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  Who Am I?

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PostSubject: Who Am I?   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:16 am

Who Am I ?
Date: July 5, 2009

Dear diary

I felt a sharp pain in my mind, it was incredible and disorientating, I opened my eyes and saw a man with blood red eyes and long red hair, with long gray streaks mixed in. I could see him holding his hands on both sides of my head and suddenly the man was being ripped apart right before my eyes, the movements were fast and swift and I fell back in horror and watched this man with thick shoulders and olive complexion rip off the arms and head of the body and tossed it to a small teenage boy around the age of twelve or thirteen catch the body parts and began to set fire to it all.

I watched in shock and horror, frightened more than anything. The giant man came towards me and I crawled back still looking at him in fear, my entire body was shaking. The man looked at me with his blood red eyes."Sarah are you ok?"He spoke to me like he knew me, but I had no idea who he was, I could not even recall anything about myself. He kept coming towards me and I turned from him and crawled to the corner and leaned against the wall. I begged him to stay away, but he came at me grabbed me by my shoulders. "Sarah, answer me, whats wrong with you?"

I begged him not to kill me and whimpered from fear. Two more men came towards me now and stayed behind this brute, the first one had almost translucent skin and long jet lack hair, the way he looked at me, it was very unsettling with those milky red eyes of his, the other man looked simular, only his eyes did not frighten me, it showed concern. I looked at him, captivated by him in a way. "What's wrong with her?" the second man asked, concern showing in his voice.

The brute shook me harder. "Sarah?" he said and let go. He slapped me across the face and I fell back onto the ground and huddled in the corner, whimpering "please...please don't hurt me"I pleaded, the one with the concerned look in his face spoke

"Aro what's wrong with her?" he asked. The one with unsettling eyes told the brute to step aside. The man bent down and placed his hand on my cheek and I flinched in fear, he let go after a few seconds and petted my hair, I whimpered again in fear and he told me it was alright, that they would not hurt me.

"Aro what's wrong with her." the man known as Aro looked at the second man "Marcus, all her thoughts are gone, her mind is blank...I saw nothing, but fear and confusion." he sounded annoyed. "Now I'll never be able to know what she was planning.

I left it too long" he said sounding annoyed.The one known as Marcus bent down to me, "Sarah my pet, do you know who I am?"I shook my head and he looked surprised, "Sarah...do you know who you are?" he asked me I shook my head again and he looked at me surprised. He looked at the man named Aro.
"It's true!"

The man who was named Marcus picked me up and I started to kick and struggle, but he wouldn't let me go. He told me to calm down, but I wouldn't listen. I didn't know him....I don't even know who I am, he wouldn't let me go he just held me until I hit him in the face, his grip loosened and I ran towards the door. "FELIX" the blond vampire yelled and the big brute that had so easily ripped the creature in front of me had me in his muscular arms holding me tight.

I struggled, but it was no use "Felix, Alec, take her to my room." Marcus ordered them, the brute continued to hold me and he carried me to his room, it was plain, but there was a bed in there with linen and white sheets, the blankets were puffy with fancy patterns and in royal colors.

The brute told me he would let me go, if I promised not to run away. I lied and told him I wouldn't run away, when he let go I bolted, I made it towards the door and then everything went white. For the longest of time there was nothing until the whiteness went away, When I looked around the brute and the teenage boy were at the door blocking my escape and the man known as Marcus was at the edge of the bed "I know you are afraid pet, but you must stay calm, I will explain everything if you swear to behave."

I nodded and he moved in close he petted my hair, I asked if we knew each other and he chuckled and told me I was his mate. I was confused and he could see it on my face. He told me he would get to it later that I needed to learn how we met. Marcus told me that he found me on the streets of Volterra, he saved me from an evil Vampire named Brian and banished that vampire from the city.

Marcus told me that we spent a lot of time together, that and we eventually fell in love and he introduced me to his brothers, Aro and Caius and that these two men at the door were my friends, family and guards sworn to protect me. I was to be his queen and that I pledged myself to
be his and his alone for the rest of eternity. This is just all so much to take in, I don't know how to react to it all.

I asked Marcus why the one known as Aro seemed so mad at me, he told me that two days ago he touched my arm while some visitors were there and he saw what I was doing, something from the past, and that he only saw fractions of it and that he wanted to know but couldn't find out because I had suddenly lost control and tried to attack the guest, I had to be confined to my room.

Again I did not know if it was truth or lies, but this man...Marcus seemed really nice, So I asked him an important question. I wanted to know how I lost my memory, Marcus explained the boy named Alec and Felix were sent out to fetch a vampire
that was breaking the law. Marcus told me that while they were about to execute the vampire.

he broke free and tried to attack him, but I shielded Marcus instead and took whatever that vampire did to me. He suddenly thanked me for protecting him and I said nothing I apologised for hitting him and he told me it was ok, that I was afraid and it was only understandable.

