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 Jasper's diary (Alice pov)

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PostSubject: Jasper's diary (Alice pov)   Thu Sep 30, 2010 4:20 pm

Jasper's Diary (11th Alice's Pov)
I picked up the papers, while looking at her. I could see my expression reflected on her worried face. This wasn’t my niece, I knew Cynthia, my sister had a daughter but she couldn’t be here, 10 inches away from me, what kind of Hollywood freaky soap opera was this? And I wasn’t a part of it, I couldn’t be. But something at the back of my head, obvious like a neon sign, protested. Telling me that I should protect her, take her away before Aro finds her.
I assured Carlisle she was just fine and she could leave. He looked confused but I whispered I would explain to him once he got home. Carol didn’t say much about her abrupt hospital exit. I guess she was glad she was out of it. I was too, I was done with this hospital. I took her to the shops, normally I would take her for a coffee but I bet she wouldn't be too be thrilled if I ordered blood, so shopping was the next option for doing things on the “human stuff list". Plus it was easy to get chatting and if she was my niece she would probably like shopping. I told her she could choose anything she wanted and I smiled warmly at her. She smiled back shyly but I was surprised, she took it so well, going shopping with a stranger you just met after confessing you just had visions, weird girl, I liked her. We chatted a bit about her likes in clothes, some were similar to mine and she chose a black satin dress with fire-shaped panels down to her knees. I chose a nightgown, white, with pretty flowers. Once we paid, we left and we headed towards her new home, our home.
I’ll post the new entry next week and let you know how our family talk was!
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Jasper's diary (Alice pov)
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