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 Combat Training

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PostSubject: Combat Training   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:11 am

wow the royal treatment is not bad
Date: June 14th, 2009

Dear Diary

Right after my last entry I waited for Marcus to return, yet he did not, the feeling of being watched stuck with me, it began to feel smothering. "Who are you and why stalk me?" I finally asked from out of the doorway, she stepped out, a female.

The female looked at me as I examined her, what she wore, she had on a black long sleave top and blue jeans she wore the standard red Voltori cloak that they seemed to wear she also had a necklace on with the Voltori Crest. "Who are you?" I asked her, the female's crimson red eyes glared at me for a moment and then planted a smile on her face. "I am Chelsea, Master Aro and Master Marcus decided that it is in best interest for Felix and I to protect you."

I was confused, "What would I need protection from Chelsea?" I asked keeping my voice calm. Chelsea walked towards me and sat on the bed, "you are to be the wife of Master Marcus, you will be his queen you need protection." I looked at her "you are avoiding the question Chelsea, I asked what did I need protection from, not why." I answered, annoyed.
Chelsea was quiet for a moment "very well, the Voltori have many enemies. The Romanian coven, the Cullen coven...your old lover Brian Jacobson, anyone of them could try to harm you, to weaken the guard, your still a newborn, you have no skills in combat and your gift is not an offensive one, you are completely vulnerable to attack, so that is why Felix and I will protect you...If you excuse me now Sarah, my shift is almost over and I have one more thing to do before my shift ends, but do not fret Felix will be here shortly." Chelsea said.

Chelsea stood up and walked out of the room and left me alone. Felix eventually came to the room and knocked at the door, he looked at me and I could see that smile on his face "hello, happy meal!" I looked at felix confused and notice a box in his arms. "Happy meal?" I asked confused, and Felix told me it was a nickname Jane had given me. "That evil dwarf is gonna pay dearly for the nickname" I answered.

Felix walked towards the bed and smiled he handed me the box, "here you go kid." I looked at him and opened the box to see a black tank top and skin tight pants. I looked at Felix confused "you will wear this for me when we train and under your normal garments." I raised an eyebrow, "ok, uh thank you Felix this is a thoughtful gift." I said and I actually felt affection. Again It was strange and unnatural for me to feel this way, but I shrugged off the feeling and Felix petted my head "it is as today's youth would say no problemo. Will you try it on for me now, I could assist you in trying it on if you need it" he asked me looking hopeful.

I bit my lip for a moment not sure what to say, normally I would have smacked the guy upside the head and tell him to fuck off, but I still kept feeling strange, I know I should be mad, but I am not, I should be overwhelmingly sad, but I am not. I feel at peace for some reason and it makes no fucking sense to me. Its like all the loyalty to Brian and Tobias I feel is slowly fading away, and I am getting attached to my captors...its like stockhome syndrome. Felix waited for an answer and I told him I would be fine and asked him to leave the room for a moment. "As you wish Sarah." he said and walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

I removed the ruined clothing and stood in the room naked for a moment, I sighed quietly and looked at my arm, I was shocked to see little bite marks on my arm and remembered Brian telling me Tobias bit me too. I sighed and rubbed Tobias bite mark (moma misses her baby) I thought to myself and began to dress in the skin tight black top and the black skin tight pants.

I examined myself and saw this outfit only made my breasts stand out more, Felix entered the room and looked at me with the outfit on he seemed pleased. "My, my, may I say how well the outfit suits you Sarah." I looked at Feix and thanked him "it is time for us to train, follow me Sarah" he said and I nodded following after him, leaving my cloak and jewelery behind. Felix and I walked into the great hall and I looked around to see only Alec was here, the evil dwarf must be off torturing animals or something. I thought to himself.

Felix stepped in front of me and I watched him remove his cloak and his shirt exposing his perfect chest, I looked away for a moment and heard him say "you just lowered your guard...do not look away from your oppoenent." he said his voice was smug, he knew why I looked away, the tone in his voice allowed me to guess that and seeing him stretch and flex his muscles made me know that he knew why I looked away.

"Listen up Sarah, in our first lesson I taught you beginner movements and how to make a fist. Today I will be teaching you many things, one of them will be how to evade, your goal will be to punch my chest, you cannot stop until you punch my chest understand." I nodded my head and heard him command me to come at him.

I ran at Felix as fast as I could and threw a punch aimed at was chest. My fist hit the empty air where Felix chest was formerly standing. I was in shock to see that he had vanished from my sight in an instant. I felt something tap me from behind and I turned to see Felix standing behind me with a smug grin on his face. I threw another punch at me and he vanished like the wind again.

