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 Meeting The Denali's (Entry 3)

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PostSubject: Meeting The Denali's (Entry 3)   Fri Sep 17, 2010 6:33 pm

Topic: Are women always so affectionate?
Date: June 10th,2019

Dear Diary

I finished packing my things and we moved out of our home. The move was short, we managed to fit everything in the back seat. Dad did not take many things, only three boxes and this strange box, but something strange is going on the other morning I went to the garage and went looking for boxes I found this box and it was marked S stuff.

I found myself curious about the box and I was about to open it up when dad came into the garage and asked me what i was doing, I told dad about the box and he looked alarmed for a split second, dad smiled and told me to go eat my breakfast and he would find a box for me.

I did as I was told and when I had bacon, eggs, Toast and blood. I tried the blood and it tasted weird, I asked dad why the blood tasted funky and dad told me animal blood tasted worse than human blood and that the blood I was drinking was deer blood.

After I had breakfast I went to the garage to look for the strange box and found that the box marked S stuff was gone. I did not see it until yesterday in the car with all my boxes and dads boxes, I asked dad what was in the box and he told me it was just stuff from his work.

I did not believe him, it did not make sense the alarmed look in his face it lasted a split second, but it lasted a split second too long. I guess it has important stuff inside, but what's so important that dad did not want me to see it. I thought about it the entire time when I was packing and in the car on the way here.

I plan on looking for that box marked S stuff, I am currious I want to know what's in there. I met the Denali's, father said I met them when I was an infant and he said I went on a rampage when I was last here and trashed their stuff. I was surprised at the welcoming we got, my father and I arrived to see the entire Denali family outside waiting for us as soon as I got out of the car I was tackled to the ground by Carmen and she spoke in spanish.

Dad chuckled and went to talk to Eleazer & Garret while Carmen dragged me away from my dad with Kate & Tanya the three of them looked and bombardad me with questions and hugs, they were so affectionate it was a little overwhelming to have all that attention on me. I was shocked by the color of their eyes it was a honey gold color, its not red like fathers eyes. I wanted to ask about their eyes, but Carmen was crushing me so I instead asked her not to hug me so tight and she told me to call her Aunt Carmen and that I should think of them as my aunt's and uncles.

I smiled, I liked the idea of having an extended family, all I had up until this point was my dad, I had several tutors over the years. I grow so fast, I can never have one tutor for too long, it's to avoid people guessing what I am. So for dad and I to have an extended family, it is great. I went hunting with Aunt Tanya, Carmen and Kate, my hunting skills are truly poor, I am inexperienced, I tried to catch a wolf, but missed it and aunt Kate snickered at me.

Aunt Carmen gave me some pointers, I love her accent, I think she is Spanish, I ended up catching the wolf, it was a pretty wolf, it was snow white with a little black on the top of it's coat. It was so beautiful it was painful to kill it, but I was really thirsty. The blood tasted a lot better than the deer blood, but I still felt guilty. I asked my new Aunts how they coped with killing an innocent animal and Aunt Kate said this in her exact words. "It's sad that we must kill animals to survive, but this is the lesser of the greater evil, would you rather we kill innocent humans child?" I thought about her answer, it did make sense, I had a flashback to seeing my father kill that human in front of me.

I went on to ask my aunts "well if you treasure all life why not feed on bad humans that hurt others." Tanya answered this time "who are we to decide who is guilty, and who are we to decide who is not worthy of redemption little one...all life is something to treasure." I listened to my aunts in awe, these women were so wise.

We returned back to the Denali's and I found Uncle Eleazar alone, I asked where my father was. He went to the new house to unpack the boxes, Uncle Eleazar said dad would return once he finished unpacking in the mean time I could stay here and play. Uncle Eleazar asked me for a favor and I asked him what he would like from me, Eleazar asked me if I would use my talent on him. Uncle Eleazar told me the last time he saw me I refused to use my gift on him.

I nodded and touched Uncle Eleazar and concentrated on him, to enhance his senses it did not take much concentration to use my ability on uncle Eleazar. I watched him flinch and he looked at me. "Amazing child, such an interesting ability, you are an impressive child Tobias." Aunt Carmen smiled and petted my head.

I asked uncle Eleazar if many vampires had gifts and he nodded and told me that not every vampire is gifted, but there is quite a few of us around that he and Kate were both gifted. I asked Uncle Eleazar about his gift and he told me he had the ability to sense gifted individuals and classify it. I asked about Aunt Kate's ability and he told me that she has the ability to emmit a mental current of electricity over her body to shock people, when I asked him what he meant by mentally, Aunt kate explained in these words.

"Little one, a vampire's ability is set apart into two catagories: there is the mental and the physical, the mental abilities is what I call a deceptive ability, it affects the mind, an example would be my ability. My gift is to shock people, but I am actually not shocking people, it creates the illusion of a person feeling that they get a shock. The physical gift affects the body, I know of a vampire that is able to manipulate the elements."

I listened to them and found myself curious "so what is my ability, is it physical or mental" I asked Aunt Kate shrugged her shoulders and told me she did not know. I was curious about her gift and asked her to try it on me, at first aunt Kate said no, I kept on asking until she caved in and told me to touch her, I did and the next thing I knew I was on the floor and my fingers felt numb, Aunt Kate picked me up as I shook my head she chuckled "such an adorable child." I found myself a little frustrated the gift hurt and even though I asked for it, I wanted to return the favor.

My hand touched her neck and I channeled my gift through her, she gasped "I am not done yet." I concentrated a little longer and Kate gasped "I can't see" she said alarmed I let go of her and looked at her face, she looked afraid and Eleazar leaned in "what did you do." he asked me nervous. Kate blinked and her vision returned "I used my gift on her."

"Yes, but I did not go blind when you used it on me." Uncle Eleazar answered back. I explained that I could overload the senses to disable it and Eleazar looked surprised. I felt bad for what I did to Aunt Kate and she told me I was forgiven as long as I didn't do it again. I spent the rest of the day with my new family waiting for dad to come pick me up. I wonder what was taking him so long, It's eight pm, I am going to go get ready for bed. Aunt Carmen promised to wake me up as soon as dad comes.

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Meeting The Denali's (Entry 3)
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