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 The Queens of sadist & cruelty

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PostSubject: The Queens of sadist & cruelty   Thu Sep 23, 2010 6:09 pm

Topic: How can I love someone who would put me through hell
Date: July 6th, 2009

Dear Diary

I heard the footsteps coming closer...closer and closer, they were small steps, but the way it sounded was like they were furious, I could hear the guard Felix speak
"Welcome back Jane, whats with the..... um...... blue dye?" A cold dark and female voice spoke"Felix Move"she demanded, a few seconds later I heard a crumple to the floor. I climbed off the bed and backed into the corner afraid "Thank you"the voice said, I was shaking and afraid, the voice was so soft, but dark and sinister, there was no soul or emotion, just darkness. The door ripped off the wall and I whimpered in fear, my entire body was trembling and there was not a thing I could do to stop it. I watched to see a teenage girl around the same height as Alec rip the door off the wall and walked into the room, her clothing and hair as well as her face were covered in blue, but her eyes, I will never forget looking into such cold and souless eyes.

Alec was right about his sister she was a souless sociopath and I did not want to antagonize such an evil creature, I listened to her scream "How dare you enter my room and plant tricks, that is my space, you were not welcome in there."I told her that I did not know what she was talking about and I had no Idea who she was, but her response is what truely frightened me "You don't know me, ha, my name is Jane and when you remember who you are Sarah, then and only then you will pay for what you have done. You will wish that you will never get your memory back Sarah because I'm going to make you feel pain like you have never felt even in your worst nightmares, it will relive in your mind over and over, you will want to die Sarah and I will be there, ready to rip your ugly little head off."
The savage little girl looked like she had more to say, but she was interrupted by Marcus, Aro and a stranger.

Aro scolded the girl and told her to leave, she eventually left and the stranger followed her. Marcus and Aro along with Felix came to see if I was alright, I nodded my head I could still not stop myself from shaking from fear. Marcus kissed my forehead and told me it was alright while Felix seemed cross, "I will resume her training, I won't have her be vulnerable to Jane all the time." he said. Aro smiled and in a friendly tone said"no no...I have other plans for Sarah, she won't be requiring your training anymore." I was curious wondering what Felix was teaching me. Marcus continued to stroke my cheek and lifted me up and carried me to his bed, he looked at me"Sarah, Aro and I best believe you spend time with Sulpicia and Athenodora, there is a lot to learn about being a queen then just standing around and looking pretty."

I looked at Marcus"if......if you think that's what's best" I stammered still afraid, Marcus nodded his head"yes I do my pet, now Felix is going to take you to meet the wives, you are to do you're best to make sure you learn everything my pet."I nodded my head
"I will do my best Marcus"I told him, Marcus chuckled and corrected me making me call him Master. Felix and I left the bedroom and we walked down the hall, I finally asked Felix what it was he taught me and he told me it was self defense, I asked him to explain further and Felix told me that it was basically how to fight that he gave me several lessons which I did well and enjoyed.

I listened and wondered what I was like, what sort of person likes fighting I wondered if I was a bad person to enjoy it, I wanted to ask Felix what he thought of me, but found myself too afraid to ask the question so instead I asked Felix if I really called Marcus Master before my memory loss. We continued to walk and Felix looked at me, I could see him hesitating an answer"Yes you called him master" he answered I looked down and Felix spoke "before your memory loss Sarah you were a bold and fearless woman, not only did you take the punches life threw at you, but you even rolled with it, you fought back and held you're own...you're cunning and very interesting. No-one knew what went on in that head of yours, not even Lord Aro by the looks of it. Another thing I lo...like about you is you never avoided angering Jane, you always called her out and challenged her which greatly annoyed her, but you never cared, you always spoke your mind and gave her hell as you just saw it, before Jane looked like an overgrown Smurf that was all you."
I listened in awe,

I sounded like a strong woman. It was also strange to learn about myself from another person. I was confused about Jane being blue and how I was involved and Felix told me he was there when he saw me rig this device into her desk drawer. I gasped shocked,"I....I did such an awful thing, my goodness she really does have good reason to be mad with me...I should apologise."

Felix shook his head "the Sarah I know would never do that...she would say something like, Wow Jane what a lovely shade of blue it totally suits you."I was shocked,"would I really say such a thing?"Felix nodded "oh yes, you would do that in a heartbeat, you usually call her the dwarf."I told him I must have been very mean to do and say such terrible things and he told me I was only mean to Jane and she had it coming.

We walked for a while and I said nothing else, Felix took the the hint too and kept quiet. How do I cope with being such an awful person. We eventually stopped to see Chelsea blocking the path, she looked intimidating and I stepped behind Felix frightened. Felix looked back at me and smiled he looked back at Chelsea"Chelsea what are you doing here?"Chelsea told Felix it was her turn to guard me, I said nothing and remained behind Felix"I will watch her, Chelsea." Felix said and Chelsea told him"Lord Aro and Marcus want you to go test out the weapons...do you wish to anger them?"Chelsea asked, Felix looked at me and I could see he was worried, I wondered why he was so concerned for me,"Don't worry Felix, I promise to protect Sarah." Felix left reluctantly and I watched him walk away.
"Sarah come with me" she said, her voice was cold and intimidating, I felt nervous around her and followed her in silence. Following Chelsea was difficult, I did not know how to talk to her, plus she was just as scary as Jane. I plucked up my courage and told Chelsea the
jewelery she was wearing was beautiful and truly they were.

