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 Sarah's Newborn Rage

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PostSubject: Sarah's Newborn Rage   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:14 am

I lost control and went nuts
Date: June 25th, 2009

Dear Diary

Today started out pretty uneventful my beloved lord Marcus was busy with Aro & Caius, which made me sad, but Marcus told me they were working on something important a weapon. I was the least bit curious at the time I was just grateful to be with lord Marcus.

I missed Lord Marcus such a brave and noble man, I am lucky to have him. Felix and I have been spending a lot of time together, we have moved on from technique training to sparring, which is difficult, Felix is so much more stronger and faster than me and he has more battle experience than I do but I have been training with Alec in secret, working on my own technique ideas, we have become good friends, he is an alright kid, not like his sociopathic sister.

Felix and I begun our sparring in the great hall this morning. He moved at me to throw a punch and I stepped to the side of Felix at the last moment. I used the body slam technique he showed me pushing him towards the ground, Felix rolled forward on the ground and got up. He moved towards me and threw a punch and I countered the punch with the sole of my foot, we came to a stand still, each looking at each other "you are holding back correct." I asked and Felix nodded his head before answering "you are not at the right level for me to stop holding back, but that is enough for today."

Felix placed his shirt back on and I put on my dress, we went and found Alec in his room. I could faintly smell the fart bomb I let off in Janes room the other day, ah yes, Jane the dear little sociopath has yet to return from her mission with Demetri,and when she does she is in for a not so pleasant surprise when the she opens her desk draw bamn she is gonna end up looking like a smurf.

I smiled with a devilish grin knowing that Jane would be pissed, Felix and I knocked on Alec's room. The door opened and Alec looked at us curiously "he had his hand on his nose and I looked at him grinning "is something wrong Alec" I asked innocently, Alec glared at me for a moment "it smells like something crawled into Jane's room and died what the heck happened in there.

My smile faded and as I feinted innocence, "I don't smell anything." I lied, the fact was the stench was horrible, I asked Alec if he would like to join Felix and I in my motorcycle lessons. Alec accepted and we went to the garage, it was huge, it was like the size of a parking lot. I climbed onto the beautiful cycle and rubbed it slowly, Felix watched me and licked his lips, "what is it? Felix." I asked him, he shook his head "uh nothing I was distracted." he said, his voice was a little off pitch, like he was nervous. "What happened to never lowering your guard." Felix smiled "Yes you have me there." Alec folded his arms and I turned back to the area in front of me and listened carefully as Felix gave me instructions.

I listened to the instructions and obeyed them carefully and I did it. I drove around for a little, it was a blast, I mean it's slow as hell compared to my vampire speed, but still it was fun. I looked at Alec and Felix, they smiled, I pulled up in front of Alec "climb on" I told him, Alec smiled, "I don't think I will, but thank you for the offer." I picked up Alec and put him on behind me "hold on." I told him. Alec grumbled to himself as he placed his hands around my waist as I drove around on the cycle in the garage I eventually decided it was time to stop and climbed off after Alec.

I found myself really bored and looked at the two guys, I asked them if they wanted to watch a movie and Felix responded by saying "only if it's not Anne of Green Gables." I laughed at him and told him we would watch something else. The three of us ended up having a movie marathon, we watched Sugar and Spice which neither of them enjoyed. We did not get to finish the movie, we were interrupted by my beloved Lord Marcus, he came and asked what we were doing. I told him we were watching a movie, my beloved Marcus offered to come back later, but Felix and Alec said they did not mind and left in a flash. I turned off the movie as lord Marcus entered the room and closed the door behind him.

He sat beside me on the new bean bag I bought the other day I leaned in and kissed him on the lips, I could smell the scent of his breath it was so enticing I climbed on top of my beloved lord and leaned in to him, his hands rubbed my back "how was your meeting with your brothers lord Marcus." I asked my love as I leaned in and kissed his neck. Marcus moaned softly and told me it was interesting, apparently my brilliant Lord Marcus and his brothers are working making a type of steel that can cut through vampire flesh, to be used as a secret weapon if we come across rule breakers or children of the moon.

