Hello all members, I would like to wish you all a Marry christmas & Seasons greatings. I hope you have a happy holiday with friends and family.
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 Happy New Years [Entry 35]

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PostSubject: Happy New Years [Entry 35]   Sun Sep 26, 2010 6:08 pm

Topic: today was a nice day to start off the year
Date: January 1st, 2006

Dearest Diary

Today is the first of a new year, it's time to put the events of last year behind me and start afresh. Emmett and I spent new years day with Esme, Carlisle Alice and Jasper we spent the day together walking around town and bonding as a family, I really enjoyed myself spending time with Emmett in particular. We sat alone watching the view of the city just the two of us I was lost in Emmett as I sat on his lap and my back rested on his chest. Emmett's chin rested on my shoulder as he wrapped his hands around my stomach area. Emmett soft and warm touch it was heavenly he kissed my neck "it's a beautiful day huh babe" he said to me.

I nodded my head slightly "yes...yes it is" I answered him, Emmett's soft and gentle hands rubbed my stomach "what's wrong you seem distracted" Emmett asked me, The truth was I did not know what was wrong...maybe it was nothing, I smiled and breathed in his magnificent scent. "Nothing is wrong my love, all is well because I have you here to hold me, to tie me to this world to this plane of existance." Emmett chuckled "that's such a girlish answer babe." Emmett's laugh, it's what I imagine to be a mixture of an angel's laugh and that of a child, they were both so innocent, so pure and glorious. Emmett and I watched the city a little longer,before we got up and walked together hand and hand back towards Esme's place, the walk would be longer if we went at normal human pace, but thats what we decided to do. Emmett and I we don't care about time, we don't care if we are late...all we care about is being with each other. While I held my husband's hand and walked with him back to Esme's, I thought about Emmett and the years together, I think about it a lot..he is my salvation, he makes me smile, he brightens up my life, you will never know how much I love him how much I need him. "I am lucky to be in love with my best friend" I told him.

Emmett's response was in a split second "what, you're in love with Alice...I don't think Jasper is going to be happy." I scowled and used my free hand to punch Emmett's shoulder he chuckled "I love it when you make that face, it's intimidating and hot" he said, I didn't say anything for for a while, we were now walking on the side of the road, until we cut into the forest taking a detour. "I was talking about you" I grumbled, Emmett leaned in close to kiss my cheek and I could not help, but smile "no fair...you're too adorable to stay mad at" I grumbled to him. Emmett laughed again He threw me over his shoulders and gave me a piggy back ride "it's all a part of my charm babe, you know you can't resist me." he said as I rested my chin on his shoulder "one of these days I will Em", Emmett laughed out now and retorted "Maybe, but it won't be today will it?" I nodded "right as usual monkey man." I said back and kissed his neck. Emmett spun around "so, I'm a monkey huh, well then you better hold on my little chimp" Emmett ran towards a tree and jumped up onto the branches, I had to admit I found it a rush.

Emmett carried me while he jumped from tree branch to tree branch, he found the biggest tree and sank his nails into it as he climbed to the top he walked onto the branch and slowly put me down, I could see the scenery it was amazing. For one split second I pitied humanity, they would never be able to see the world and it's beauties like we could. Sure they might be able to see it from a plane or chopper, but they would never see it with their weak human eyes. "It's a beautiful view" I told him quietly, Emmett shrugged "It's alright I guess." I moved in closer to Emmett being careful not to snap the branch we were standing on, Emmett of course doesn't know the meaning of the word restraint. Emmett walked casually and wrapped his arms around my stomach area and kissed me. I enjoyed the kiss, I always did, but something had me distracted it was the sound of wood snapping. the branch suddenly gave way, I expected Emmett to let go of me, but he didn't he held me..had me wrapped tight around his arms He was under me as we fell, he refused to let go I looked at his face his eyes were full of joy his smile, magnificent and glorious, I leaned in to kiss him on the lips ignoring the tree branches snap as Emmett crashed into it, it was so like Emmett to protect me, even though the tree branches or the fall wouldn't hurt me at all he still protected me, he still kept me safe.

Emmett landed on the ground with a thud and I was on top of him I pulled back "My Emmett, what a gentleman you are....where's the real Emmett" I teased, Emmett chuckled "oh you know where he is and he is waiting for you" Emmett said, he leaned in and whispered something extremely dirty I giggled and climbed off Emmett and stood up. "Come on we need to go back to Esme's. Our flight is tonight and I want to spend time with Esme and Carlisle." Emmett groaned and I picked up my monkey man "Save it for the holiday honey" I tossed Emmett onto my back and heard him chuckle "Emmett, I know what you're going to say and don't even think about it." Emmett laughed harder I could feel his laughter vibrating from his chest. It felt really nice, I carried Emmett through the forest and eventually lowered him when we made it back to Esme's. Emmett and I played football with the family, it was the boys vs the girls naturally.

The game was rather fun, Alice kept on seeing everything that the boys planned out, and we just laughed, they kept failing, until Esme accidently dropped the ball, Emmett was crazy enough to say something sexist "this is a man's sport, no way women can beat us at this." I smiled and had a hand on my hip "reallY" I challenged his authority and ran directly into Emmett tackling him hard into the ground. I was on top of Emmett and I gave him a smug grin satisfied to show him women could play just as hard as men "I never knew you liked it on top babe" I looked at Emmett and leaned in to kiss his forehead. I got up off of emmett and picked him up throwing him over my shoulder and spun him around. I already knew what Emmett was going to do, unlike Edward I did not need the ability to read minds I have been with Emmett for so long that I know his every move. "Don't even think about it" I knew what he was going to do he laughed out and a few moments latter he slapped my butt and threw him off my shoulder hearing him laugh. I rolled my eyes and looked before I could turn to face him Emmett was already behind me hugging me around my stomach area. He lifted me off the ground and spun me around and I laughed "Emmett, we are meant to be playing football" Emmett laughed "well I guess im just fraternising with the enemy huh." I smiled well it was needless to say that Emmett and I did not rejoin everyone in the game, we instead went to the side lines and sat together just talking. Emmett and I played twenty questions I was trying to find out more about where we were going first on our trip.

Needless to say I failed, I couldn't guess it, Emmett gave me one of his super tight hugs to make me feel better and it worked, I felt warm and safe in Emmett's arms. I never felt this way when I was with Royce, when I was with Royce I felt more like a possession, that all I was to him, but Emmett I am much much more, and I love that, I grabbed Emmett's hand and placed it over my heart. I wanted to say something, but everyone was within hearing distance so I said nothing. Emmett and I watched as the football game finished the result, well let's just say girl power is something not to be underestimated. It was 4 pm by the time we finished outdoor activities and we all went inside, we only had three hours before our flight, I could see Esme was a little upset, I knew why...she would miss us, just as much as I would miss her and everyone else very much too. Well everything is packed, so I think it's time I pack you up into my suitcase and go spend some more time with Esme and Carlisle.

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Happy New Years [Entry 35]
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