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PostSubject: Confusion   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:15 am

Today was boring
Date: July 2, 2009

Dear Diary

It's been a week since my last entry and still no Jane, maybe she was killed in action, I don't know or care, but I hoped she was alright, not for her sake, but for Alec's, she means the world to him and I did not want to see Alec in pain, he is a good kid. I had just spent the day with Lord Marcus and Master Aro.

I enjoyed playing chess against Master Aro, I had to admit Master Aro is a master of tactics, but there was always something he overlooked, the value of pawns, I noticed he would always sacrifice them and use his stronger pieces to take out mine. It's a stratagy I admit, but he forgets the pawns can become different pieces when they reach the other side of the board.

After a few dozen games I conceded defeat and Master Aro seemed pleased with himself, Lord Marcus and I left to go his room so we could spend the night together in each other's company. We spent time just chatting.

we always chat about him, he has thousands and thousands of stories to tell me about his life, usually he plays a small story because of his grief over didyme, but I listen none the less, occasionally Lord Marcus would ask me to talk about my past storys and events that happened to me,

I would always tell him there was nothing interesting in my life so I would turn the attention back on Lord Marcus, I am rather excited about toda,y Lord Marcus told us we would be having visitors from another coven the Denali's.

Lord Marcus told me it would just be Eleazar & Carmen, that the reason they were in town was for shopping, I asked him if they would be staying here and he told me that they would be staying at the Jacobson residence, I was surprised at that and Lord Marcus explained that in the past Brian allowed vampires to use his home as a villa to visiting vampires and that it's procedure for vampires to visit the voltori when in town to explain their motives, the reason is about exposure, yada yada yada, it's all about history and too much of a pain to even write down.

I asked Lord Marcus if we could go to the surface and explore and see what is new, he denied me and told me that he did not wish to visit the surface today. I looked at Lord Marcus and pouted and he smiled, I loved Lord Marcus' smile it's beautiful he pulled me in close to him and we kissed. I enjoy Lord Marcus' kiss, but sometimes I notice things are missing like an ooomf, maybe I am just being paranoid I don't know.

Lord marcus and I danced in my room with my laptop on he had just found this song that I totally love, the song is called the "book of love" and it's sung by Peter Gabriel. We danced so close together and so slowly, it was intimate and I rested my head on lord Marcus' chest and we danced together.

I closed my eyes listening to the instruments in the song. "We have an eternity of this to look forward to my pet." he told me and I answered "of course Lord Marcus, I live to please you." We were eventually interrupted when master Caius came to my room and told us that Lord Marcus was needed. I frowned and Lord Marcus kissed my forehead and told me he would be back soon, I watched as he left and Chelsea arrived to keep watch over me.

I sat in my room pretty bored, I would pace my room waiting for Lord Marcus to return and would often wonder what he was up to, it probably had something to do with those weapons he and his brothers were working on.

I decided to watch a dvd called Sugar and Spice. I have already seen it twice, but it's a funny movie. I stopped the movie half way and gasped as something came back to me...I remembered I found myself identifying with the main character, she found out that she was knocked up and she resorted to robbing a bank with her cheerleader friends to support the baby and not even telling the father of her baby she robbed a bank. Ok so I did not rob a bank, but I did something, I sacrificed my life with Brian and Tobias to keep them both safe. I lied to Brian making him think that I didn't love him, but I do love him....

Everything suddenly came back to me, It's not like I forgot it, I didn't, but the thing was I didn't care...until now. I went out of my room to storm off to Marcus and asked what was happening to me, but Chelsea saw me and stopped me. Chelsea told me that Marcus wanted me to stay in my room until he came back, I told Chelsea I had to see Marcus it was important, but she just looked at me and an awkward silence was between us,

I found her to be intimidating really... I backed off into my room and she joined me in there and closed the door behind her. I had nothing to say to Chelsea really, I finally asked her when Felix's shift would start. She told me not for a while, she asked me a strange questio,n she asked me if I had feelings for Felix and I broke into a fit of laughter and asked her why and she told me no reason.

Chelsea tried to start girl talk with me, but I did not want any part of it, I wanted to know what was going on and why Brian and Tobias were starting to feel less important to me, I stood up and told Chelsea I wanted to go see Marcus, but she grabbed my shoulder and pushed me into the wall "Don't take me lightly Sarah, I was given orders to make sure you stay in the room and in the room you shall stay." Chelsea's eyes were black she was thirsty and pissed.

I crouched down and looked at Chelsea she was standing in my way, she looked at me for a moment and smiled like she was daring me to come at her. She opened the door and Alec was there, he walked in slowly as I kept my crouched stance, I did not see Alec as a threat normally he was just a sweet kid, but I knew he was far from helpless, he could take me down in a flash with that gift of his especially in these small spaces.