"They're gifts from Jane"she said coldly and I said nothing else. We arrived in front of a large black door with gold door handles in the center. Chelsea opened the doors and stepped to the side "after you" she spoke with no emotion. I entered to see a room with three chairs in it. I saw two women in long black dresses their faces were hidden, their hoods on their long red cloaks covering their faces, the only reason I knew they were women was because of their figures they were thin and the same type as mine, only they were a little taller than myself. Behind the two cloaked women, was a mascular latino with red eyes and black hair, beside him was a male with wavy brown hair and red eyes he was muscular and frightful looking too.

After I was within distance of the women in cloaks Chelsea stepped in and closed the doors behind us. She walked to the wall and I heard a snap of the fingers, I looked back and watched as the women lowered their hoods. "Well, well...so this is to be our new sister, what do you think Athenodora" the woman who spoke had powdery pale skin and misty red eyes, her hair was blond."I think that she is nowhere near ready to join our league, Sister, look at her..the filthy clothing of a commoner, she is no better than the guards...no perhaps she is worse, she looks like a filthy human."she spat out and I flinched, I looked at Athenodora with her powdery skin and misty eyes, her hair was an auburn color.

I mumbled a sarcastic remark "hello to you too"I tried to sound confident like how Felix described me, but Athenodora came to me and slapped me hard across the face, the impact was so intense it knocked me to the ground."You dare speak when not spoken to, stupid little newborn, shut your mouth and speak only when spoken to" she hissed with anger.

I Looked up at Athenodora and made a fist on the ground, I lost control and had no idea what I was doing I went to attack her, I suddenly found myself against the wall snarling and hissing, seeing the Latino with his hands to my neck the other one, the spanish looking one had his arm around my waist "Corin and Santiago, well done." Athenodora spoke. To me it looked like the one known as Athenodora

seemed to be the dominate one but it was the other one who walked towards me and said
"well Sarah, if you wish to act like a savage, we can treat you like one,"
while Athenodora nodded and said
"Well said, Sulpicia."
The two walked away discussing things in private while I was kept against the wall. until the door opened and I saw a blond haired man and the girl Jane, my nose winced as she still smelled a little foul. Jane looked at me and she seemed pleased, what I did not expect to see was Athenodora run to the blond's arms and hug him.

"Caius, my love, what an unexpected surprise." The blond known as Caius hugged Athenodora."Yes, I thought you would need some assistance so Jane and I came to watch and judging by how your personal guards have the newborn pinned against the wall I can see I was right" he said. His voice was cold and ruthless and frightening. Jane did not say anything as she continued to watch me and I avoided her gaze looking back at the wives of Aro and Caius.

Caius stroked his wife's cheek and she seemed to melt at his touch, I would have thought it was adorable, if Athenodora hadn't slapped me and been so mean to me. Caius leaned in and whispered to her, but it was pointless, my vampire hearing could hear it"why is she against the wall?"his voice sounded curious, Athenodora told him I tried to attack them both, he seemed really mad, I could see it in the twitch of his mouth,

it was frightening,"only after you slapped me" I tried to tell my part of the story, but I felt Corin's nails dig into my skin and I flinched. Athenodora broke from Caius' grip, her face was frightful, the reason for it was her anger, she pushed both guards aside and before my feet could touch the ground she grabbed me by the neck and threw me onto the ground, I couldn't even get up her black heels were at my neck pinning me there. I watched her with fear."I told you, only speak when spoken to."She spat at me, I looked at Sulpicia and she had her arms folded, and she looked at me with a smile on her face "

I had my doubts at first, Athenodora, but I believe you are right, she does have too much spirit...that needs to be taken care of...its the only way to save her worthless existance"she said as she walked towards me, while Athenodora had her heel still at my neck she circled us. Caius leaned against the wall and I looked at Jane, she seemed lost in her own thoughts, her face was blank and expressionless.

Athenodora looked like she was enjoying herself, she applied more pressure to my neck, I didn't need to breath being a vampire, but still it was uncomfortable having something pressed against my neck."Get this straight Sarah, you may have been disobediant in the past and my husband, Aro even allowed you a small amount of freedom and pursuing your hobbies of training with Felix, but those days are over. I will make sure of that, do you hear me Sarah, you wish to be a wife of a King...a Queen, we will make you one." Sulpicia said, Caius chuckled and clapped his hands. "Well said Sulpicia it seems you have things in control...unlike you Athenodora" he said, his voice became more cruel as he addressed his wife.

