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 The Grand Tour

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PostSubject: The Grand Tour   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:10 am

Date: June 13th, 2009

Dear Diary

I regained my strength, four hours after Marcus left me to go meet with some guard member named Chelsea. I could not believe just how weakened I was, the hours of pain Jane inflicted on me, it was insane, after I regained my strength I left Marcus' room and started to explore my new prison. I found myself feeling really worried...I think someone was following me, but when I looked around I was completely alone. I walked around for a while until I came across Felix in his room; it was completely empty with the exception of him and a wooden stool. I knocked on his door softly so I would not break the door.

I asked Felix why his room was empty with the exception of a wooden stool he told me "Material possessions are pointless, it only weakens a warrior's will." I nodded my head and entered the room and sat on the stool "right, so what are you doing" I asked him. Felix told me he was about to start training to stay sharp. I asked Felix if I could watch and he told me he had no objections. I watched him as he removed his cloak and his shirt I watched him and raised an eyebrow.

He had a great physique he was very muscular and well built, but he was no Brian. I bet Brian could wipe the floor with Felix. I watched the Voltori's strongest fighter move slowly each movement he made was powerful, elegant and beautiful the way he threw his fist, it was fast and flawless. Felix's body was well ripped and extremely appealing, girls would probably consider Felix to be eye candy.

Felix spoke while he trained. "Once you have better control over your abilities, I will begin training you as per the king's request. You will suffer a lot, but I believe you will become strong." I was surprised and asked Felix why he thought that. His exact words were "your physique is very a well toned you have a perfect body, your short, meaning you can get past offences using your size and speed." My mouth dropped open, did Felix just flirt with me? If my venom wasn't consuming the blood in my veins I would have been blushing.

I watched Felix for a little longer until Marcus found me he seemed especially cheerful. "There you are my dear." I faked a smile and looked at Marcus "indeed here I am.” Felix stopped practicing and showed his respect to Marcus. “I am glad to see you have regained your strength my dear." I looked at Marcus "do you want me to get back to training." Marcus laughed for a moment and Felix looked surprised.

Marcus came to me and placed his hand on my shoulder "no my dear you need to see our home, I am going to show you around the place." I had to admit I found myself curious .Marcus lifted me up into his arms and smiled we were on the way out of Felix's room when Felix spoke "I look forward to working with you Sarah." Marcus spun me around to face Felix, I looked at him and he had a smile on his face it was rather charming and mischievous.

Marcus carried me out of Felix's room and I told him there was no need to carry me, but he insisted on carrying me. While Marcus carried me I looked around, I had this strange feeling again that I was being spied on, something even more unusual, I found myself getting used to Marcus.
Marcus eventually placed me down and opened one of the bedroom doors. He told me this room belonged to Demetri, inside the room were posters of atlas maps there was a desk and chair and a Lamp.

We traveled down to Alec’s room it had a tv and few footballs and other sports balls, there was a beanbag and video game console. Opposite of Alec’s room he opened up Jane’s bedroom door and truth be told I was not surprised at what I saw. Inside Jane’s room were multiple amount of hooks on the ceilings, from the hooks were ropes attached to the ropes were dolls so it looked like dolls were being hung. “I wish I could say I’m surprised,” I mumbled to myself. There was also a desk and chair and a book on the desk. I wondered if the book was Jane’s Diary.
Marcus dragged me away continuing the tour the only room he did not show me were Aro’s & Caius’s room. Marcus and I walked around for a while and then I ran into Aro, he was sitting in front of a chess set, he wanted to play a game with Marcus. Marcus looked at me and asked If I would mind, I told him to go ahead and play that I would watch for a while. Marcus played with Aro and Aro had the upper hand. I gave Marcus some advice which resulted in Aro’s defeat.

Aro was surprised and challenged me to a game, I did not refuse him. Marcus moved out of the seat and I played Aro. I was careful for our hands not to touch when we move the pieces. Aro was pretty good in the end I lost, Marcus played another round with Aro and I wandered off to see Alec sitting alone in the hallway, he seemed depressed, Alec looked like he was just a kid. I felt sorry for him, so I sat beside him and asked him what’s wrong. He told me he lost at against Demetri in sport and against Jane in chess and he was worried that there was nothing he was good at.

I looked at Alec’s childlike face and wrapped my arm around him “cheer up sport; you will get better at chess and sports with practice.” He did not listen and continued to beat himself up. “Alec you need to learn that in life there will always be those who are better than you at something right?” I asked him, Alec nodded his head and I smiled “good now then, tell me Alec, how did you feel.” He thought about it for a moment and answered “humiliated!” he answered.