I stayed on top of lord Marcus sitting on his lap and facing him, he pushed the hair out of my face and smiled at me "enough of work my love, what would you like to do today?" he asked me, I thought about it for a few minutes "stay here just you and me, for a while and maybe afterwards we could have a spa bath together" I answered him. He chuckled "as you wish my pet" he said and kissed me again, feeling his touch made my skin tingle. I sang for my beloved Lord and he complimented my singing, he asked me to keep singing for him and I did as he asked, I sang for him, not stopping and watching his crimson eyes of his light up to my voice.

Marcus complmented me "I love the way you inspire me, your voice is so angelic." I smiled at his compliment, it made me really shy, I couldn't sing anymore, I hid my face in his chest and he chuckled and petted my hair "you're adorable when shy my pet." I smiled sheepishly,

Lord Marcus began to pull off my top and he kissed me, in between my breasts. I was shocked and he leaned up to try and undo my bra, I felt uncomfortable and asked him what he was doing, he told me he wanted to make love to me. I did not know what was wrong, but It did not feel right to me. I love my lord Marcus and would do anything for him, but I felt strange, I knew I did not want Lord Marcus to make love to me, I suggested to him we wait until after we got married, he said "why bother with that, this is not my first time and surely this is not your first time."

I know it wasn't my first time, but it still did not feel right, Lord Marcus was insistant, but thankfully master Aro arrived and interrupted us. Master Aro asked if we would like to join him, Felix, Chelsea, Alec and Heidi to go to the surface. I accepted the gracious invitation of master Aro and was relieved he came when he did. I put my top back on and my cloak, Lord Marcus seemed disappointed and I looked at him, he seemed to want to be with me so much...maybe I should just cave in and let him have me...I don't know, it just doesn't feel right to be with him...maybe it's because we are not married, I don't know it just feels wrong to be with him, but I am his mate, its my duty to please him am I just being selfish?

I did not know what to do or think, we all went out to the surface the group of us, I asked master Aro why his mate did not join us, he told me she was already out and about with the others. We explored the town and I could see there was a lot of humans, listening to their hearts pound and the blood travel through their veins became too much for me to deal with. I was too distracted by the scent of the humans when I heard Heidi speak "this is too overwhelming for her, she is about to lose control." Lord Marcus held me down, "Alec" he spoke out and then everything went white. In what felt like an instant, I found myself in lord Marcus room resting on his bed with Lord Marcus beside me.

I asked him what happened, Lord Marcus told me I was very close to losing control of myself so he had Alec use his gifts on me to cut off all my senses. Alec's gift is very powerful, he is a lot stronger than his sister Jane, while Jane inflicts pain she can only inflict it on one person at a time. Alec has the ability to affect groups of people, the drawback is his gift works slower than Jane, but to the unsuspecting person like me, it's instant. I asked Lord Marcus where Master Aro and everyone else was, Lord Marcus told me he went to be with his mate. Alec and Felix were in the great hall Lord Marcus moved closer to me and held me in his arms and I smiled and leaned in to kiss his neck. "are you thirsty my pet." I was actually fine until he mentioned it, my thirst became unbearable "I am a little thirsty" I admited sheepishly.

Lord Marcus offered to have Felix go get me a snack, I asked him to send Heidi seeing as I wanted to do more sparring with Felix to distract me. Lord Marcus agreed and we both walked out of his room together and made it into the great hall where I saw Felix and Alec wrestling. I asked Alec if I could have a go at Felix and he nodded, I watched lord Marcus leave and saw Chelsea step out from the same direction Marcus and I just came from, I guess she was still guarding me as per Lord Marcus' request. I removed my dress and cloak leaving on only my training clothing on. I looked at Felix "Don't hold back Felix." I told him, Felix told me I could not handle it and I told him "I am never going to learn if you keep holding back" I sounded annoyed, my thirst was trying my patience.

Felix smiled for a moment like something amazed him and then he charged at me and Alec, the guy did not even wait for Alec to step out of the way, I pushed Alec out of the way to safety and did not have enough time to even think about blocking. I was punched in the gut with such force it knocked me sliding back kicking up the dust around me. I had to admit the punch hurt, Felix moved at me again, he threw a punch with his left hand and I Mirrored him throwing punch with my left hand to counter his, I watched as Felix threw a punch with his right hand and I caught it ,stopping his blow, "A little ruthless don't you think attacking when Alec hasn't even left for the sidelines." I spoke to Felix while holding him at bay, I did not see Alec watching us, I could not afford to get distracted "That's the difference between us Sarah, you need to be ruthless in combat. All that matters is killing your opponent, the truth is you see Alec as a helpless child, when he is not, you're weak because of the sentimentality to humanity that you hold." I looked at Felix, he just pushed my button big time. I pulled back my left fist to aiming it at his face, Felix caught my fist and now we were at deadlock each holding one anothers fist.

