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 Aro's diary 5

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PostSubject: Aro's diary 5   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:34 am

Dear Diary,
You must have noticed. I haven’t really written much about Alice in my previous accounts to you, when I had once confessed that she was my most coveted talent. THIS was the reason. I had decided to dedicate one whole entry to this young (well, technically old), talented girl and her above-all-else supernatural powers. In human language, she was a psychic. Truly, she was.

Her talent was something that went above all the special talents, including Edward’s who holds the second place in my coveted power’s list. I took the chance of getting ‘into’ her mind the day I met her, hoping to understand not all, but at least a few of the mechanics of how her visions worked. But the speed at which vampire mind could grasp things made the process so much faster.

First, she could see visions of the future, only when a person decided to do something and not only think of doing it. So that means, she would see the future of the path the person is following, only when he’s on it.

She could not see futures of random people. She HAD to be connected to and attuned to them to see their future. The frequency of her visions about that one person would be more if she was close to that person and loved him or her.

The clarity of her visions about a person, improved as the person became more and more decided on his or her goal. For example, Alice had seen Bella as one of them, as a Cullen in one of her visions. But at that time, Edward didn’t know if he was in love with that girl or was it just bloodlust for him. But, when Edward had seen Bella sleeping and he had decided he loved her and he wouldn’t-or rather, couldn’t-stay away from Bella, Alice’s vision of Bella as one of them became clearer as Edward had clearly stayed on the path that he had intended. Now he had a strong decision, which he did not want to stray from. Though, he hated the idea of Bella as one of them, as a monster, he couldn’t deny what Alice had seen and he knew too that Bella was going to be one of them.

Who knew it would be for this reason? But the truth is that she was going to be one of them and he, Alice and me too, knew that Bella was dying(well, not literally, but I know you understand) to become an immortal, clearly to live with Edward forever and become as strong as him, when he wouldn’t have to be so gentle with her anytime again.

Ha-ha! Now, I’m straying off the point; let’s come back to it. But, as Edward had left her in the woods of Forks, she had blurred out of Alice’s sight again as Edward had wavered from the path he had embarked on. She also had a weak glimpse of an old Bella-an old Bella- dying of natural causes. And when she had told Edward about this, he had said that he would follow her as soon as possible. But, when Edward had caught Bella in the alley towers of Volterra, 2 days back, he had again strayed from the chosen path and had come back to the path where he would be with Bella. This had resulted in the blurry vision of a vampire Bella crystal clear. I had seen all the three visions in her mind and that’s the reason I could figure this all out.

The next point may be a little confusing, but, dear Diary, you would understand it if you paid a little attention towards it.

For further convenience, let us take the names of two persons- Henry and Charles. I hope that it is okay with you. Now, in an imaginary situation, if Henry and Charles are friends, and Henry asks Charles to choose people for a guest list without asking for his permission, Alice would see Charles choose a person but she wouldn’t see them going to Henry for any reason. This would be because, Charles made the decision and not Henry.

One more point, she would only see Charles choosing people only if this would affect her or the Cullens in some way. She wouldn’t see random visions which do not affect them. But, she wouldn’t even know what the effect is till, Charles and the rest have been set on the path, which is till Charles is done choosing the people to take to Henry. And, if Henry decides to stay away from what Charles and the rest of the people are doing, she wouldn’t see him in her visions. This could be a trick Caius could use if he wanted to destroy the Olympic Coven.

The last observation was that, she couldn’t see the future if someone made a spur-of-the-moment decision. If Bella had not thought about diving from the cliff and had done it thoughtlessly, Alice wouldn’t have seen her doing that and Edward would actually be dead right now. All thanks to Alice, she saved both of them.
How extraordinarily talented, that girl is; but, she is wasting her power by staying with the Cullens. Doesn’t she understand the Cullens have nothing except money and social reputation-no power, no royalty. They are just other normal humans to the people of Forks. She is not going to get anything staying with them. Foolish. This girl is foolish.

But, I also saw this in her thoughts, she wants to be good. That is the reason she is staying with the Cullens. She’s staying with them not for comfort or easy access to money-which I can see she loves spending. She is living with them because she loves them. They make her feel loved and special. She doesn’t remember anything about her human life-not even her own family. And when one who has lost the family gets a second chance with it, who wouldn’t take it?

That was Alice. She didn’t want power or royalty. All she wanted in her life was love and adoration-directed towards her or someone she loved didn't matter. She just wanted love around her. And, anyway, happiness and love would be impossible to be kept at bay as long as a girl like her was around.

Well, that’s it from me for today. I need to go and talk to Heidi about when our next ‘fish’ is going to visit us.
Thirsty right now,

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Aro's diary 5
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