Marcus leaned in to kiss me on the lips, I felt nothing and he pulled back"I am sorry you need time to cope."Marcus placed his hand on my cheek as I looked at him in shock

"I am going to have Felix take you to the grand hall, while Chelsea comes back with your meal, will you behave for me? I dont want to have to punish you at least until I offically make you my wife." Marcus leaned in and kissed my neck and then stood up to walk to the door "I need to get a book I left in your room, if you need anything pet, you ask Felix ok. I will be back before you know it and teach you how to feed ok."

I nodded my head and watched Marcus leave. Felix walked me to through the hallway, the entire time he was behind me and the boy known as Alec was in front of me. I looked at Alec, he was an adorable teenager "You're an adorable child Alec, I bet all the girls must be going crazy over you"

Alec turned his head to me to smile, Felix broke out into laughter "he wishes, his sister has him on a tight leash Sarah."

"Sarah, I am far from a child, in fact compared to me you are the child."I asked Alec about his age and was shocked by his answer, "My sister Jane and I are twins, we are 809 years old."
I was in shock. Felix leaned in and whispered "keep away from his sister, she is a sociopath." I found myself unconcerned, I asked him why would I be afraid of a child and Alec corrected me again"Sarah, Master Marcus did not get a chance to explain much about what we are to you, I will fill you in when we get to the hall." he said.

We continued to walk and finally arrived, Felix walked in front of the massive doors and told me so that I don't get tempted. I sat down and Alec sat in front of me. He told me all about vampires, the myths about us and the facts. He told me the reason
to be careful around his sister because of a special ability she had. Jane could make people fall over in agony with a single glance. it sounded like an impressive and frightful ability.

Alec told me that he too had a gift that that he could cut off a vampires senses. I complimented him on having such an impressive ability and he looked embarrassed. I petted him on the head and asked felix if he had an ability and he told me no. I smiled and told him it was ok, there is nothing special about being special and we dont need extra abilities to belong.

Felix laughed and told me that I was not normal, that I too had a gift, I was surprised how could I have a gift and not know what it was. I asked them if they knew and they told me that my gift was special.

They finally explained it to me, and before I could ask how I make it work the doors opened and a beautiful girl returned with a human, the girl looked at me rather intimidatingly and I crawled behind Alec "Is that her? Is that Jane?" I asked and he shooked his head, "No that's Chelsea, your bodyguard, it's mostly her and Felix that watch over you, I just like hanging out because you're an odd one, but now your totally bizzare." he told me.

The one known as Chelsea spoke to Alec"I saw Jane in town, she is on the way back with Demetri and a stranger you may want to get her to her room"I concentrated to listening to the conversation and heard something else the beautiful and melodic gushing of blood running through the veins of the human.

I could hear the blood it was like hearing the waves crash across the ocean. I stood up and looked at the human female, she was pale and looked to be 18, her eyes were chocolate brown and her hair was brunette although I could see traces of red strands mixed into her hair.

I ran towards the human unsure what had come over me and I shoved my guards out of the way and tackled the human and sat ontop of the it. I leaned in and bit off the flesh and spat it out, the blood gushed out and I drank it as fast as it poured out of the body, I could faintly Marcus who had just arrived say "At least we know her hunger hasn't changed." after the human was dead I looked at the corpse in shock, Marcus lifted me up "come on pet, don't fret they're filthy blood sacks. I am going to take you to your room I have a gift for you."Marcus took me to my room and I looked at the surroundings it was beautiful and I felt comfortable here....almost safe. I asked Marcus about my gift and he lowered me onto the ground, ontop of the desk was a blue book "it's a diary, I figure this is a new start in your life so you should record everything, reflect and discover who you are my pet."

I asked Marcus why he kept calling me his pet and he told me that was his nickname for me, and I asked him if I had a nickname for him he nodded and told me I called him Master. He told me I should start calling him that again, that maybe it would spark a memory. I thanked him and he told me that things would return to normal soon. I thanked him again and he then reminded me of my nickname for him and I called him Master even though it felt strange.

Marcus left and I wrote everything down that has happened. I suddenly heard a scream followed by a boys laughter, that I was guessing was Alec. "what is that awful smell it smells like something crawled in here and died" A boy's laughter was heard and then it stopped, several seconds later I heard screaming, "I AM BLUE WHAT THE HELL" the boys' laughter was echoing louder than ever before. "Amnesia or not, the bitch must Die"

I heard foot steps coming towards me."NO Jane, she is not herself, remember Master Aro's instructions." the footsteps are getting louder, I'm afraid...what is coming I don't know.

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