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 Aro's diary Human life

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PostSubject: Aro's diary Human life   Mon Sep 13, 2010 2:28 pm

Dear Diary,

So...I’m here. Well, don’t ask me about the meal. It was the same. Caius took a girl named Simone to his room this time. Last time it was a young boy named Max. I intended to take him but just as I was going to approach for him, Caius called out to him. I didn’t want to show how angry I was because that would definitely scare the people. Not that I didn’t want them to be scared. It was just that I’m sure they did not want to see two lethal vampires fighting against each other over their food- a topic which could seem so petty to the humans. But for us, food was the most important thing aside from the love of our lives. If someone took away our food from us it meant a fight right there. But I was not a newborn vampire and neither could I behave like one in front of so many people.
Well, as I said I was unbearably thirsty and took Kim and Fred today.
Oh! I just recalled! Hadn’t I promised you that I would tell you about my human life? I did.
Here’s an old diary entry I wrote back when I was young.
So here I begin. I was born long back. Time wasn’t measured accurately back then. I was Aro Anthony. I was 32 years old and happily married to my dear wife, Alexandra. I had a handsome son and a beautiful daughter; they were twins. Their names were Julius and Julia. I had a lovely sister- Didyme. I told you about her in the last entry. Anyway, she was married to a merchant Antonio and she had a daughter named Clarisse. Julia and Julius always stayed at their aunt’s place. This reason was hidden from them but the reason why they never stayed with us because they were not allowed to. Me and my wife were mere workers staying in small huts in the dump yard of the king’s castle. I don’t even remember the king’s name. We hardly saw. He was one ill human. He was always ill for some or the other reason but due to no medical enhancement, there was no way anyone could find out the reason.
I was working there from my childhood. It was like a tradition in my family. Even my grandfather worked for this king’s dynasty. That’s where I had met Alexandra. She had the most beautiful eyes I had seen. They were crystal blue, like an ocean spread wide in front of you. But the circumstances were different that time.
I could not afford to admire her beauty when we were working. If they caught me lost in her sight, I would be thrashed.
We were locked up into the same room almost every morning and evening when the king and his stupid queen would walk around the castle to check up things-they didn’t know we existed and indirectly worked for them and the cooks didn’t trust us enough to stay quiet when they’re around. When we were beaten up, we were together. Normally, there wasn’t any reason for beating us up but the chefs and gardeners did that when they had some frustration to take out. And since we couldn’t stop them from hitting us-we were the only children without parents as they had died in a fire that had caught in the store room when we were 15 years old- they kept on hitting us everyday and blamed us for spoiling their meal by picking rotten vegetables from the market.
Later at night we used to sit together and stick to each other because it used to be cold at night and sob into each other’s shoulders. She never said a word to me.
She was a gardener and I was the chef’s servant, officially. But in reality, I did everything told to me so that I could feed myself a little bit more.....and send Alexandra a few flowers with an anonymous greeting. I knew she loved those flowers because she wore one of them every day in her hair but most of the time got scoldings from her keeper because she thought she had stolen them from the king’s garden. Which was partially true.
She did not steal them but I did. I needed money for the basket, not the flowers.
We became close friends after a while and we both knew we loved each other, just that it wasn’t out of our shy mouths yet. We used to meet each other after midnight almost every night. One night, I asked her who gave her the flowers she wore in her hair every day and she told me she didn’t know.
I told her that I was the anonymous person and she was so happy that she threw her arms around me and squealed in my ear, we almost woke up everyone around us. Well ,we were just young kids then, about 17 years old.
Later on we got married at the age of 24 each and we had our children about 3 years later. That’s when I felt responsible for the first time in my life. I felt like someone’s life depended upon me and that I simply HAD to make them lead a good life ahead. Not like the one I had been leading.
I was still in contact with Didyme-she had escaped this prison a few years ago and had got married to a rich merchant, Bassanio who truly loved her despite her past- and wrote to her about our kids and how I wanted them to lead a good life. She wrote back to me and asked me to put them in a basket and come to see her at the castle’s wall with them. She would keep them fed and take good care of them till they were old enough to settle down and lead their own happy life. I did not doubt her promise.
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Aro's diary Human life
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