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 Aro's diary 3 (Part 2)

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PostSubject: Aro's diary 3 (Part 2)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:31 am

Dear Diary,
Lets continue from where I left last time...

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to see black. I saw just darkness, nothing else. I concentrated. Put every ounce of strength that I had in me. I didn’t even notice how soft that skin was. I didn’t notice how I could feel her fast pulse under my hand. Nothing mattered to me in that instant. All I wanted to do, was get into this girl’s mind and see what she was thinking. But, for all my will power, it did no good. There was only an endless ocean of blackness. It disappointed me, my confidence wavered. But, this made me curious too. If she confounds me and Edward, could she confound our other talents too?"

Ah, my mischievous mind worked faster than my instincts and I asked Jane to experiment with her power, before even thinking a little bit. I noticed Edward’s reaction to it. He was growling-growling like a wild animal growls at his prey. It frightened me, but that worry was sidelined by my curiosity. Just as Jane was about to use her power on Bella, which I was pretty sure wouldn’t work, Edward jumped between them and fell onto the floor, because he had annoyed Jane and Jane wasn’t going to stop unless I asked her to.

Edward crumpled down to the floor, body widespread. It was agonising to see him this way, but it was his mistake after all. He shouldn’t have jumped between Jane and Bella. But, how much resistance that young lad had! He suffered through the pain without shouting! It was impossible to not shriek and shout at the pain of such intensity.

When i had once asked Jane to use her power on me, the burn I had felt reminded me of only one thing- the burn which I had gone through while I was becoming immortal. This burning was even worse.

All through this, Bella’s eyes were shocked, agonised and tortured at the same time. It looked like she wished would rather die than see Edward suffer like this. Looks like Marcus was more than right about their relationship. She shrieked at Jane to stop doing that to Edward, but Jane was Jane. She didn’t stop. Then, it was finally enough for me and I asked Jane to stop it and then asked her to continue with the experiment.

It was interesting to watch. Even I couldn’t endure the burning rage in silence. It was too bad for someone to just stay put. I had lashed out in screams of agony when she had used her power on me-of course, I had asked for it; and I wished I hadn’t after, I felt that burn race through me. It only reminded me of one thing- the change process. It had made me feel like a weak, fragile human again. I didn’t like to feel that way.

I've just been reminded of a vampire who has been creating havoc somewhere near India. Some place named Cherrapunji. I have to send my guard there, I must advise them with instructions. I’ll write soon.

I’m so sorry I’m keeping you in suspense but work comes first.

Until, the next time then!
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Aro's diary 3 (Part 2)
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