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 Shopping Trip

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PostSubject: Shopping Trip   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:13 am

An enjoyable time
Date: June 21st, 2009

Dear Diary

When I opened the door I saw Marcus, he was dressed in expensive looking clothing. "My dear Sarah you look divine," Marcus said with his arms open he moved in and hugged me tightly his arms around my waist. "Thank you Lord Marcus." I said with no emotions, it surprised me, I called Marcus, Lord, I had never called Marcus that before, I wondered why I called him that it was so unlike me.

Marcus moved his hands to my bottom and licked my neck "I can't get used to how appealing you are to me child, I wouldn't mind taking you here and now." he said with joy. "All in good time Lord Marcus." I said again, and felt his warm touch carress my body "why wait when I can have you now child." he said again, Marcus stepped back and moved his hand from my hips down my thighs and back up to my hips, I felt nothing no contempt for Marcus or anything else.

The strangest thing was, I wanted to do anything to please him, I moved close to him and kissed him on the lips and continue to allow his hands to wander. I heard footsteps off in the distance and looked to see Alec, Chelsea & Felix at my door they were dressed in casual clothing along with the red cloaks. I looked at Chelsea she looked pleased with herself for some reason, Marcus let go and walked behind me he grabbed my cloak and tied it around me, I looked at Alec "where is the evil twin" I asked my voice sounding emotionless.

Alec informed me that master Aro sent her on a mission to take care of a wild newborn. I did not bother feining disappointment. We left together and I felt totally calm, no real emotions were pulsing through me all I was numb.

We traveled through to the surface and went to the shops Felix, Chelsea, and Alec stayed close to Marcus and I, never leaving our sides. We went to the shops and I bought a lot of dresses and a few dvds that I had previously liked from one store, from the other store it was more suited for the prankster. I bought a device I knew how to set up for a little explosive mechanism, it wasn't a bomb just something to launch as a projectile at someone. I also bought a packet of balloons and traveled to the paint shop.

Marcus was curious asking me what I was up to "I am just preparing for a little welcome home gift for Jane of course Lord Marcus." I answered calmly. I bought a few other supplies, that I would need. I wanted to pay Jane back for her cruelty that she displayed to me on my first day here and for what she did to that girl. After buying all the suplies I needed for my "gift" to Jane we continued to go to a few more tores and I saw a beautiful motorcycle. I glanced at it, the thing was beautiful and I knew I wanted it.

Marcus could see that too and told Felix & Chelsea to go purchuse it for me. I thanked Marcus and he told me it was no problem for his mate. I told Marcus I did not know how to ride it and he told me he would have Felix teach me how. We finished shopping and we toured the city it was night time. I had known the land well, I mean i had spent enough time here back when I was human, Felix, Alec and chelsea stayed close the entire time.

We walked to the park and made it to an undercover area, I sat on the table and Marcus sat beside me and leaned in close, he turned for a moment "Alec return home and see the shopping has arrived will you." Marcus said. Alec nodded "as you wish Master Marcus." I heard him say. Alec left and Marcus wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me in close. "My dear child will you you sing for me." I looked at Marcus "for you Lord Marcus anything, do you have any requests." I asked him, Marcus told me to sing to my hearts content. So I did as I was told and sang

First when there's nothing
but a slow glowing dream
that your fear seems to hide
Deep inside your mind
all alone I have cried
Silent tears full of pride
In a world made of steel. Made of stone
When I hear that music
close my eyes,feel the rythem

Marcus closed his eyes and listened to me sing he seemed to enjoy it, I honestly felt it was my sole purpose to please Marcus. I made a mental note to practice my gift more often so Jane would be denied her pleasure of using her gift on me, I finished my song and Marcus looked pleased "are you pleased Lord Marcus" I asked him eagerly.

Marcus pulled me onto his lap, I sat on his lap facing him and listened to his response " oh yes very much, your singing is as beautiful as always my pet." I thanked Marcus, I looked at Felix, his face was blank and expressionless, while Chelsea still seemed pleased with herself. I Looked down at Marcus kissed him on the lips with passion, Marcus' grip on me only increased and I did not resist him. I closed my eyes and felt myself getting lost in Marcus, after a few moments I opened my eyes and saw the stars behind Felix and Chelsea.

I felt a sharp stabbing feeling deep inside me and pulled away from Marcus, I felt like I was forgetting something, I closed my eyes and images popped into my head. I saw myself with Brian in the car he bought me...we made love under the stars. I tried to push the images out of my head, but they would not leave. "Sarah what is it my pet, are you ok?" Marcus asked. I opened my eyes and looked at Marcus and then to Felix and Chelsea. She no longer had that grin on her face, she in fact looked a little surprised. "I am fine Lord Marcus, I am just tired of this place that is all." I said my voice a little shaken.

