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 Nessie's birthday

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PostSubject: Nessie's birthday   Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:54 am

Dear Diary,

The morning was perfect. Bella and I got up early to decorate the cottage’s living room with streamers for Nessie’s birthday.
Well, it was Bella's birthday too so I pulled her in for a kiss. She twined her arms around my neck and held me there and after a few moments our breathing turned to gasping. We didn't have any 'lines' drawn now since we both could endure this. But suddenly, the way her lips moved with mine changed and she pulled away. I wasn't done; I tried to pull her back into my embrace as she started stepping away.
"Edward, we're preparing for Nessie's birthday."
"Happy birthday, Bella,"
I winked at her and tugged at her hand again, asking her to come to me. I wasn't going to let her serious mood get into my romantic one.
"Edward, please. I need to concentrate here. there's so much to do and there's hardly any time left. You start with the streamers, I'll do her bedroom doo-"
I interrupted her by putting my hand on her mouth.
"You can't stop me from speaking to you now"
she thought and grinned under my mouth. I pulled that hand from her mouth and instantly pulled her into my arms using her momentary distraction to my fullest advantage. Well, I didn't want to make her unhappy but I knew she liked this too, even though she denied it so much. She put her little hands on my chest and I trembled at her touch. She always did that when she was romantic. They crept up my chest and onto my shoulders where she held them firmly. After a while, they crept back down and behind my back holding me by my waist. She pulled away, only to lay her head on my chest. I buried my face in her mahogany hair and smiled.
"I love you"
I told her.
"I know."she smirked at me mischeviously.
"You love me, too," I announced, grinning
"I know that too. So lets get to work."
Nessie woke up an hour later. Of course, eveything was on time that was something that didn't matter to us- to vampires. We were done 15 minutes before she woke up, not even making noises of moving stuff here and there; we prefered lifting things now.
Her thoughts were a little smug. She looked like a 13 or 14 years old now and of late, Jacob Black’s thoughts about her were not as pure as they used to be. Hard as he may try to hide his thoughts from me, he always slipped when he saw her. And that was annoying. Bella was relatively calm about it. She was just happy for both of them- according to her, both of them were lucky to have the best for each other.
Nessie purposely got up early today. She was excited.
‘YEAY. It’s my birthday! Finally! Wonder what Jake’s going to give me? Aunt Alice is without doubt going to give me something related to fashion...I think even Aunt Rose may give me something like that. What are Jazz and Uncle Em going to give me? Mom and Daddy? Grampa and Gramma? Oooooooo!! I can’t wait to open the presents! Oh, yeah! It’s Mom’s birthday too! I have to wish her before she wishes me!’
She was strolling into the little living room of Bella’s cottage thinking this and I smiled at her.
“Happy birthday, baby!” Bella yelled, getting off the couch and my lap and running over to Nessie and picking her up.
“Stop it, Mom! I’m almost 12 years old now!”
“Yes, but your’re still a baby to me.”
Bella smiled.
“By the way, Mom, Happy Birthday to you, too”
Nessie smiled and Bella smiled back.
“You remembered? Wow.”
“Of course. How could I forget? Where’s Jake?”
“He’s down at La Push. Helping Billy with some work. Paul broke the table last week. he’s fixing it up for Billy.”
Ness frowned,
‘Stupid Paul took my Jake away on my birthday!’
she thought and I grimaced.
“He’ll be back soon, sweety. Go have a shower and change. We have to go back to the house. Alice just texted me to get you there as soon as possible.”
‘Oh my God! A PARTY!! This day is going to be the best day of my life! Mom’s going to love her gift so much! Oh yeah! Daddy? There was one thing! I made Mom a gift...Will she like this?’
In her head I saw the photo frame she made with a picture of the two ladies I loved the most.
“She'll love it.”
I mouthed to her without exhaling. It was harder now, to lie to Bella about trivial things. Her senses were as sharp as mine.
‘Thanks, Dad. I love you!’
she turned to me and smiled the most beautiful, dimpled smile.
“Happy birthday, honey.”
I smiled back and told her.
“Thanks, Dad!” and she ran to me.
I hugged her tight to my chest and then asked her to go freshen up.
‘Where’s Jake? I miss him already...’
she trailed off in a trance. As soon as she was ready, we went to our big home. Everybody was waiting, naturally. I had asked them to give Nessie their presents first. She wouldn’t like to be ignored would she? Even Bella would like it if she was given the second preference. She'd love it. The wolf, Jacob was with us. He was debating on how, to give Nessie her gift. He wanted to give it to her in private. And he was trying very hard not to think about what he was going to give her. Why would he want to not tell me? I glared at him with narrowed eyes. He just shook his huge moronic head at me. He was saying something in Quiluete that I didn’t understand. It annoyed me to no end. I stopped, with Nessie on my shoulders and turned to him. "What are you hiding?", I asked him with a scowl on my face.
‘Um, Edward? I wanted to ask you for something.. ..for permission actually. And I really don't mind if you don't agree to this, but I wanted to do this right no matter what. So..um... Can I kiss your daughter?’ he asked me.

Edward Cullen.
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Nessie's birthday
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