Hello all members, I would like to wish you all a Marry christmas & Seasons greatings. I hope you have a happy holiday with friends and family.
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 Last minute shopping (Entry 33)

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PostSubject: Last minute shopping (Entry 33)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:13 am

Topic: Spending the christmas with family, I wish edward was here.
Date: December 25th, 2005

Dearest Diary

Emmett and I are visiting Esme & Carlisle, it's Christmas day and we are all together, well almost all of us Edward called the other day and informed us he was unable to attend Christmas, he wished us a happy holiday, but I could easily tell his heart wasn't in it. I was sad that he could not come and join us today. The last few months Edward has been hunting Victoria, trying to find her and kill her so Bella would be safe, he has had no luck it looks like tracking is not one of his strong points.

Emmett and I arrived yesterday morning at Ithaca, New York city, we plan to stay until the day after new years. I was glad to see Jasper, I missed my brother & Emmett missed Jasper too. Jasper went to show Emmett around Cornell University, I told Emmett to have fun and the two left. It was just Alice, Esme, Carlisle and I the four of us went and did some last minute Christmas shopping Carlisle was our driver. We arrived at the stores and split up, Esme and I went one way while Carlisle and Alice went another way.

While Esme and I were shopping we began to speak about what our plans were, I told Esme that Emmett and I were going on a honeymoon across Europe. It was fun shopping with Esme, I enjoyed it greatly and together we picked out some nice CD's for Alice, there was no point in trying to surprise Alice, she cheats.

Esme confided in me, "I know Edward said he couldn't make it, but I still can't help, but hope that he will come for Christmas." I listened to Esme and knew she was right, but it was not because he couldn't make it, it was because he did not want to come and join us, he is too lost in his own sorrow to be around his family. Edward should be with us letting us help him with his suffering, but he refuses to let us help him.

I bought everyone a lot of nice things, but these weren't their real gifts. I bought Carlisle & Esme's, I made sure they would be a surprise by asking Alice not to spoil it, again I say there is no way to surprise Alice she knew what I bought her. I felt confident that my lovely parents would enjoy their presents. Emmett and I had bought several houses and blocks of land near our home for Carlisle & Esme, so they could live near us or use it for a Holiday home to visit us.

I knew they would like it. I bought Alice and Jasper plane tickets they can go visit the Denali's whenever they want. I did not want anything for Christmas....well in all honesty I had one Christmas wish and it was the same as Esme's, I wanted Edward to join us.

We finished Christmas shopping and returned home to see Emmett & Jasper watching the sports channel, Emmett was betting on the football game and I started to wonder if my Husband and brother had gambling problems, Alice of course did not mind as long as Jasper was happy. I felt the same way for Emmett as long as he was happy I was happy I watched Alice for a while and she looked sad, "what's wrong" I asked her.

Alice answered "I had a vision of Bella." I looked at Alice seriously "Edward asked you not to look into her future Alice you should respect his wishes." I reminded my sister, Esme came to us while Jasper & Emmett looked on from the couch "I can't help it I am in tune with Bella. It's one thing to be in tune with someone it's another thing to stop looking, the point is I can't stop." Esme petted Alice's back softly.

"Alice what exactly did you see." Esme asked, her voice was soft like silk, but filled with Motherly love. Alice told us of Bella and how awful she looked, well I knew things couldn't look that bad, it's not like Bella was ever a prize pig to begin with, her plain looks failed to compare to that of mine or anyone else in my family. I watched Alice and sighed, I knew she missed Bella even after Alice told Esme she was fine, I watched my sister. She did not seem as energetic as usual, I went to Emmett and nudged him, he looked at me and raised an eyebrow and I smiled "hey there monkey man." Emmett smiled and stood up off the couch, he moved to hug me and I closed my eyes feeling relieved.

Emmett is my pillar of strength, I cannot live without his loving hugs, I wish there was some way to go back in time and change it, I would have left Royce King right after he proposed and traveled to find Emmett and spend our lives together as humans. It is true we would both be six feet under by now, but we would have had a family lots of little boys and girls out in the yard playing. My children would have grown up and had children of their own Emmett & I would have been grandparents, maybe great grandparents wouldn't that be divine.

While Emmett's arms were still wrapped around me I looked at the beautiful Christmas tree. Esme always put the Christmas decorations up earily. She enjoys the Holidays and I could not blame her. I asked Emmett to go get the presents we brought from the rental cars' boot. He let go of me and ran to fetch the presents. I went to Esme and Carlisle's room to grab the present I had bought Emmett while shopping. It was a 20 carrot gold chain necklace, I also went to the Adults store and bought sexy underwere to go on me and scented lotion I also bought baby oil to rub on Emmett, the baby oil would only make his god like muscular body stand out even more. I placed the gift wrapped presents under the tree and returned to my spot, Emmett returned and placed the wrapped presents under the tree he saw the ones addressed to him and looked all excited.