Marcus had his arms around me tightly and stood up carrying me, "would you like to return home now." he asked, I looked at Marcus "only if it pleases you Lord Marcus." I responded "very much so, I imagine you must have had too much excitment for one day my pet." I said nothing and allowed Marcus to carry me all the way back home. When we arrived to the great hall I saw all my shopping including the beautiful black motorcycle, Marcus placed me down and I looked at the beautiful bike. "Chelsea please take the bike to the vehicle storage area and put it next to my car." Marcus said. Chelsa did as she was told and left.

I took the plastic bag that I needed and asked Alec to put the rest in the room for me. He nodded and I asked Marcus if I could be excused for awhile and he nodded saying he had things to attend to. Marcus kissed me briefly and I kissed him back feeling normal again and left. It was just Felix and me and I smiled at him, he smiled back at me "are you sure your feeling well" he asked and I nodded "fine thank you Felix, do come with me will you." Felix nodded and we went towards Jane's room. I opened the door and Felix stopped at the doorway after I entered.

I lowered the bags and pulled out the bag of balloons a funnel, a small bucket of blue paint and the propelling device I bought. "What are you doing Sarah, Jane will not be pleased that your are in her room without her permission." He said nervously, "Fuck the evil little dwarf, she has to pay for being a sociopath" I told him. I opened up the desk drawer and saw a letter from Jane, it basically told me the book in her desk was not her real diary. I shrugged and crunched the letter into a ball and threw it over my shoulder. I opened the drawer and put the mechanism in on top ot the book.

Once that was done I opened the paint and placed a funnel end on the paint bucket the blue paint was a nice color. I opened the packet of balloons and took out a nice one. I sucked on the clean end of the funnel and saw the paint begin to poor into the funnel. I placed it at the balloon and watched with glee as the balloon filled up. The balloon filled with paint and eventually it was full after trying the balloon off I placed it in the draw setting up the mechanism, so next time Jane opened her desk drawer BAM!!!! the Balloon is launched into her face and she gets covered in paint.

I packed almost everything up and took it to the doorway handing it to Felix, "please take this to my room." Felix held the bags "Sarah please, you don't know what your doing, Jane can be frightful." I scoffed at Felix and said "please as if I am going to be afraid of someone who can pass as one of the umpa lumpa." Felix looked at me confused, "Remind me to get you Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I told him.

Felix left and I grabbed the plastic bag I had left behind, I opened it to see a packet of fart bombs. my mischivious grin grew wider, I pulled down one of Janes dolls and unscrewed the head I pulled out a fart bomb and popped it throwing it inside the dolls body I screwed it back on fast, I had 10 to 15 seconds before it detonated. I hung the doll back up and grabbed the plastic bag with the fart bombs and ran out of the room just as a pop sound was made. I closed Jane's room door and smiled, the stench was going to fester in that room, we vampires already had a sharp sense of smell so with the stench all built up and no way of escaping let's just say Jane was in for a rough ride when she returned.

I walked back through the great hallway on my way back to my room and stopped, I heard Marcus talking "your doing a superb job Chelsea, She is almost mine." I heard Marcus speak, "Yes Master Marcus, but be careful her ties to Brian are still strong for a moment she broke free...not to worry it won't happen again." I did not understand what they were talking about and why they brought up Brian.

I showed myself to them, and Marcus looked surprised, he moved to me and leaned in to kiss me "Sarah my pet, I thought you were resting, and why do you smell strange...the stench is a little faint, but still." I looked at Marcus and apologised and told him I had felt restless. Marcus took me to my room and grabbed me a dress I had bought and we walked to this other room I was surprised to see a spa bath in here, Felix entered the room, had the bath filled he moved to the door, standing in front of it protectively.

Marcus undressed me completely, until I stood before him naked. He seemed very pleased with what he saw. I felt nothing at all "are you pleased Lord Marcus." I asked and he told me he was very pleased, I looked at Felix ,he was watching me intently. Marcus told me to get in and I did as I was told, stepping into the spa bath. Marcus removed all over his clothing, I examined his body for a moment and looked away ashamed when it came to his crowning glory. Marcus saw me and chuckled, joining me in the spa bath.

We sat there for a few hours, Marcus bathed me rubbing the soap all over my body, he seemed pleased when he did this. I was obedient for Lord Marcus ,it is my sole purpose to please him and if he gained pleasure from cleaning me then so be it.

We eventually finished and I stepped out of the spa bath, Marcus grabbed the towel and dried off my entire body slowly he asked me to dry him off and I grabbed the towel and did as I was instructed to.

Felix watched me the entire time his eyes almost looked hungry for something other than blood, I wondered what. Marcus dressed me in my outfit Felix got me and in the dress he had picked out for me, i found it unecessary, I knew how to dress myself, I assume he gets some sort of pleasure from this. Once he was done he got dressed and told Felix to escort me to my room, I kissed Marcus on the lips before he could get dressed and he kissed me back. Felix and I eventually left for my room and once we arrived I had him stay and keep me company. We are currently watching Anne of Green Gables. It is a very good movie, one of my favourites, I have to say something before I leave.... I feel strange, like I am forgetting something...I will let you know if I figure it out, I am going to go now Anne just busted her slate over Gilberts head.


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Shopping Trip
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