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 Aro's diary 4

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PostSubject: Aro's diary 4   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:32 am

Dearest Diary,
Speaking from where I left the last time.....
While Edward was on the floor, writhing in obvious agony, Bella was suffering too; like she was burning with him. Though, Alice wrapped her little arms around her in an unbreakable cage, she still continued to struggle in her arms. As soon as I asked Jane to stop, she did and looked up at me, grinning. I told her to go on with Bella. She did, but there was no response! Bella confounded her too! What a miracle this insignificant human was! She confounded all of us. Now, I even doubted that Alec would be able to ‘anesthetize’ her. Jane’s smile had turned into a frown and then a scowl as she tried more and more to hurt Bella. Anybody could see relief in Edward’s eyes as he trespassed in Jane’s mind. He was relieved to know that even Jane couldn’t hurt Bella.

As time passed, I was thinking of a way to express my feelings. I didn’t know what to do with this girl. If she was changed, she would be talented, that much was obvious. I knew the answer but I still asked Edward and Alice, both if they’d like to join the Volturi. They both refused, (Edward showed a little hesitation before answering but I didn’t pay it any heed). I asked Bella too, seeing the future abilities that she could have. And if she didn’t, I would do to her what I did to my sister. Caius was opposed to this and I told him what I was thinking. Not surprisingly enough, even Bella refused.

Edward hissed. He wanted another option. He didn’t want Bella to join him as a vampire, but he didn’t want her to die, either. As there was a small confrontation between Edward and Caius, I was thinking about another option. I asked Edward to give Bella immortality; that way, she could escape this with Edward by his side. He agreed, but I wanted proof. I wouldn’t let him go that easily. But, when I asked him for his hand, so that I could read his thoughts, Alice came forward-and I was much more than glad to read her mind. I took her hand and was so mesmerised by her visions. I saw how she saw the future of things that were going to affect them or someone connected to them in some way or other way. I saw how she had seen Edward almost kill Bella in the room. I got to know that when someone was adamant on the decision they had made, she could see their future more clearly. But, if they wavered even a little in their resolve, if they changed one tiny decision of theirs, the whole future shifted in another direction-sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad.

She showed me that she had seen Bella as one of them , as a vampire. She had no vision of her growing old and staying human for the rest of her life. But this was certainly not enough for me. I went deep inside her mind to see how her visions work and finally understood what it ws like. She could see people’s future whom she was attuned to, even when she wasn’t looking for anything. But this only happened if there was something drastic happening in their life or things they did would do would affect their family in any way. I was fascinated looking at these sights. Especially the ones that had not occurred yet. I felt like I was in a trance even when I looked up and was done rummaging through her mind. I even learnt that if a person made a snap decision, she would not see it, neither would she see the future because she hadn’t followed the snap decision. Now, I know her better than ANYONE else in the world. Maybe, even better than herself. I had to let them go after that.

I truly believed Edward. I believed he would change her. But, if he didn’t, he’d have to bear the consequences too. And, he knew that pretty well. I bid them a cheerful farewell. But they left too quickly. I doubt Bella would have heard me telling her goodbye. Edward literally pulled her through the room-trying to avoid the confrontation with the coming ‘fish’, I guess.

Well, the day was insanely interesting to me and I don’t think I’m ever going to forget it. Ever.

No-one has found out about this diary yet. That’s a good thing. I don’t really want my brothers to know about how I feel. It will turn them against me and though Marcus would confront me, Caius, I’m sure wouldn’t do the same. He is sly, mean and cruel to people-human AND vampire. He even has the resources, I’m sure to kill me if he wants to. That would be impossible though. Sulpicia wouldn’t take it and neither would Jane and Felix. The mistake would backfire if he tried to do something, I’m certain of that.

Until next time then, dear. Just hope you remain hidden from others.
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Aro's diary 4
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