He tapped me on the back again and this was repeated for hours constantly. I was panting exhausted as I looked at Felix in awe, he was so huge, like a giant, but he had the ability to just vanish like that. "How did you do that, is that a gift you have.?" I asked curiously.
Felix shook his head "No, this is an evasive technique that gives off the illusion of vanishing. The key to this technique is how you move your feet, see the right foot which I stepped forward with becomes the back foot after using it to pivot my body, see its like this."

Felix walked arround to stand in front of me, I watched as he moved his right leg back and then shifting his weight to get over to the side of me. Felix spoke again "you quickly use your footing to get around the side of your opponent, you intentionally leave your upper body in place until the last moment and by quickly pivoting away you can avoid your opponent's attack"

I was in shock at Felix, this was an incredible move, one that could actually save me in a fight. Felix petted my head messing up my hair, "pehaps it is asking too much of you to try and punch me, lets work this in reverse. also remember this, always wait till the last moment to do this technique, if you use it too soon it won't work, because the opponent will see you change course." I tried to decipher what he meant by that and found myself getting punched in the stomach, I gasped for air. "I told you not to let your guard down Sarah, FOCUS." He emphised on focus and I nodded moving back to get distance between us.
Felix came at me again and his attack landed, it took me one hundred tries until I finally managed to learn how to do this evasive movement, the foot work was indeed very tricky. "Now it's time for phase two of this evasive technique, to turn it into offensive, come at me Sarah." I looked at him as he spoke "Fuck that!" I said not wanting to get hit, "SARAH!" he yelled and I sighed.

I ran to Felix and watched as he pivoted to the side as I ran past him. Felix took one extra step forward his foot in front of my foot tripping me and I felt him push me with his body slamming me into the ground hard.
"This is step two of the evasive move, I call it a combo, step 1 is evasive, step two is what I just did to you. I pivoted to the side and as you went past me I took one extra step forward and pushed you to the ground with my body, once that is down I return to stance, so it looks like I have done nothing." I got up slowly feeling drained of energy.

Felix lifted me up into his arms and smiled "so the defensive becomes an offensive," I nodded still in shock I could never imagine this giant man would be so fast and sneaky. "So does this evasive technique and offensive move have a name?" I asked. Felix nodded "the evasive technique is called a 'Side Step', because you are basicly stepping to the side, while the offensive is called Body Slam seeing as you are using your body strength and your opponents momentium to slam the opponent into the ground." I listened to Felix.

Felix placed me down and decided to allow me to try the body slam move on him, he seemed to be enjoying himself even though I was using him as a punching bag. Eventually I had enough and Felix lifted me up into his arms and held me close to his chest. I decided I would need to practice these moves a lot, it could end up saving me someday. I found my thirst becoming unbareable when Felix held me my eyes were pitch black. "Alec find Jane, tell her to fetch Sarah some humans." Alec nodded and left while Felix carried me to Marcus's bedroom. "You know I am fine to walk." I said, as my throat continued to blaze, as if someone had poured oil down my throat and then lit a match.

Felix grinned "I insist on carrying you, you did well today learning two moves it is indeed impressive, Happy meal." I growled "don't call me that" and Felix chuckled, "as you wish....Sarah." Felix walked me into Marcus' room and sat me on the bed. I sat there and sighed quietly while Felix picked up my cloak and came to me, he slipped it over me and tied the rope of the cloak around my neck my face was inches from his chest, I could not help, but think that he was getting this close to me on purpose.
Felix finished and stepped back as Marcus returned and smiled he seemed happy. Marcus kissed me on the lips. He pulled back and picked me up. "I have a surprise for you my love." Marcus carried me out of the room and two doors down from his room he opened the door and I was shocked to see the beauitiful room there, it was still in a dungeon based room like everyone elses, But there was a nice blue carpet and there was a guitar in one corner and a keyboard piano in another corner.

In the center of the wall was a flat screen TV that was on a shelf with a dvd player, near the door was a desk with a laptop computer and a wardrobe dresser beside it. "Once Jane returns with lunch, Chelsea, Felix, Alec and myse lf will take you shopping. I went to Marcus and hugged him tightly. Marcus placed his hands on my ass "I am glad you like it, Aro gave me pointers." Felix left to check on what was taking Jane and Demetri so long, and Marcus left to go and talk to Caius and Aro. I went to my room to fetch you and do some writing in you before Jane returns with my meal.....I just realised something I can use this laptop to find Brian....thats if I get internet access on the computer.

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Combat Training
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