I smiled seeing his excitment, my sexy monkey man was happy, thats all that I wanted at this moment. I started to fantasize about the life we could have had and was awakened from my fantasy to see Emmett looking at me, he was pleeding with me to let him open up one present early. I told him no and he frowned, I turned from Emmett so I wouldn't cave from seeing that adorable charm of his. Esme laughed while Carlisle had his arm wrapped around Esme "ah yes, young love, remember when we were like that Esme." Carlisle said. Esme smiled and rested her head on Carlisle's chest, "who says we still aren't like that."

I watched Esme and Carlisle, they were an adorable pair. I excused myself and went outside and I looked around at the snowy area my ankles were covered high into snow, but I did not care it's not like I could feel the snow's cold temperature, I never felt hot or cold, I guess you could say it was a perk of being a vampire. I would say its just another human experience to treasure. Emmett joined me and asked me if I was alright he wrapped his arms around me standing behind me. I told Emmett I was fine and that I just wanted some fresh air, being this close to Emmett I remembered the magical christmas we had so long ago it truly was the best Christmas I ever experienced

The night too was memorable, dancing with Emmett, getting lost in him, it was like we entered our own private world. I told Emmett about the thoughts going on in my mind at the moment. Describing how much I loved that Magical Christmas, Emmett turned me to face him and leaned in to kiss me. I kissed him back and wrapped my arms around his neck and enjoyed my time with him. We continued to kiss as it started to snow, for the longest time I did not notice the snow, I only noticed it when Emmett and I were covered in it. Emmett complimented me saying how the beautiful pure white snow only complimented my beauty.

I kissed him and placed my hand on his cheek and rubbed it softly, his eyes were filled with such joy and his smile it was so enticing it made me feel warm inside. I loved my monkey man so much, I leaned in to kiss him again and he kissed me back, he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in tightly holding me close to his warm muscular body. I rested my head on Emmetts chest, "when your with me it feels Like it's Christmas every day babe." Emmett and I decided to go to the big Christmas tree tonight to see it light up, we went inside and asked the others if they wanted to come and naturally they did, which was great.

I decided to go get ready seeing as we were leaving in an hour, while Emmett went back to watch a Christmas movie. I went to the guest room and got ready. I removed my jeans & top and put on a Christmas dress, the dress was long and silk it was red & white the Christmas colors. I grabbed a pair of high heels and put on a Santa's Christmas hat. I left the room and stepped out to see Esme dressed nicely in a long black dress she looked so elegant, "someone is in the festive spirit I see." Esme said.

Alice came out wearing a long red dress while Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett just wore casual clothing I could not help, but think typical men at the time. Emmett looked at me and said "whoa Ho ho Ho Rosalie." I looked at Emmett, did he just call me a hoe? I glared at Emmett and he corrected himself by saying he did not mean it the way it sounded.

I decided to tease my Emmett & told him "I was going to let you open one of your presents when we got back, but you can forget it now Emmett." I heard Emmett groan out of disappointment and smiled he is so adorable. Esme & Carlisle chuckled while Jasper and Alice were content in their own little world.

We all went in the same car, Emmett was driving this time, I sat in the front with Emmett while Esme, Carlisle, Alice and Jasper were in the back seat, we were in Carlisle's car, it was a tight fit. We still had fun in the car, everyone was chatting away, I watched Esme and I saw she was keeping up a strong front. I knew she missed Edward, I missed him too of course, it did not feel the same without him around, but maybe it was best he is not here with us if he was here, then he would see how happy we were and would probably feel left out without Bella around him.

We made it to the tree lighting ceremony and watched the beautiful Christmas lights start up. Emmett wrapped his arms around me from behind and he rested his chin on my left shoulder. "Isn't it beautiful Emmett." I asked him. Emmett kept his grip on me and I felt him shrug "it's alright Rose, but to tell the truth its nothing, there is nothing as beautiful as you Rose." I smiled, Emmett always knew what to say to make me feel better.

With Emmett's arms around my waist his hands were resting on my stomach, I placed my hands over his hands "thank you Emmett, but you won't be getting any presents early" I told him, Emmett's grip tightened around me "you already gave me a gift without knowing." he said into my ear, I asked him what I gave him and he said "your heart." I nodded "that will always belong to you, my love" I told him.

We finished up at the tree lighting ceremony and walked around for a bit before returning to Esme's place. Emmett and I wished the others a good evening before returning to our guest room, I asked Emmett what he wanted to do and he answered "you" I smiled sheepishly and asked about the others, Emmett told me "what's the big deal it's not like they haven't heard us before." Emmett made a good point on that and I was about to start undressing myself when Emmett moved to stop me " hang on babe I want to unwrap you myself." he spoke.

Emmett went to the cd player and turned it on, he turned it up full blast, not that it would help. Emmett came to me and undressed me he pushed me onto the bed and my back hit the matress and Emmett removed his clothing he climbed onto me and we made love well into the night. The bed eventually made a loud thud as it broke and I could hear Esme grumble from the next room "not the bed." I laughed as Emmett stopped and laid on top of me. Emmett and I rested together enjoying each other's company. I looked at the time and saw it was 1 am, it was officially Christmas day. Emmett got up and got dressed he asked me if I was coming, I told him I would come soon, he left and I decided I would come write to you and tell you of my wonderful time.

Rosalie Hale
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Last minute shopping (Entry 33)
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