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 Aro's diary 6

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PostSubject: Aro's diary 6   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:35 am

Dear Diary,
Well, the last entry was interesting to write! I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it. I want Alice more than anything right now. I want her by my side, in the blood red Volturi robes with OUR coven’s symbol around her small neck instead of the Cullens’ coven. But, somehow I can’t picture her that way. Her tiny figure walking behind me and telling me what she sees when we’re going to destroy someone who is being conspicuous. For saying, even Jane is tiny like Alice, but she is not small-looking. Alice looks strangely small for a vampire.
Like a young girl who could skip around in the garden laughing and smiling at her own self when she falls down while swinging on a ride. Alice is a girl who would go to the beach and make sand castles along with the other kids there, even if they are unknown to her. Anyone would be lucky to be friends with a girl like her who is so friendly and chivalrous, even as a vampire- vampires who are supposed to be meaner even than the darkest monsters humans can possibly imagine. Talking about Alice, I can imagine what she would be like when she was human. I can picture her in my mind. Skipping around, wearing cute, little frocks and squealing and jumping when someone played some mischief on her. I couldn’t picture her being angry, or for that matter sad too. The corners of her mouth which were practically, permanently stretched up into a warm smile could hardly ever turn down and into a real pout or a frown. She is one little fun vampire to be with. You could see that by the company she kept- Isabella. No one could resist her; more appropriately, no one WANTED to resist her.
Jane on the other hand is kind of rude and filled with a certain arrogance that she carries with herself everywhere. Her mouth is turned down almost all the time and when she does smile it’s like she has mocked herself for it. Even in that smile, you can see the evil in her. Her nose is always up in the air because of the power she has. She thinks she’s above everybody in the guard right now- which is true, since I (unfortunately) don’t have Alice and Edward with me. That gives her the extra tinge of rudeness. She is arrogant and proud, like a perfect Volturi member would be. But her power gives her the extra pride and the pleasure of being a part of the largest coven in the history of Vampire world. It gives her that arrogance. Frankly speaking, I don’t really like her nature. Its not right. Just because she has a power doesn’t mean she could use it on innocent people-not that I don’t like to watch them suffer.
There is so much pleasure watching the fragile humans suffer in front of your eyes when you have realized that they cannot harm me in any way, now that I’m so much mightier and stronger than them. My hatred towards humans, as a community is never going to lessen, even if I like some humans like the Swan girl and Gianna, my dear receptionist whose mind is as clean as the first drop of rain on earth was.
The vampire minds of the Volturi are pretty interesting actually. Caius is exceptionally wicked and cruel; always thinking of some or the other ways to kill some or the other vampires. Heaven alone knows why he loves to talk with his food once they come in.
Marcus is weird. He hardly has any thoughts other than his dead mate Didyme. I feel terrible about killing her. My own sister. But, she was of no use to me. I had turned because I thought she would have a gift that would bne useful for us, but she had a stupid gift of making people happy. I killed her because of that even while knowing she loved Marcus and he loved her too. But, I was far too selfish and greedy for power-which, by the way I still am, but I know just when to show it and when to not- to realise what effect it would have on Marcus. I haven’t told him about this as yet because no one knows about it. But I know that the day he gets to know about it, only 2 of the three Volturi leaders will be ruling. The other would be burnt to death. Maybe first put under Jane’s murderous power and then burnt in reality-if Marcus was the one dying. You know how much I love torturing people, don’t you?
Oh, you certainly don’t. I have never told you why I love power and torturing people so much. In fact, I believe you don’t know anything about my human life and how and why I was turned, right? You don’t know anything about my human life. I will tell you about it in the next entry. I don’t really have the patience to write right now. The meal is approaching. I can hear their footsteps. Ugh! I can’t wait to sink my teeth into them! I’m unbearably thirsty.
I will write soon.
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Aro's diary 6
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