I tightened my grip around him, “so, tell me Alec, what are you going to do about it, sit here and feel sorry about it and play the victim? Well let me tell you something kid, in life you have to fight and if you don’t then not only will you suffer, but the people you care about will suffer too.” Alec looked at me in awe and I let go of him. I turned around after hearing footsteps and I saw Felix he nodded his head and I looked back at Alec.
“Bottom line is, the same thing can be said here Alec, get your butt up and do something about it, you want to beat Jane at chess practice and if you want to beat Demetri try harder and think outside the box ,he is tall and you are short, you can make that work for you.” Alec seemed to cheer up and stood up “thank you Sarah for your words of wisdom.” Alec left and I found the entire situation odd. I was comforting one of my enemy’s, life truly was fucked up.

Felix joined me and sat beside me he looked at me “you are very wise for a newborn vampire Sarah. I looked at Felix “I find it easier to control myself when not thirsty...I fed a few hours ago so I feel fine. He listened to my answer. “I think you are an interesting creature Sarah.” This caught me by surprise and I looked at him, asked him to explain himself and he told me to forget about it, instead he asked me just how strong did I want to become, I thought about Brian and my beautiful Tobias. I decided to be honest “I want to be strong enough to protect the ones I care about.” Felix looked at me and seemed surprised “Not a newborn answer, but a noble answer none the less, how interesting. Would you like to begin your training now?” I looked at him and told him yes, we both stood up and Felix removed his cloak and shirt again. I wondered if he was doing this to try and seduce me.

Felix walked up to me and stood close to me, he looked down at me and I looked up at him, he was so close I could smell his scent point blank. He undid the rope of my cloak and lowered it from me throwing it to the side. He crouched down in front of me and with his muscular hands tore off my lower dress I asked him what the hell he was doing, he remained crouched and looked up smiling at me “your dress will only hinder your movements and leave you vulnerable to attack. By using long clothing like a dress, the enemy can grab your clothing pull you in and catch you in a hold then your finished. Skin tight clothing is best.”

I had to admit it, the answer made a lot of sense to me. Felix started things off slowly, he taught me how to make a fist and throw a punch teaching me to put my whole body into the blow. Felix then taught me some tricks, like how to evade and some helpful hints, he was really impressive. Marcus came by during the lesson and watched, he wanted to take me away, he wanted some alone time with me. I told him I was having fun learning from Felix and Marcus seemed genuinely surprised. I don’t know if I was having fun or not...I was starting to think and feel different about being here with the voltori...I felt connected with them and found myself thinking that living here with the Voltori, maybe it wasn’t that bad.

Marcus insisted that I come with him and I gave in, before I left Felix bent over and grabbed my cloak and moved so close that we were inches apart, my chest was inches from his shirtless muscular chest as he wrapped the cloak around me and tied it up “I apologize for your dress Sarah, I will find a way to make it up to you and I sincerely hope you enjoyed your orientation, in your next lesson I hope you remember to dress accordingly and prepare yourself for a rough ride.” I raised an eyebrow and smiled at that expression it sounded like something Brian would say...that perv.

I left with Marcus and he looked at me and said “you have a beautiful smile Sarah; I hope you show it more often.” I thanked Marcus and found it odd...I was being nice; I could not help but think something was off about everything. I had formed a list of what I found strange. I am being nice to these people, and I don’t mind this place. I am starting to like it. The vampires are not that bad, I sort of think they're cool with the exception of Jane.

Marcus wrapped his arm around me and I shivered automatically, I did not like him touching me, Marcus seemed surprised and said to himself “I will have to tell Chelsea to speed things up.” I was confused and asked Marcus who Chelsea was and he told me it was not important, that we had other things to discuss and when I asked him what he answered “Marriage.” We arrived back into Marcus' bedroom and I sat on the bed in my torn dress. I told him I was not ready and needed time for marriage and asked if we could make it a long engagement, he agreed to give me some processing time for it, not wanting to overwhelm me with too many changes.

I asked him for one more favor and he said whatever I wanted I could have. I asked for my own room, he was surprised, but agreed to it on one condition. When I asked him what the condition was, he asked for a kiss. I agreed to it, just thinking it would be a peck on the cheek. I was wrong Marcus pushed me down so I was laying on his bed he climbed on top of me and held me pinned to the bed and he leaned down to kiss me passionately. At first I just laid still, but I started to feel strange again and just for a moment I kissed him back.

Marcus climbed off me with a big grin on his face; he looked so pleased with himself. Marcus left to organize a room for me and said he would make it fit for a queen....his queen. I wondered what the heck is wrong with me how could I enjoy that kiss even for a split second. I love my Brian and my son Tobias...what is happening to me?

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