Felix had a smirk on his face "now look at you Sarah, you allowed your emotions to get the best of you, vampires don't show emotions...its a weakness." I looked at Felix, "enough talk" I spoke and lifted my left knee to try and knee him in the groins and Felix countered by copying my movements. Felix let go of my hand and moved his fist to punch me in the face and I reacted by catching his wrist with both my hands I was shocked.

Felix grabbed my wrist with his free hand and squeezed it, the grip was painful and I let go of him and he started to spin me around, my feet left the ground before he let go and I crashed into the wall and hit the ground in a painful thud, I closed my eyes in pain, Felix was just too much for me. "Give up sarah, you can't do it," My eyes opened as I had a flash back to my human life, My human memories were dark and dim, I could barely remember what my mother looked like, she looked like a shadow in my memories now, the voice in my memories were usually foggy too, but this time it was clear "You can't do it Sarah, your useless, You can't do anything." my Mother never did encourage me as a child, she always put me down...I would not go back to that, I made a fist and slammed it on the ground "I CAN DO IT, I CAN DO ANYTHING AND I AM NOT USELESS" I yelled half crazed.

I pushed myself up and out of pure fury I ran towards Felix and tackled him. Felix hit the ground, I had him pinned as I was sitting on his chest my feet were on both his left and right arm. I was punching him in the face over and over "I AM NOT USELESS, STOP TELLING ME I CAN'T DO anything." I lifted his upper body up a little to headbutt him. Alec came at me trying to pull me off Felix and with one hand I pushed him away. Aro came through the front door with Marcus, Heidi and a human, Alec was explaining everything "Sarah's snapped. She wont stop beating Felix up." he said. I continued to punch Felix in a frenzy of rage, I could hear Master Aro speaking "what are you waiting for, stop her" Felix struggled "I can't she is too strong, with the damn newborn strength." he said.
I continued to punch him and yelled "SHUT UP" I screamed in anger, as I punched him in the face again. Master Aro told me to stop, but I ignored him, I was just too lost in my anger and I felt so savage. Felix kicked me in the back with enough force to knock me off him. I slided on the ground on all fours rotating myself as I slid to face Felix. I watched him get up, he had venom coming out of his nose, I was shocked I expected to see him angry, but he wasn't he seemed happy like he was enjoying the ass kicking. "You seem to be pretty good when you are pissed off, interesting normally emotions cloud judgement in combat, but for you it makes you more brutal." I let out a hiss and Felix moved in a flash he was inches from me and threw a punch, I caught it by catching his wrist and he looked at me. "Now what, do you expect to throw me, like I did to you. That's my move, I know how to counter it. I will stop you before my feet even leave the ground, your just a beginner Sarah, while I am a master." he said sounding smug. "Fine, I will have to use my own technique from here on out." I said.

I watched Felix's face change into a shocked expression and at that moment I jumped on top of his arm, my legs stretched over his arm and up to his neck in a X motion.both my arms were now wrapped around his wrist, so I was basicly hugging his entire arm with my body while my legs traveled up his arm and my leg calfs wrapped around his neck in a X motion. Being a vampire I had great strength, unimaginable strength, if I squeezed my calves together tight enough in this hold I could easily remove Felix's head.

Felix asked me what sort of technique this was and I told him, I called it the Scissor Lock, one wrong move he would be headless, "Ah impressive" I heard master Aro say. My eyes wandered to see Aro touching Alec's shoulder, Aro had no doubt seen all the hours of practice I have done with Alec when Felix was busy. I could see Lord Marcus was worried, my grip around Felix weakened from my distraction and suddenly Felix began to spin around "You hesitated Sarah this sparing session is over." Felix used his free hand to grab my leg and pull me off him, He threw me across the hall and once again I smashed into the wall.

