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 Jane is a Bitch

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PostSubject: Jane is a Bitch   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:12 am

I loathe the little dwarf
Date: June 20 th, 2009

Dear Diary

been too busy with training to write entries, but I need to say this, Jane is one sick twisted bitch and I am going to take her down hard and slow. I am going to make her suffer agony. After admiring my new room, Marcus came and escorted me to the main hall where we waited for Demetri & Jane to return with dinner. Hiding in the shadows, the doors opened and a group of humans came, each in different shapes and sizes and different age groups of course.

I could feel my throat burning the thirst was incredible, each moment I waited the burning only became more and more unberable. I watched the humans, eying the fat one, he looked very plump and delicious. "I call dibs on the fat one." Felix said, "Like hell you do, the fat one is mine." I answered. Felix looked at me as I looked at him "fine then this means its a contest." Felix said excitedly, I shrugged, "no real contest you are going to lose either way" I answered casually. Marcus chuckled as his arms were wrapped around me and he held me from behind.

The doors locked and we slowly showed ourselves to the humans, Jane made the first move as she jumped down and tackled a human and I felt torrents of wind blow past me as the vampires moved with their inhuman speed. I watched Felix run towards my human and found myself moving as my hunting instincts kicked in, I could see Felix closing in towards the human, I ran behind him and then changed my course to get to the side of him, I thought about the Side Step lesson he gave me and moved my right leg and pivoted to get in front of Felix he was surprised and I smiled feeling rather cocky.

My hands touched Felix firm muscular chest as I pushed him back with force, He slided acrossed the ground impressed and I turned my back on him to feed on the human the victory was mine. I sunk my fingers into the skin of the human my nails cuting into the flesh only allowed the human's scent of blood to fill the air and intoxicate me with the warm enticing scent it was incredible. I let go of the human and sat on his stomach and leaned out as i took a bite out of his cheek and spat out the cheek.
The human screamed in agony as blood shot out all over my face, I leaned down and started to suck the blood from the cheek ignoring the screams of terror. I don't think I enjoy hearing people suffer, I am not a sociopath like Jane. I feel remorse sometimes, but I move on because there is no point in looking back. I continued to feed off the human, I imagine he would be suffering from my venom rather than the bite to the cheek.

We vampires are poisionous creatures you know, we are like scorpions or snakes once infected with our venom your pretty much screwed. The humans heart beat slowled down, going very, very slow until it stopped. I had drained off of this humans blood and moved on to the next prey. The meal was eventually over Aro and Caius left with their wives while Marcus went to get changed.

Felix came to me and complimented me on the use of the Sidestep move he taught me and he even admitted that he would never of thought to use side step to invade the opponents personal space and launch an attack. I smiled sheepishly at Felix and told him he was a great teacher. I asked if I could help clean up and Jane said "Make yourself useful" after tossing me a human.

I slammed the human corpse to the ground, Jane looked at me with hatred in her eyes and I glared at her I was about to take the female hobbit down when I heard Felix yell "GIRLS!" Demetri returned and asked what he missed, he was hopeful Jane and I got into a smackdown, let me just say this the female Hobbit would have lost, not because I am learning how to fight from Felix, but because I was dying to resume our little fight after the whole Royal flush incident back at Brian's. Demetri was disappointed when Felix told him nothing happened.

Alec who had been beside Jane encouraged her to go with him and start cleaning up, I refused to let the Hobbit out do me, so I gathered as many human corpes as possible putting them into a pile it was totally easy.

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a small dead girl holding a dolly she looked to be just a little older than Jayne, her white dress was stained in her own blood and I frowned concentrating on the poor child. She did not even have a chance in life, in some ways I envyed the child in other ways I pitied her...kind of absurd I know. I watched as Jane took notice of the child and her dolly, she approched the deceased human child and took the dolly, it seemed Jane wanted another doll for her collection it then occured to me that there is an extremely good chance that Jane has killed that many children in the past to have those dolls.