I could see Athenodora become antagonized and I felt more pressure of my neck,"I must leave now, I will tell my brothers things are going well shall I.....Jane use as much of you're influence as you feel you need to.....if she disobeys the wives."Caius said. Jane lowered her head"yes Master," she chimed with a misleading voice that sounded innocent.

Caius left and Chelsea closed the doors, Athenodora moved her heel from my neck and walked back, the guards moved behind her quietly. I started to get up and Athenodora turned to face me"Who said you could get up?...Jane!" she hissed, the next moment I fell back to the ground in burning pain, it was agony, I begged for the pain to stop, I begged Jane to stop, it hurt so much, my entire body was aching from the burns. I had never gone through anything so painful...at least I don't think I have.

I closed my eyes as I asked Chelsea why she wasn't protecting me and she said"I told Felix I would protect you Sarah, but I never said from whom...fool do you honestly expect me to attack my sister...or the queens, what an idiot." she said darkly. The pain continued and I started to beg Jane to stop and I heard Athenodora shout"you speak...when no one has spoken to you..fool"I finally stopped begging, the pain was intense before Sulpica raised her hand and the burning stopped.

"You may get up now Sarah" Sulpicia spoke calmly, I opened my eyes and slowly climbed up."Sarah stand as you normally stand." Sulpicia said as she and her sister circled me, I felt vulnerable, like I was a lamb going to the slaughter and these two were the lionesses. I Looked at Jane and she watched me with satisfaction. "We will need to fix her posture, teach her how to walk...to talk and act in front of others" Athenodora said, I watched them continue to circle me, "we also need to teach her to dress and of course to know her place, the last thing we need is another Didyme incident."she said. I could not help myself from asking "who is Didyme" the next thing I knew I was on the floor in pain again from Jane's ability.

Athenodora bent down "Remember Sarah, speak when spoken too, being so upity is unbecoming of a Queen"Athenodora said, Sulpicia motioned her arm and the pain stopped."I think you should learn about Didyme Sarah...You need to know what happens when you don't know your place." I remained on the ground and saw Athenodora smile in a sinister fashion."Didyme was the sister of Aro and Marcus' true love, she was a beautiful vampire, her jet black hair was soft like silk, and her eyes were red like rubies. she was different from Sulpicia and I. Unlike us she ruled with kindness, there was not a mean bone in her body. She treated the guards as equals and believed everyone to be the same."
Athenodora said with no emotion.

"She had this way about her...when ever she was around, you could not help, but be happy, she brought out the best in not just Marcus, but all of us...we loved our sister she was special...but she was also a fool. She trusted everyone far too easily, she and Marcus wanted to leave the Voltori...they would have made it, but she was assassinated by a spy for the Romanian coven...My beloved Aro found the monster that killed our sister and took the spy out personally...Marcus, however, was heart broken, he became a shell of a man until you came along." Sulpicia said, I was shocked to learn all that...it was horrible, Marcus must have been so heart broken, but his wife Didyme must have been something special.

Athenodora told me to get up and I stood up, I felt raw from all of Jane's abilitiy, I glanced at her and she seemed smug and I looked back down."Alright we have made an assessment, now remove your clothing"Athenodora ordered, I was shocked"No!" I said back. Athenodora came at me, she raised her hand to slap me, but I caught her hand by the wrist and glared at her "don't you dare slap me again."I hissed I was holding myself back, I don't think I have ever felt such rage inside me. Athenodora looked furious she glanced at Jane and I felt the agonizing burn took over me, I begged for the pain to end, I was in almost too much pain to hear Jane say "that coward is a mere shadow of herself."

There was silence for a long time, apart from my constant screams and begging for the pain to stop, finally the pain ended,"you honestly think we enjoy hurting you" Sulpicia asked I croaked a weak yes and I could see Athenodora make a frightful expression of rage, Sulpicia bended down"come now Sarah that is not true, we only wish to teach you, you must learn Sarah learn that we are harsh, but it's to ensure you're survival...now stand Sarah, stand and remove your clothing so we may meassure you" she hissed then stood upright.

I got up slowly and removed my clothing, my shirt and jeanes hit the ground, I stood in a black skin tight attire. "Remove those too Sarah" Athenodora said. I looked at the her and hesitated "still have you not learned you're lesson Sarah." I did as I was told and stood there naked, I felt humilated as they watched me, examining me closely. I could see the two guards watching me, smirking at me and I looked down. The wave of humilation I felt never left with each and passing second, I was grateful when Sulpicia said"that is enough Sarah, get dressed" I picked up my clothing and began to get dressed while Sulpicia continued to speak"you may leave, the next time you come to us, your real lessons will begin and you're proper clothing will be prepared, you will not dress as a commoner any longer." she finished as I was fully dressed. I turned from the two wives and left, with Chelsea following. I did not even face Jane, I was too afraid.

Chelsea escorted me back to my room and I sit on the floor now writing to you, I feel so humilated...like trash, I don't know how could I love Marcus, did they treat me this way before my memory loss ? or has the secret that I kept from Aro caused me to lose favor with him, I don't know...I need to escape I....I can't stay here any longer,

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The Queens of sadist & cruelty
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