Alec told me in a soft voice to settle down, I did as I was told and settled quietly, I felt totally normal again, I did not know why I worked myself worked up over something so trivial, I am probably just moving on with my life...afterlife. Felix arrived a few moments after along with Heidi "Alec keep Sarah company will you" Chelsea said as she left the room and closed the door behind her. "Sarah's a bit edgy today, she has broken out of my control, but she is fine now. I need to go warn Marcus, will you be ok with her" Chelsea asked.

Alec came to me and petted my head as if I were a pet, it was rather annoying I looked at him "I will be fine with her I will take her top side with me get her some fresh air." he said. Chelsea was quick to respond "have you forgotten what Master Aro's orders are, she is to remain in her room until we learn why the Denali's are here." I stood up and leaned against the wall, "well master Aro seems to be overly protective of Sarah, why?" Felix asked.

It was Heidi this time who answered. "She is Aro's new toy, not only that but look what she has done to Marcus, I havent seen him this alive since Didyme, do we really want to see him return to his lifeless self if something happenened to the newbi?" No-one said anything and a moment later Felix entered my room alone.

So now it was just Alec, Felix and myself, Felix asked me what I felt like doing and I told him I wanted to go outside, Felix asked if I was going to be difficult today and I told him the honest truth, I would be, I told them both I was seriously bored, I told them I was going out and there was nothing they could do to stop me. I walked to the door only to feel a pair of big muscular and powerful arms hold me in a bear hug, I looked back to see it was Felix. I asked him to let me go and he asked If I would stay and I told him no.

Felix had this satisfied smile on his face and then said "it seems I will have no choice, but to hold you down." He was pleased with himself and I continued to struggle, Alec eventually offered to take me down for Felix, but he said he did not mind this, Felix's strength was incredible, I could not even flinch, he pulled me down onto the ground and as he sat I found myself sitting on his lap.

A low hiss escaped my lips as I continued to fight to get free, I was frustrated and annoyed and ignored Felix remark "Settle down" I refused I wanted out of this tiny room. Alec moved to me and petted my head "come on Sarah, calm down." I glared at Alec for a moment and heard him speak, "yeah that only works for Jane, you can't make me feel pain." he sounded amused.

I exhaled air, even though it was totally unnessessary seeing as I did not need to breath. I decided to stop resisting and the moment I did stop I felt totally calm, "I am calm now, I promise not to make trouble." I told them. Felix did not let go "Newborn tricks won't work on me Sarah." I found it strange, this was not a trick, but Felix did not let go of me, an hour went by and I asked Felix if I was still trying to trick him and he gave a solid "yes" response.

I looked at Alec and he was just watching the two of us. I asked Alec if he had any plans in mind and he told me he was to leave on a mission tonight and that he was trying to decide who to take with him. I asked him if I could join him on the mission not knowing what the actual mission was.

Alec said he would like that, but he couldn't take me this time seeing as I was a newborn it meant I was unpredictable, anything could set me off. I pouted and looked down. Felix finally let go of me and I climbed off his lap and moved to the wall and leaned on it, "so who else is going on this mission of yours." Alec told me so far it would be Felix, himself and one more person as soon as he decided whom it would be, they would leave. I frowned the thought of being stuck with Chelsea constantly and then Jane when she returned was seriously depressing.

Alec, Felix and I spent the next hour and a half playing cards both of them were obviously cheats as they kicked my ass seven ways til Sunday. Felix suggested strip poker and I raised an eyebrow at Felix. His behaviour is a little shifty at best. I remember thinking to myself at the time, I shrugged it off and told him that Lord Marcus would probably not like that.

Lord Marcus finally returned and I ran to hug him, I felt his arms wrap around me nice and tight it was so firm and felt soo good, "Settle my pet, Chelsea said you wanted to speak to me." His voice was so lively and I rubbed my head against his chest "it's nothing important Lord Marcus, I missed you that's all."

Lord Marcus petted me again before telling Felix and Alec to wait outside. Once the two left Lord Marcus kissed me passionatly on the lips, I kissed him back after a few minutes he pulled back and told me to get dressed that I would be meeting Eleazar and his mate, before Marcus left to go back to the throne room I asked him if I could go on the mission with Alec and Felix.

Lord Marcus denied me and told me it was too dangerous that they were hunting a vampire that had broken the law of secrecy, I pleeded with him, but lord Marcus would not budge. He eventually left and I decided to tell you about my day and night, well I need to go get ready now cya.

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