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 Human life part 2

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PostSubject: Human life part 2   Mon Sep 13, 2010 2:29 pm

I told Alexandra about this and though she was sad about them leaving, she still agreed because she knew too that she wouldn’t want her children to live a life like this.
That night-as soon as our babies were deep under- I went up to the gate and I saw my sister waiting for us with a tall man beside her. He had dark hair and eyes that somehow sparkled when he smiled at me. He was Bassanio by what description Didyme had given me.
I looked down at the basket in my hands- my babies, my Julia and Julius. Alexandra followed my gaze and her eyes burst out with silent tears. The pain that she felt is indescribable. It was too intense for words to describe. She just kept staring and silent tears kept falling on her rosy cheeks.
Thank Heaven, our babies were asleep. They wouldn’t have gone without crying then and that would have caused some people to wake up.
The story of our kids disappearing would be that they died just after they were born. We didn’t really have another option even if we didn’t even like saying that our lovely babies were dead.
So I just picked up the basket and pressed my lips to both my babies’ foreheads and buried my face in their familiar warmth. Alexandra did the same and when it was time to give them away, we just held on to it, peered into the darkness and whispered the parting words to our babies, “I love you” unsurprisingly, together. As soon as they were across the wall, our world felt empty, felt dark. A strange blackness surrounded us and we just stood there, silent tears rolling off my cheeks too. Alexandra held my hand and I pulled her in for an embrace. I needed it more than she did.
She buried her face in my cloak and wailed softly. I buried my face in her hair and kissed it, asking her to calm down and promising her that I would never leave her-a promise that later, I was compelled to break. We stood there for a while just crying and saying nothing to each other.
The sun was just breaking out of the dark, the sky was turning a strange shade of black with tinges of purple and the darkest orange streaking it, it was even darker than the night-just 2 minutes before the sun finally broke through the clouds. The fact was strange. We both loved the day more previously but now we both preferred night time- the time when no one could see our tears.
We cried almost every night until our eyes ran dry and unconsciousness took over us. I loved my babies immensely and could live without them. But I wanted them to be happy and lead a life that was not like ours.
The crying in the night continued and the torture during the day too went on. We were beaten up more often now. We tried to save each other by coming in between but that infuriated the cooks and keepers even more and that resulted in more torture.
Time passed and our children grew up. They used to come to meet us at the wall occasionally with Didyme and we could barely control our feeling around them. We were glad they were having a life outside this prison.
Julia sometimes brought her cousin sister and best friend Clarisse with her sometimes too. Julius had made a lot of friends too. His best friend was a boy named Lepidus. He too sometimes brought his friends over to introduce us. The best thing about our children was that they weren’t ashamed of us. They didn’t mind that we were mere workers in the king’s castle.
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Human life part 2
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