I hit the ground and slowly got up, I was about to charge Felix again when my lower body felt heavy I looked down to see Alec was trying to restrain me. I tried to remove him, but then felt a set of arms around me restraining my upper body, I saw it was Felix. Felix's bare chest was against me and my breast now and I continued to struggle my pitch black eyes glaring into felix eyes, I saw something behind those eyes he wanted something I just can't figure out what. I stopped struggling when I heard a female scream a split second passed when I smelt the delcious scent of blood being spilled. I looked towards Aro, Marcus and Heidi and saw a female teenager maybe a year older than me had her wrist slit. I could see blood on Marcus nails and Alec and Felix let go as I ran to the human and bit deep into her flesh.

I ignored the screams of the human as I continued to drain her blood, the bloodloss was too slow for me so I bit deep into her wrist and ripped out a chunk of flesh with my teeth and spat out the disgusting flesh and resumed on the feed. The human's breath became shallow as she panted in pain her heart was racing first then it slowed down the more blood she lost. My venom had already traveled into her system she was already paralysed with burning pain, I could faintly hear Felix say "that is an amazing technique, she came up with and one only she can use."

Aro had asked Felix why that was, Felix answered "it's because of her size, if I tried using that technique my opponent would fall because I am big and muscular I would be too heavy for the opponent to carry. Sarah is lighter than me, she is small and agile her speed is incredible, Sarah's technique is incredible, she is using her upper body to restrain the arm while using her lower body to hold the neck in a grip that can decapicate her victims, the lower body is also stronger than the upper body because we use our legs more when we were human we carry that lower body strength when turned and it's enhanced even more than our upper body."

Aro made an awed sound "she really is a jewel how fortunate we found her." I continued to feed off the human and ignored Lord Marcus agreeing. I was too lost in the human girl enjoying the last beats her heart would ever make, the human girl dropped dead and I pulled back, "Much better" I said as the burning in my throat was gone...for now. Felix and Alec stood in front of Marcus & Aro protectively, I looked at them confused "Lord Marcus?." I said softly, Marcus smiled "Shes fine now" he said and was at my side in a flash, Lord Marcus began to lick the blood from my face and I flinched and he looked at me concerned, I don't know it just felt weird, Lord Marcus told Heidi to fetch Chelsea and then dispose of the body and she was gone in a flash. Marcus resumed licking me until I was clean. I eventually saw Felix, he looked hurt and I realized I did that to him. I pulled back from Lord Marcus, and rushed to Felix end wiped the drying venom from his nose his face was cracked and it was slowly healing "I am so sorry are you ok?" I asked him.

Felix looked at me as I tried to tend to his wounds, we were so close together I was practicly breathing on him. "I....I am fine." he spoke nervously, I asked felix how I could make it up to he told me it was fine that he held no grudges, in fact he told me he was impressed with me and said I was a quick learner. If I I was still human I would have been blushing. Felix also told me not to get too cocky, Marcus and I sat down and watched Alec and Felix wrestle around. Chelsea joined us shortly after she seemed grumpy, I guess it's because she hasn't had much time with her mate since she was guarding me all the time.

I was watching Alec's coat not that anyone would steal it, I mean we are a family, I hearding a ringing sound from Alec's coat and seached through it picking up his phone. I looked at the black cell phone he left near his coat to see Jane on the phone's caller Id, I smiled with glee and answered the phone "Hello Jane how are you?" I asked in a sarcastic tone, Jane snarled at me "Where is my brother?" "Have you not been drinking Jane, you sound grouchy" I asked her, I could hear her growl and I surpressed a chuckle. . The chuckle had broke out and Alec came to take the phone from me, I petted his head and stood up going towards my room, Lord Marcus followed me of course and Chelsea was not to far behind us. I allowed Lord Marcus to sit on the bean bag and I climbed on top of him, "Sarah my pet, why do you have this bean...bag and not a bed," I leaned in to kiss my Lord on the lips for a moment "Why do I need a bed, I do not sleep." Lord Marcus chuckled "you are very amusing my pet, more can be done on a bed then sleep and I think you know very well of that." Lord Marcus pulled me in close to him until my head was resting on his chest. I could feel his chin resting on my head, Lord Marcus seemed happy, which is good it means I am happy.

I snuggled my head against Lord Marcus chest and head him sigh from joy, Lord Marcus asked me to sing for him, he gains such pleasure from my singing, I wondered what it was like for him what went on in that head of his. Lord Marcus was eventually called away from me by master Aro & Caius, they spend a lot of their time on this weapon of theirs. I am sitting here now with Chelsea outside my door, I might go spend some time with her.

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Sarah's Newborn Rage
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