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 Aro's diary 2

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PostSubject: Aro's diary 2   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:28 am

Dear Diary,

I said yesterday was interesting, but today was unnerving. Once again, I had a feeling Edward was going to do something today, since it was Saint Marcus¡¯ Day and there would be many people in the city. He was suicidal and was certainly going to do something rash,-if not today, then tomorrow- because he wanted to be with his love, Bella.

I thought he would create a spectacle of himself and expose us for what we are. Maybe a hunting spree through the city or just do something that would prove that he is inhuman.

After that, there would be no choice but to destroy him, that was all he wanted, one action that would decide his fate. I wasn¡¯t really sure, but that seemed possible when I remembered that spark I had seen in his eyes yesterday. That was the reason I had sent three of my best members- Felix, Demetri and Jane behind him.

After all, he is the adopted son of my dear friend, Carlisle. Besides that reason, I really don¡¯t want to destroy him.

I don¡¯t believe we vampires have a soul, but if it were possible...the ability to recognise our souls, going beyond the thirst was very, very hard tp do even for ancientl vampires like me- Carlisle and Edward would be the ones with the most kind souls.

Oh! There¡¯s so much to tell you dear Diary! I will start from the beginning......

I was just going to send Alec for Jane to come back with Edward, Felix and Demetri when she came back with all three of them-and shockingly, Edward¡¯s Bella and his tiny sister Alice too!

Oh! How pleased I was to see Bella with Edward...his happiness back with him. His eyes were pitch black and the circles under them dark purple-the signs of thirst. But still, he held Bella by her waist protectively and possessively. I instantly wondered how he did it. She was the one human who had almost forced him to kill her, time and again. But still, here she was again. How could Edward not kill her right at this very moment? She smelled so delicious in his thoughts!

Demetri and Felix told me the whole story after Bella, Edward and Alice went. Jane could not give me the whole story as she had arrived between the almost-confrontation.

Bella had actually saved Edward. He was just on the verge of going out into the sunlight when she practically threw herself at him.

How silly Edward acted when he saw her...first his voice was saturated with happiness and wonder as he buried his face in her hair....he thought he was in heaven! He is such a wonderful boy never mind him being a vampire, but he was still a boy, a monster by nature, and a saviour. I call him that since he¡¯s saved people's lives, especially his Bella¡¯s from the many dangers of the frail human life....by choice. After Carlisle, his was the most generous soul I had ever seen in my life!

Then as Bella explained that they were both alive, there was confusion and the comprehension as he heard Felix and Demetri approaching. How much he loved that frail human! He was ready to fight with Felix and Demetri to save the girl.

Jane arrived right then. He knew he would lose the fight if Jane attacked him, what with her amazing gift! His protective stance-shoulders broad, arms extended behind him, covering the girl from their gazes as if she would die even if she looked at them-loosened as Jane approached them. His shoulders drooped and his extended arms went to Bella¡¯s waist as he held her tight to his side, while Bella clutched herself as close to him as possible and held him at his waist with both her arms.

Jane was such a good source of information for me! She noticed every single movement that he made, just so that I could have the full story. Edward was stiff the whole time and Bella¡¯s eyes were just horror-struck. Occasionally, he would reach his other arm across his body and lightly stroke her pink lips. She had beautiful eyes. They were the darkest brown I had ever seen in an eternity! I could look all the way through into her mind from those eyes. No one needed to look into her mind when she had such clear eyes.

But if Edward couldn¡¯t hear her, I doubted my ability to do such a thing too. Her eyes were outlined with a fringe of eyelashes but the bags under them showed that she had not had a good night¡¯s sleep for a while now. Sometimes there was a hint of sadness in her eyes which quickly vanished when she pressed herself even closer into Edward. But in all, she looked pretty content there in his arms.

The couple looked so perfect for each other. It was like their arms were made just for each other. His arms wound perfectly around her waist and when he cupped her face in his hands it almost looked like they were a part of her. Her slender arms where they wound around his waist looked like they were made to belong there. How happy I was to see this picture in Felix¡¯s mind! At last, Edward had found happiness with his Bella....again.

After that, they reached the room where I was seated waiting for Alec to bring Jane, Felix, Demetri and Edward-hopefully alive.

Oh! I have to go and have my ¡®food¡¯ now.... Its dinner time after 2 weeks now...Finally, it¡¯s my turn to have some food in here! Unlike the humans, I like to have my fish raw rather than grilled or roasted.

I will narrate my feelings about the rest of the incident later, dear Diary! You have my word.

P.S:Thanks to the wonderful Marie for helping my confused mind out!! ILY so much sis!
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Aro's diary 2
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