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 Aro's diary 1

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PostSubject: Aro's diary 1   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:27 am

Dear Diary,
Today was different. I had an interesting encounter with my good friend, Carlisle’s adopted son, Edward.
Ah, I can’t take it out of my mind-that pained face, like someone had put a hole through him and face and legs were the only things that were left of his body....I still remember-with perfect details- the agonised face, the eyes burning with regret, boring into mine, asking for the Volturi’s pity. I never had, and I don’t think I ever in my life, will see that kind of pain on one man’s face-human or vampire. This was the image I had when I met Edward Cullen- a suicidal vampire. I hadn’t met one in almost 200 years, until now.
I saw it in his thoughts, why he had left that fragile human girl he loved so much. The love he had for Bella Swan had no boundaries-it was something I had never seen before-I hadn’t seen it even in anyone’s thoughts. He had left her because he wanted her to stay safe and have a happy life with someone who could give her a life and a future.... Who had a soul.... Who could give her a future with family... he believed it was unsafe and wrong for her to stay in such close proximity to his world of sins and crimes.
The loss, pain and regret was burning in him...It could be seen even in the way he stood in front of me...Eyes down, head bowed-his frame had looked so fragile that he looked almost human and he was a little weaker, I’m sure he would have fallen onto the floor. He had almost begged me to kill him. But, of course, how could I? How could I allow such a precious and unique talent to be wasted? After all, it was my second most cherished desire of all-first being his own sister, Alice with her accurate, future watching abilities. Oh, how talented that so-called-family of the Olympic Coven was! All of them, most talented in some or the other way. I’m ashamed to accept this, but, I feel a tiny bit jealous when I think about their family and each of their precious talents.
But, Edward was a different matter altogether. He creeps into my mind every 5 short minutes after I saw him today. It was clear; he was acting from a guilty conscience. He is intelligent, that boy. The moment he heard my thoughts about his decision of coming to us and asking us to kill him, I could see he was making up his mind to do something that would force us to act fast and spontaneously. That is why I have sent Demetri and Felix to keep a look on him. Demetri, because he can find Edward even if he goes out of sight and Felix, because I’m sure Edward would not be able to move an inch if Felix caught up to him.
Oh, how painful it is to see such a talent go waste himself for love. I wish I had Chelsea to help me, but unfortunately she has gone hunting with her mate, Afton. She could’ve made Edward belong with us. Ah, how unthinkingly I said that. Edward would have caught me thinking that wouldn’t he?
I had felt the fiery burn in my dry throat as I felt what he had whenever he was near Bella. When I saw how that silky, soft, smooth, warm, inviting skin felt under his ice-cold and marble-hard hands, it was just like that girl was right beside me and I was feeling her skin. But, ah, the outcome of my touch would be different. I would touch her only with the intention of killing her. I could see the Herculean effort he had put behind every single touch, every single kiss. Even trying not to kill someone so edible was difficult to even think.
Oh! That fiery burn in my throat at the thought of blood makes me so impatient at times. I wish i could just go and hunt through the city-kill some fragile humans-and satisfy my appetite. Heaven knows, how these Cullens control their thirsts and be something they’re not-I mean, human. How can they control their thirst around so many humans?
Oh! I truly wish Heidi arrives soon with her fish. After all, these fish are new in town.
I think I need to go now-distract myself for a while. When I think about a distraction, there is only one name that comes to my mind. My Sulpicia.

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Aro's diary 1
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