view about treasuring life and again Esme answered.

"Rosalie, I understand where you are coming from, but Bella is of age, she knows what she wants honey, you need to understand that not everyone wants the same things as you do. Bella is walking down the pathway of life she feels that she belongs to. She follows her heart, Rosalie and her heart is guiding her to Edward, I personally support her decision to want to join our family she is just as much my daughter as you are." It was obvious we would come to an impasse and I understood Esme my mother had such a loving heart.

Emmett and Jasper returned during the day, both seemed to be in a good mood. I stayed in the kitchen as Emmett came up from behind and wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck. "Did you have fun Emmett?" I asked him and he chuckled "you know it babe." Alice came home from school in her usual upbeat mood, Jasper asked if Bella caved in. “Naturally,” she answered cheerfully, one of the things I like most about Alice is that if someone tries to make her do something she will end up doing things her own way and usually the results end up better than expected.
Alice bolted to her bedroom and dropped off her school bag. “Bella and Edward will be here around 7pm this leaves us four hours to get prepared, so here is what we are going to do. Esme you and I will get the decorations’ ready. Emmett you and Jasper, you boys are on yard patrol, now I want you boys to grab the lanterns hung up around the porch, Rosalie..I want you to grab the roses and put them in big bowls lined at the wide stairs at the front door.” I often think that if Alice was born in today’s world she could have had two occupations a party planner or an army general, the way she bossed us around was annoying.

I looked at Alice “I have plans of my own.” Alice's face went blank. “Really you are going to spend the next four hours getting ready for the party.” I smiled and she sighed “what can I say, a girl has to look her best.” Esme rolled up her eyes and Emmett let go of me. I kissed Emmett’s cheek and went upstairs to get ready and I could hear Alice speak “she can be so shallow sometimes.” I ignored Alice they were just words, I picked out a black dress and the jewelry to wear and next I did my hair and my nails.

I was ready in an hour and went to my old room, it had not changed a bit. I finally heard “she’s here she’s here everyone at your designated spots.” My right eyebrow twitched now she was telling us to stand...forget army general she could be a dictator. I ran down to the lounge room. I had promised Edward I would behave tonight. I looked around to see the dozens of pink candles along with crystal bowls of flowers everywhere. “Oh yeah, real intelligent lets light the entire lounge room with candles with seven highly flammable vampires and a human.” I spoke sarcastically. Carlisle walked in from the kitchen, “such a pessimist my child.” He spoke cheerful and I frowned. I considered myself a realist.

I examined the table draped over a white cloth next to Edward’s grand piano with Esme’s pink cake that she baked and silver wrapped presents. I rolled my eyes and went to Emmett’s side and stood beside my man. He told me I looked incredible and I thanked him, Edward and Bella entered and we all chortled “Happy Birthday.” I glanced at Bella and could see something strange on her face, Edward wrapped his arms around her in hopes to comfort her. Carlisle & Esme stood in front of us and he spoke “Sorry about this Bella, we couldn’t rein in Alice.”

Carlisle had made a valid point; Alice is like a hurricane, no force on this planet can stop the savage pixie. Bella looked at me and I did not glare and I also did not smile. I kept my face blank as I thought of other matters. Emmett on the other hand had that big beautiful grin on his face, “you haven’t changed at all, I expected a perceptible difference, but here you are, all red faced just like always.” Bella thanked him and he laughed before excusing himself. Bella seemed to have won Emmett over, he thinks she is interesting and he seems to believe with her bad luck life would only keep getting even more eventful. I hoped he was wrong for all our sakes.

Alice had given the orders that it was time to move onto the traditional gift giving. I wanted to give Bella a plane ticket. A one way plane ticket as far from us as possible, Emmett wouldn’t hear of it so Jasper, Emmett and I put our money together for a Radio for her sorry excuse of a car. The gift giving continued until things got bad....real bad. Bella got a paper cut and the scent of blood it filled the air and our thirst became extremely bad and very discomforting.

Jasper was the first to lose it, he sprinted to Bella intent on making her dinner and collided into Edward. The sound was like boulders smashing into one another and Jasper tried his best to get past Edward, his teeth snapping inches from Edward’s face. Emmett left my side and ran to restrain Jasper. Bella took a fall and the next thing I knew Carlisle told Emmett and I to get Jasper outside. We did as we were told and I helped my poor brother outside once we were far enough from the house Jasper regained control of himself, Emmett and I kept our guard up just in case. Emmett was strong, but Jasper had more experience in combat than the two of us combine. He kept blaming himself and I looked at my adopted twin brother.

I went close to him and comforted him, but it did not help. We were eventually joined by Esme & Alice and finally Edward. “We should just turn her Edward, it’s what she wants” Alice started speaking as she hugged Jasper. “No” Edward said out; Esme was quiet, listening as Alice continued to tell of her vision and how this one would not change. I had enough and in these exact words said “whether she wants the change or not it doesn’t matter you all seem to forget about the treaty we have made with the mongrels so long ago. We live on these lands, it is our home provided that we never bite another human again.”

“The werewolves are dead babe; the treaty is no longer in play.” Emmett said and I shook my head “NO regardless of the mongrels status as dead or alive, we have given our word, Emmett, we will keep the treaty, we are vampires with honor, we keep our word.” Edward was silent and Alice face filled with horror “No Edward there has to be another way, please.” Alice had seen something and Esme asked what it was. Alice answered “he is going to leave Bella....we are leaving Forks, I have seen it.” Edward went on telling us it was for Bella’s own good that she was in danger with us, I was glad Edward was finally seeing common sense.

I said nothing, knowing Edward whatever I would say would probably be an I told you so to him, but I was proud he was finally doing the right thing. Emmett and I talked it over and we both agreed to stay with our family, only until we help them get settled in and then we would return to Africa. I am currently in my room while Edward has gone to drop Bella off home. The girl has no idea the heart break that awaits her. I almost pity her....almost. I need to go now I am going to go help clean up and see how Alice is doing. I know how close she is to Bella, this must be hard for her too.

~Rosalie Hale.
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Bella's Birthday (Entry 30)
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