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 My visions

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PostSubject: My visions    Fri Oct 01, 2010 12:27 pm

Dear Diary,
Speaking about the vision I had. I could hear Marcus’ internal debating about my future.
‘This is not right. I shouldn’t do this. I have to think of a way to get him out of this hell. But I can’t. He smells so good. Maybe I should kill him. It will be better than let him live like this for a year and then kill him again. No. I won’t do that. I don’t want to die. What shall I do with him? I like him, but I like myself more. I’m going to end my life by taking his! I will help him later if he wants to escape.... But I can’t take back my words to the King..’
I figured, I was telling him about my wife-telling him how absolutely beautiful she was and what she did back at home- and he wanted to interrupt me with another question. He inhaled and the vision shook, got blurry.
It was not a vision of friendliness anymore. It was of hunger-well, rather thirst. ‘I just have to do it now. He has left me no option. I hope I have the strength to stop.’
“I can’t take this anymore”, he snarled and then bent towards my neck and bit me. His mind was filled with monstrosities. ‘Oh! He tastes as good as he smells! I wish I could keep drinking his mouth-watering blood all my life and never stop. I HAVE to stop now or he’s going to die! Stop, Marcus, STOP! STOP!!! Oh no! The guards are here. I have to do it now or I am going to die too! I HAVE TO STOP!’
I felt the strength and will power he used to break away from my throat as he did it.
And then, the vision shifted again. It was a vision of remorse and regret and pity all at the same time.
“I’m sorry, Aro. You left me no way. I’m really, really sorry. I wish there was something better I could do, but there is simply no way. I promise to help you out as soon as you’re well and you want to leave this prison. I promise.” he had said, but I didn’t remember him saying these words. Then I realised, I was screaming. Screaming like I needed death to come to me right then, but it wasn’t coming fast enough.
I felt like I had no bones. My hands were going haywire and my legs were sprawled out across the floor in a very unnatural way, like they were made of rubber. I took a deep breath through the pain and was quiet for a while.
And then I screamed “Why are y-“. But I was cut off. With my own shriek. Marcus was standing outside of the room but he could hear me. I could hear others shouting as well. The whole room must have been like me at that time. It was unfortunate, and scary to even listen to. I wonder what I would look like when I screamed like that.
And then I heard myself and others scream all the time. Well, the reason I could differentiate between my scream was because with every scream I released out of my mouth, there was a cringe in Marcus’ thoughts and I realised he regretted doing this to me.
And then Marcus remembered something. The King. The obnoxious, cruel, fat king had asked his men to change all of us in order to create a vampire army. Marcus did not like the idea. But it was either this or death. He did not want to die. He wanted to live, even like this.
So he did what he did to me.
My dead heart shook with pity for him and the compulsion he was under. Anger was all but forgotten in all this. I knew all about it. Why he had to do this to me. And I couldn’t call him selfish. He was having second thoughts, I would have done the same as him if I were he and he were I.
A couple of minutes had passed since I had touched him and I realised that, the way I was holding his hand was different. My original intention was to attack him. Not to read his thoughts. He was wincing. His eyebrows were mashed down into one line and he was trying not to shout.
“How did you show me your thoughts? Do vampires have special powers? Is that your special power? It’s fascinating!”, as I left his hand and gestured him to sit beside me on the rock as I descended onto it.
He moved ahead rubbing his hand like that could could sooth the pain on his ice-cold, rock-hard skin.He looked extremely shocked at my question. “No, I don’t. Vampires do have their superpowers. But THIS is not mine. It’s probably yours.” he said tapping his finger to his forehead.
“What? I can read your thoughts? That’s what you were thinking about right now? About your and my time before I was turned??” I enquired.
“Yes” came the reply.
“Amazing! What’s your special power?”
“I can sense the intensity of relationships between two people. I can’t affect them, but I can sense how strong or weak they are. That’s why the King kept me. I could tell him how strong the dedication of the opponent soldiers was to their masters. If they were weak, he would offer them a place in our army.” He said grudgingly.
“Oh.” I couldn’t think of anything else. I was too enraged to think of anything else. I realised I was growling-no, snarling. Was this a part of this life? The bloodlust, and behaving like an animal? I liked it. I had never been like this.
I was never the tiger. I was always the deer or the hare who fell prey to the tiger. I couldn’t even be the fox- the wicked, sly one. But now I was their predator. A tiger. And I couldn’t control the evil little laugh that escaped my lips. I made up my mind at that moment. I was going to kill this king. Soon. And I was going to be the leader, for once and for all in my life.
But then, there was one obstacle in my way. I was so THIRSTY! I turned to Marcus, “I feel thirsty.”. I needed some liquid inside me, now, but water wasn’t sounding particularly appealing.
A puzzled look crossed Marcus’ face. “You want water? Sure, I’ll get it.” He looked behind him and called, “Mariam, get him his meal, please. Thank you.”
Mariam-I suppose- was back with 2 humans trailing behind him. Humans? Where was my meal?
I half-ran to him intending to ask him for his meal, but while running I smelt something. An amazingly luscious and sweet smell, something I had never smelled in my life. Something that had never been eaten by me. A scent that I thought would have never existed.
I heard something too.
A steady beating, but fast, really fast and something pumping through tunnels. I turned towards the sound and I realised the sweet smell went with it. It was the humans’ blood. I wanted to drink their blood. I was a vampire now, I would have to accept that and besides I felt a tiny bit of pleasure because I could kill them with my own hands now.
I had been following them for far too long. I had left my children, my wife, my whole family under their pressure. Noone could stop me now. I reached the first human and bent down to snap his neck so that I could see the blood pouring out if his broken neck and then drink it. I felt him shout as he felt my teeth against his neck.
Happiness coursed through me. Humans would never make me suffer again. I was much too strong to be destroyed. Neverm ever would they be able to make me the old Aro who would listen to heir each order obediently. Never. I was so happy. I felt powerful.
It was decided right then, at that moment. I was going to be the king of this world. I was going to destroy this king, whatever his name was and I was going to make every species- vampire or human- my slave.
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My visions
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