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 The Change!!!!!

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PostSubject: The Change!!!!!   Tue Sep 14, 2010 4:30 pm

Dear Diary,
But before I could ask him anything....... I was enveloped in a fire. A burn where he bit me. It was like nothing I had felt before. It was charring me from the inside. I could feel my heartbeat accelerate as the burn increased and spread through my body. It was all around me. It was bad. I felt Marcus’ teeth in my throat, but then I faintly heard someone growl from behind and then I could not feel Marcus’ teeth anymore.
It was only the fire. I screamed out in pain. Thrashed against the place that I was sitting. I felt someone holding me. I was airborne and then I hit the floor. But the pain of falling was lost in the pain I was going through. I screamed and cried out, cried out for help, for someone to kill me before they tortured me to death. How could they treat soldiers like this, if we were supposed to fight with them instead of against them? But I couldn’t speak. I could open my mouth only to scream. The words barely came out. I tried once more when I was quiet for some time, controlling my spasms of pain. I tried to say, “Why are y-“ and I was cut off with my own screams. How could my screams not affect them. I opened my eyes, straining to see Marcus and the horrible king but I could see no one. There were other soldiers that were lying on the floor awkwardly just like us. Their mouths open too, eyes closed tightly. They were experiencing what I was. They were being burned alive too.

Why would they do this? I had served this king well! I had been a faithful servant to a tyrant master! Thank Heaven I sent my adorable children out of that prison. Would they have been here too if Alexandra and I had kept them with us? Maybe. They would have got this too. The pain was too much, I couldn’t stay quiet. I tried and tried but even if I twitched as much as an inch, my mouth instintively opened and a scream escaped. But, I figured screaming was of no help. It did not decrease the pain. Who cared? It made the pain take a second place for a few seconds while I screamed at least. It never eased the pain, but numbed it. It never felt good, but it felt less horrible when one screamed.

All this time, my heart was beating at double the speed.
I didn’t keep track of time when I was screaming and thrashing, my hands-now balled up into fists- on the floor so I didn’t know when the pain was easing from my hands and toes. But, -OH!-my heart! It started beating faster as the pain started to decrease from my limbs. The pain increased, but was more focused now. It was in my chest and my heart was beating like a hare running from a wolf. I twitched my fingers as the pain in them travelled to my heart. That was the mistake. The screams that I was holding back when the pain had started numbing went out of control- I screamed and rasped. My throat had run dry from screaming so much. I was going to DEMAND for water as soon as this was done. The name of water did not appeal to me. This was strange. But I didn’t have time to concentrate on that. The burn was now focused on my heart and the pain had drained from my torso.

My heart took off. It was so fast I couldn’t even count the beats now. It was TOO fast. And as the heartbeat rate increased, the pain increased too and focused into the centre of my chest. My back arched and I screamed one last scream of pain and sufferance. And then my heart stuttered and faltered as the pain fell away with it. My back crashed onto the floor with a loud thud as my heart beat its last beat and I breathed out in a gust.
I opened my eyes and the world was a different place.
And I was not the same Aro that I had been.

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The Change!!!!!
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