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 Crazy Tristan & The suprise

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PostSubject: Crazy Tristan & The suprise   Fri Oct 08, 2010 7:30 pm

Topic: it's a lot to deal with, but i have a feeling i am going to have a blast.
Date: July 15th, 2009

Dear Diary

Some things have happened since my last entry, it's a lot to process, Felix was at my door keeping guard, when I heard her voice "Felix, what a suprise to see you here." The voice belonged to Jane, one of the most savage and ruthless dwarfs throughout the land. I felt a strong dislike for Jane, she was cruel, vicious and a horrible, horrible girl. She was the type of girl to eat cake in front of a fat person on a treadmill, or just bite the heads off of kittens, she was a souless sociopath, hell bent on bringing everyone around her down. "What do you want Jane I am working." Felix asked Jane, I listened to Felix, the concern in his voice was mostly masked by a powerful urge to protect me...it was touching. "And so am I Felix, I have come to help Sarah." she said with a fake tone of concern, I must admit I found myself nervous about this Jane, helping me was as likely as as her developing breast cancer...it was not going to happen. Jane had pulled out the Marcus card and I knew it was a lie the moment those words escaped her lips, Marcus would never allow the savage dwarf near me.

Felix opened the door and I could see concern in his eyes, I had felt afraid, but then I remembered Felix's words, strength doesn't come from acting...it comes from believing "Have you come to torture me some more Jane?" I asked her as I placed you into my bag, Jane's answer was almost convincing "no Sarah, I have come to help you get your memory back." "Oh and how do you plan to do that? Torture me until I remember? I retorted with confidence. Jane laughed and told me she was not that bad, Felix chipped in and told Jane she was, as she glared at Felix, I was afraid she would use that gift of hers to hurt him. I did not want Felix to suffer pain because of me. I thought of things I could do to stop Jane while she spoke with Felix, I finally spoke out "Felix I am sure I will be ok, Jane will not disobey Marcus's rules and if she does I will have her made into dust." I said with confidence, I glanced at Jane then too the newcomer..I had seen this one with Jane before, but did not know anything about him...I guess this guy was Jane's boyfriend...poor bastard I pity him.

I smiled at Felix showing him I would be fine and he left the room to wait outside, Jane spoke and introduced me to her boyfriend, his name was Tristan, I decided to speak to him "it's nice to meet you tristan, can I ask why are you with the Dwarf" Tristan commented on the dwarf and before I could explain to him Jane spat out a immature insult. the male vampire placed out his hand and I took it to shake it I held his hand in a firm grip and felt a little nervous as I hummed a soft melody while I held his hand I watched a little nervously as he moved his other hand to stroke my cheek, my confusion only grew and I hummed a little more until I heard him gasp, I raised my eyebrow confused and curious as I saw a look of terror wash over his face "Ameliea, how is this possible?" his voice was shakey and he seemed disturbed, "Jane what's he talking about?" I asked as I let go of his hand and backed away from him, Tristan the vampire was starting to freak me out.

Jane asked me if I saw my fears, I told her no and I continued to watch as Tristan whimpered "Ameliea I am so sorry, please, please let me go, you can't keep haunting me, Please." Jane screamed at me asking me what I was doing to him, Tristain came at me again and I told jane I did not know, and asked her to get the madman off me. Felix burst into the room and told Jane to stop tristan and I was suddenly shocked as Tristan placed his hand around my neck, I screamed and Jane finally used her gift to stop him, the moment she stopped, Tristan was out the door, Felix came to me, he was checking to see if I was alright, "th...thank you Jane" I said. Felix told Jane to leave and to my surprise she did. I couldn't move, I was just too shocked at the events that happened, Felix was kind enough to help me up. A few moments later Alec came into the room, he asked what happened, and neither of us said anything so he left. I managed to hug Felix and thanked him for his good work, Felix seemed to be shy at first, but he hugged me back and told me it would be alright. I asked Felix to help me pack the rest of my clothing and ended up packing a total of two suitcases and one backpack of clothing.

