Hello all members, I would like to wish you all a Marry christmas & Seasons greatings. I hope you have a happy holiday with friends and family.
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  Alice 12

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PostSubject: Alice 12   Thu Sep 16, 2010 5:03 pm

May 26th, 1920
Literally a minute later.
I'm strong! Super strong! And fast! SUPER fast!
I was just trying to run away from the wolves and all the sudden I hit a tree! Correction: I ran THROUGH a tree! Shouldn’t that have hurt? I guess not since I'm a Vampire. Alright. I have super strength, super speed, super denseness , and Woah! I just realized that it’s completely dark out! Amazing, now I have super sight too! And wait, I still have my premonitions…only now they’re clearer. No, I can’t call them ‘premonitions’ not after the man that I just saw. He was a Vision.
Ahhh! My throat burns!!! Maybe im hungry? No, that’s not the right word. Thirsty? Ack! A blaze of pain just shot through my throat.
I wonder who I saw in my Vision? Do I know him? Is he-?
Argh! My throat! It kills!!! Maybe I should find something to…drink. And a new diary. Or A diary since two sheets of paper don’t count. And I should also find clothes. A stiff white dress (can I even call it a dress? It’s atrocious!) with blood on the collar won’t help me blend in.
I wonder who I-?
Ah! Alright, Alright! My stupid throat is telling me that I NEED to go. NOW.
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Alice 12
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