The thought of that infuriated me, I got into a crouching stance and growled in anger, I wanted to take the Hobbit down make her feel a world of pain..pehaps shave her head so she would be bald for all of eternity. Demetri noticed me and started to growl back, he was protective of the sociopathic Hobbit, Felix and Alec laughed at our stand off and I waited, I just needed Jane to lower her guard. Jane held the doll and licked off the blood from the doll, the hobbit bitch was tormenting me now.

A smile came onto the Hobbit's face as she walked towards me with the doll and pressed the doll to my face, I could smell the human child's blood and surpressed a groan of desire "whats the matter? are you scared of the scary doll?" she asked. Jane pressed the doll against my cheek and made kissing sounds, now was the time to strike, she had lowered her guard and with one simple punch I had sent the Hobbit flying all the way back to last Halloween where the freak belonged. Alec was fast he ran and actually caught the hobbit like she was a football, needless to say I was disappointed he caught her. I prepared myself to feel the agony of Jane's gift, I knew the Hobbit was too much of a coward to fight it out one on one with no gifts, So I waited.

Jane instead jumped out of Alec's arms and landed close to me she came closer to me and I was ready to send the bitch flying again when she kissed my cheek and whispered " Time my dear, Time." she turned her back and walked to Alec then left with the doll Felix looked at me and spoke "it is unwise to pick a fight with Jane, she is one of the Voltori's strongest weapons." I told Felix that I did not care, someone had to put the hobbit in her place.

I watched as the child burned, in a way it was unbearable to see such a thing, the poo,r poor girl. I turned away and Felix wrapped an arm around me, "are you alright Sarah." I said nothing and left the hall, I could not help it, I ran out and was so focused on escaping I did not notice myself running directly into Marcus, The vampire king caught me and held me in his arms. I closed my eyes and felt Marcus embrace, he held me close. "Sarah, my love, what is wrong." I told him it was nothing and asked when we were going out, Marucs told me in these exact words. "Soon my pet soon, I need to speak to Felix first about our trip into the city, go on my pet, go to your room and get dressed you will find suitable attire accquired to you're taste on your desk chair."

I opened my eyes and looked at Marcus he had a smile on his face, I nodded my head and returned to my room. I closed the door behind me and sighed, my back leaned against the door as I slided down and sat on the ground, I could not get the image of the dead girl out of my head. I heard another set of footsteps followed by a voice,

"Felix I was just about to look for you, do you have any idea what is wrong with Sarah." Marcus said, "no master Marcus, Sarah was fine, but then Jane pushed her button and Sarah attacked Jane...she helped us clean up and then she saw a human female child among the corpses. I don't understand what happened to her master." Felix spoke confused, there was a silence for a moment and Marcus spoke " Sarah had a child before her child with Brian, Aro told me the child is a female named Jayne."

I fely my heart break as Marcus spoke about my daughter, I hate thinking of them...Jayne, Tobias & Brian its just too painful, but it's not as painful as it used to be. "I will need to speak to Aro about Jane again, pehaps have Jane sent out on that mission we were discussing, anyway Felix get Chelsea and Alec the four of us will be taking Sarah to town, I wish to spoil her a little."

Felix said nothing else and walked away, I picked myself up and walked to my desk chair and looked at the dress Marcus had got me it was black and went down all the way to my ankles, I don't normally wear dresses, but this was beautiful it was so elegant. I removed my cloak and necklace with the Voltori crest and place the black sleaveless dress over my training outfit remembering Felix's request.

I waited in my room and turned on my laptop I found there was no Internet, but there was a lot of songs on the laptop a lot of the songs I loved, I was amazed for a while Marcus really did his homework on me. Some of the songs on my laptop were

Down- Dave Days
Numb - Linkin Park
her name is Alice - Shinedown
ours - the Bravery

I turned off the laptop and walked to my guitar and picked it up, I tuned it in and played a melody it probably wasn't that good. i stopped when I heard footsteps walking down the hall. I placed the guitar down at the corner and waited in front of the door. I watched as the door opened and smiled to see who was standing there.

~Sarah frost
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Jane is a Bitch
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