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 My name is Tobias (Entry 1)

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PostSubject: My name is Tobias (Entry 1)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:17 am

Topic: A secret wish
Date: June 4th,2019

Dear Diary

My name is Tobias Marcus Jacobson and today I am ten years old, my dad bought me this notepad computer to play with, but also to use as a diary he told me in these words "you are my son and best friend. I know you don’t have many friends Tobias, its because I need to be protective of you my special little man. I know you must have thoughts and feelings you can't share with me so hopefully this notepad computer will help you express yourself my son." I did feel resentful dad is really really overprotective and I did get lonely especially when he had to go to work.
Dad bought me other presents to an x-box and lots of other cool stuff. My dad doesn’t buy me toys because he thinks I am too old for it. I can't really blame him I do look like a young adult the reason behind that is because of my heritage. I am just happy today I had my day off from school....well dad doesn't let me go to school he hires me a tutor and I get home schooled.

My dad says I am special and because I am special I need to be extra careful and extra precautions must be taken. I guess I should try to explain to you ok here goes I will do my best to explain I am not completely human I am half vampire. I know it’s a little hard to believe, but it's true. My father Brian Jacobson is a vampire he is well over two hundred years old my father was a slave and the reason was because of his skin color...he worked in the mining for his masters father was a religious man back then he believed that one day if he was good enough and endured that he and his family and friends would be free.

My father waited and waited, but that day never came so he had enough and ran away which was punishable by death, my father went into the mining caves and father found a vampire the vampire spoke something to this day my father did not understand something about being the key to changing the vampire world. My dad was changed and when he woke up he was a vampire strong and powerful and extremely thirsty, my father killed his masters and even his entire family. Father did a lot of things in the next two hundred years, he told me that story when I was seven and since then I think about it a lot actually probably more than I should.

That is the story of my father, but what of my mother....She died giving birth to me I don't remember her, I don't even know what she looks like. Dad told me there was a fire a few years ago and all the photo's and everything we owned went up in smoke. So to this day I have never seen a photo of my mother and I have nothing of hers to cling to, I know very little about my mother, I will share what I know about her.

My mother's name is Sarah, she was a beautiful human whom my father met in Italy, she was almost hit by a car and he saved her, my dad says he knew he loved her from the moment he first met her although he did not realize it. My dad says that I could look for a hundred thousand years, but I would never find anyone as beautiful, brave and noble such as my mother and even though she suffered greatly when she was carrying me she had no regrets, she told my father that. My father told me that her last words were telling me to be strong and brave and never forget how much I am loved. Father doesn't talk about mother much, I guess he still misses her, I told him I felt guilt and he told me not to. That my mother knew that there was a chance she would not make it and either way she had no regrets. I guess that's what made her brave she faced death with no regrets she gave life to me to me at the cost of her own life that is what made her brave.

The two lived in different worlds and somehow found themselves falling in love and uniting making me a hybrid, I am half human/half vampire. My father tells me there are a few other hybrids, probably no more than six including me. I am stronger than humans, faster than humans and even smarter than humans my own age. I also grow faster than humans my own age which is why I look like a fifteen year old, but there is something about me, I have a gift, my father calls it sensory enhancement. I have the ability to supercharge the senses of other vampires through physical contact.

My father describes my ability as a current of electricity that courses through the person I touch when I touch them and if I concentrate, I can supercharge their senses. At first it only lasted while I had physical contact, but after some coaching from my father and practice my supercharge lingers on for a long while, the current length of my gift is lasting is two days.

I remember my father getting annoyed because he ended up hearing the traffic in New York for two days after I used my gift on him. I also need to be careful because I can hurt people with my gift if I supercharge it too much. During one of our sparring sessions I touched dad and sent too much of my gift into him and he went blind for a moment my father wants to continue my training so “overload” as he calls it so it becomes a weapon for me to use my ability to help me in combat.

I know it sounds strange for a ten year old to be training and learning to fight, but like I said previously my father believes precautions has to be made for my safety see in the world of vampires there is an evil organization called the Voltori. The Voltori claims to be an organization that defends our people and keep our presence secret, most vampires believe that and side with the Voltori, my father, however, knows the truth and has told me that the Voltori are actually collectors, they gather vampires with gifts, recruit them into their guard.

My father is afraid the voltori will come for me, so he wants to give me a fighting chance if they ever try to recruit me. It seems even us Immortals are stuck in the culture of fear and hatred will it ever end?

I hate being stuck in the culture of fear, but realized if we did not live in a culture of fear I would not be here. My father would have lived and died a free man with his own family; maybe he would have found himself a wife and had kids with her. My mother would still be alive today enjoying her youth and I would be nothing, but it's not like that at all because of the culture of fear. I guess bad things can have a good side if you think about it long and hard enough even through pain and suffering there can always be light and through the suffering we gain strength to overcome things that we thought we could never get through.

I just wish I had the chance to know her, I know it’s pointless and impossible, but every year when I have my birthday or whenever I see a shooting star, I wish I could have just five minutes with my mom, just to feel her arms around me or to hear her voice, just to finally figure out if it's her I hear in my sleep. The thing is I often hear a beautiful voice when I sleep, sometimes it speaks, sometimes it sings, I think it's my mother's voice.

I can't exactly ask my father about my mother because he tends to go quiet even if he brings her up. I had fun today, I woke up at six am and my father was in the living room on his laptop doing some paper work he saw me and came and hugged me and wished me a happy birthday. I had breakfast which was cornflakes with blood instead of milk, I don't really like human food much, Dad makes me eat human food he tells me I am still half human, so I need nutrients and vitamins just like any other human. I am lucky dad compromises with me he lets me drink blood too.

After breakfast father and I spent the day at the beach we went swimming in the ocean and we went underwater. I watched dad fight a few sharks, he killed them, not to drink from them just because he felt like it. Dad was amazing, he really was, it was 6 PM and the sun was setting when father told me that today I was going to become a man. He told me I would go on my first hunting trip to learn how to hunt. I am so excited. Dad also told me that he had some other news he would tell me after our hunting trip. I will let you know how my hunting trip went and what dad's news is as soon as I find out wish me luck ok

~Tobias Jacobson
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My name is Tobias (Entry 1)
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