Alec returned and asked us about what had happened with Tristan and Jane. We told him everything and eventually he had to leave with Demetri to go get Tristan. Several moments later Marcus arrived and told me we would be going on Holiday to Australia, I looked at Felix excited and he smiled, Marcus told me that the Volturi had a private house in Sydney. I was excited, when I grabbed the suitcases he told me only to take my backpack that he would let me go clothing shopping when we arrived. I ran and hugged Marcus excited about the holiday and a few seconds later two males came to the door way, the two looked to be young adults, they were stunning young men, so muscular, well built,...if I wasn't already taken by Marcus, well wow, they are appealing. Marcus noticed me watching the two and he said "Sarah this is Julian and Dominick, they are my personal guards, just as Felix and Alec are yours." I smiled and greeted the two, they both smiled at me in unison and I nodded my head "they will both be joining us on our holiday along with Felix and Alec." Felix stepped forward "Master Marcus, Alec has been sent on a mission with Demetri to fetch Tristian." Marcus looked confused at Felix's report, "I see thank you for informing me Felix." Marcus looked back at the two guards "Dominick, you are to remain here at the castle, and once Alec returns you are to bring him to my house in Sydney, you do remember the address don't you.?" Marcus asked, The guard nodded and Marcus smiled "good alright, let us leave now." Julian began to walk from my room, and I grabbed Marcus hand to hold it, he seemed surprised and I smiled at him.

He watched me for a moment and smiled, we walked out together and Felix follwed walking behind us, Julian guarded from the front and Felix from behind. When we left the castle it was dark, we left in a private limo to go the airport, the limo ride was enjoyable and romantic. I sat next to Marcus while Felix and Julian sat opposite of us. Marcus had his hand on my leg and my head rested on his arm it was a comfortable ride, and Felix started to talk about Jane and Tristan, telling him everything that happened first hand "Jane lied to you, I gave you no such order from now on you don't leave Sarah at all, especially near Jane or Tristan." he said. Felix nodded his head, Marcus was pehaps too rough on Felix "thank you Felix for staying with me and protecting me to the best of you're abilities, your a splendid guard and I am lucky Marcus assigned you to me." I said to him, Felix looked at me and smiled, I was glad he cheered up. Julian seemed a little down, I asked Julian what was wrong and Marcus spoke in a quiet tone "Julian loathes being away from his brother, the two are very close." I made an O sound and felt sorry for Julian, I can't imagine being away from a loved one, it must be unbearable, I wondered how I would cope if I had to be away from someone I loved.

Marcus and I spoke and I asked him how long we would be in Australia, he surprised me by saying however long I would like. We eventually arrived at the airport and went on a private jet, this was amazing I was having a ball as I danced around on the jet happily and Marcus chuckled "I enjoy seeing you happy Sarah." I looked at Marcus and smiled, I climbed onto his lap and he seemed to be enjoying the affection, Marcus placed his hands on my waist "how can I make you happy Marcus" I asked him feeling high on life, Marcus crimson eyes watched me "kiss me" he said, I smiled and leaned in and kissed him on the lips, I got so lost in Marcus but then I heard Felix fake coughing and I pulled back from Marcus to look at him, I saw an expression on his face it was confusing, I did not get what was wrong with him. I climbed off of Marcus and looked at him, he seemed to be a little cross at Felix for some reason, I have no idea why. We eventually arrived in Australia, we passed through customs with no problems, Marcus had a private limo waiting for the four of us we went in and I started to miss Alec. I was worried about him, Marcus could see that "Sarah my love what is wrong." he asked concerned, "I am just worried about Alec, I hope Tristan won't hurt him...that wacko is nuts, and I dont want Alec to get hurt." Marcus had his arm around my shoulders trying to reassure me and I heard Felix speak "despite his physical appearance, Alec is no child, he can handle himself, he also has Demetri too...so there is no need to worry." I nodded and told Felix he was right.We arrived at the place and I have to say Marcus was sadly mistaken, this was no house, it was a mansion....it was huge two floors, a huge gate and yard it was beautiful even if the windows were boarded up. When we stepped in I was suprised to see how clean everything was and how nice it was on the inside. "Ah yes Felix, I believe Sarah needs something to drink, she has had an eventful few days and I want her to be at her best for when we take her shopping." Felix nodded "yes Master Marcus, I will be back shortly." he said and left in an instant.

I looked around in awe and Marcus showed me the entire estate, we sat in the living room and Marcus told me he needed to go check on Julian who was guarding the hallway, so here I am now writing to you in Australia. I can't wait to explore this place, hopefully Alec will come back soon with Dominick I really miss Alec he is a good kid.

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Crazy Tristan & The suprise
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