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 Life Lessons & Packing (Entry 2)

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PostSubject: Life Lessons & Packing (Entry 2)   Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:00 pm

Topic:Maybe I am about to enter my own rabbit hole, and enter a new world of adventures...still I will miss my home
Date: June 7th,2019

Dear Diary

It's time to fill you in, I am really sorry, I have actually been so busy and a lot has happened in three days mostly I have been packing, but I guess I should start at the beginning. I went hunting with my dad, we travelled all the way to New York city and we waited until the sun went down. I watched my father as we stood on the roof tops and he said to me "Tobias you need to learn humanity is a flawed species, they're deceptive and cruel creatures, they lie and manipulate and use you, they can't be trusted under any circumstances." I asked if Mom was anything like what he just said.

Dad was quiet for a few seconds "no...no she was special, not a mean bone in her body." Dad put his arm around me to hug me. Dad's hugs were always the best it felt nice and warm, I felt extremely safe. Dad pointed out a human, he looked extremely scruffy and he walked into an alley. "Drug addict, his blood will be tainted and taste funky. You can tell a lot when you go for a human always watch how they dress. Dad looked at the humans, "the art of hunting a human is simple, move in darkness move with stealth and make no sound and always clean your mess." he said.

I nodded my head "Now son, stay here and watch me carefully alright, and when I give you the signal, come to me ok." Dad left in a flash and I looked ahead, I waited ten minutes and saw dad, he was walking with a human female laughing, she seemed to be charmed by my father, she was lured into the alley in front of us. I concentrated on the female that was with my father, he placed his hand over her mouth and pinned her against the wall he looked back at my direction and that was my signal.

I jumped off the roof top and landed on the ground soundlessly, "good boy" my father said. I watched him and then the human, she looked afraid. I watched as my father tilted the human's neck and bit into her flesh, I watched horrified, the female was afraid, she was whimpering and my father did not stop. The human's heart continued to pound until it slowed down, I had never seen anything like this before, I mean I knew the blood I consumed came from humans, but it was just from a blood bag, dad had a contact in the blood bank where he bought blood from.

The human's heart stopped and dad pulled back, I watched him as he faced me "now once you finish, you look around see if anyone witnessed anything, usually you can hear humans heartbeats beat in acceleration from fear. Tobias now you need to remove any marks you make."

I nodded slowly watching as my father ripped off the flesh of the human where he bit her, he pulled out a glad wrap plastic bag and put the flesh where he bit the human in the bag and placed it in his pocket. Dad picked up the human and carried her into the dumpster and threw her in it, "now my son it's your turn."

I looked at my dad and told him, "I am sorry dad, but I can't....I don’t want to hurt anyone." Dad looked at me and asked if I was sure, I nodded my head he smiled and we went to the car and went home. I thought dad was mad or ashamed of me, but before I could ask him dad spoke, and asked me why I could not kill, make the hunt. I told dad in this exact answer "I am sorry father, but seeing the pain and the terror on the human's face it was horrible." He seemed calm and I made a choice "I don’t want to drink blood anymore, I think from now on if I do I would only see that person's face." He nodded his head

Dad answered "well if you’re going to commit yourself to not drinking human's blood there is another way son." I was curious at dad and he told me that there is a family of vampires called the Cullen's & Denali's that feed only on animal blood and if I wanted I could do that too and become 'vegetarian'. I thought about it and decided it was worth a shot, so I told dad I wanted to do it and he smiled and said "Well if you’re going to go vegetarian, I will do it too son, I want to support you anyway possible."

I thanked dad and he told me it was no problem, we got home and he sat down and told me he needed to talk to me. Dad told me that some big things were going to happen, he told me he sold his company and when I asked why he told me it was time to make a fresh start on life and that another change that was happening is we are moving away from our home. We are moving to Denali, Alaska to be near a vampire coven. Dad spoke with his old friend Eleazar and they would be glad to have us nearby, Dad says another vampire family lives in Alaska the family is called Cullens. I told dad I did not want to go that this is our home that mom lived here, it's the only thing I have to connect with her.

Dad told me that living here would not bring mom back and that this is something we had to do anyways and when I asked him why dad told me "as vampires we never change son, we will be immortal forever. If we stay in one spot for too long people will guess and people will find out what we are and if that happens the Voltori will come." I frowned and dad promised we would come back here some day, so until then take what I wanted and leave the rest behind.

I told dad I would miss this place and he hugged me and told me to cheer up, that I would meet a lot of our own kind and make lots of friends and even get to meet a girl who is like me, her name was Renesmee or something like that, kind of a weird name to tell the truth. It's pretty late, I am going to finish this chapter of Alice in Wonderland and then I am going to go to bed. First thing tomorrow after breakfast I am going to go the garage to get a box to pack my things.

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Life Lessons & Packing (Entry 2)
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