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 Stari Grad (Entry 36)

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PostSubject: Stari Grad (Entry 36)   Sat Oct 09, 2010 11:16 pm

Topic: A wonderful Start to our Holiday
Date: January 8th, 2006

Dearest Diary

It has been an amazing week I finally learned where we were going, I knew that it was in Europe, but Emmett surprised me he chucked all our plans out the window, I am now in Stari Grad which means "old town" in Croata, Emmett of course is full of surprises, he doesn't speak Croatian which was wonderful because neither did I. After arriving at our hotel I opened my suitcase to see an English to Croatian phrase book. This one was green with yellow text on the cover, after browsing the book I hugged it and looked up at the ceiling and thanked Alice in my head, I decided to call my sister and thank her quickly while Emmett was off exchanging money.

We spoke on the phone for a while, Alice confided that she was worried about Bella and is finding it difficult to keep her promise to Edward. I told Alice to keep herself busy and forget about the human, Alice was quiet for a moment and I knew she was giving one of those scowling glances at me. I may not be able to see it, but I knew my sister well, I suggested that she spoke to Esme, and Alice told me she already did that and I suggested that she try taking Jasper and going on an exotic holiday. Alice actually told me that was a good idea. She thanked me and hung up. I shook my head and opened the book, flipping through it and I decided to try it out while I waited for Emmett "dobro jutro moje ime je Rosalie" which translated to 'Good morning my name is Rosalie.'

I was excited to try out speaking some Croatian, but decided to keep reading it, I found something else "Volim te" which translated to "Love you" Emmett returned and I looked at him in his blue jeans and white T shirt with a beanie on his head he looked so appealing. I was already to go in a long blue dress, I wore black sunglasses and a MARAMA which is croatian for "Wrap" it's also known as a Kerchief by its English name. It’s a piece of cloth used to cover the head basically. So basically the Marama is worn by women who are married, single women don't usually wear it. Emmett and I left together and took a tour around Stari Grad it was very educational and I also took photos of the sights. So Stari Grad has the population of 2,817 people, It lies on the north side of the Island Hvar, Stari Grad was not always known by this name. The name was believed to come from the previous inhabitants of the area in the Roman times. The town became known as Faria which was turned into Hvar by the Slav population.

One interesting Culture point about Stari Grad is Tvradalj Castle, I found it inspiring, it's simply amazing and inspiring to see, Tvradalj was the summer residence of Petar Hektorovic the Croatian poet that was born during 1487 and died in 1572 at the age of 82, during the 16th century the island of Hvar came under attack from Ottoman Turks. Tvradalj is in a near excellent state of preservation. The courtyard contains a fresh water fish pool that is enclosed. one of the things I loved about this sight was the inscriptions that were set into the walls of the mansion that are in Latin & Croation it looks pretty old, saying " PETRVS HECTOREVS MARINI FILIVS, PROPRIO SVMPTV ET INDVSTRIA, AD SVVM ET AMICOR, VSVM CONSTRVXIT" So the translation says Petar Hektorović, son of Marin, built this at his own expense and by his own efforts, for his own and his friends' us" I think Petar must have been an amazing man he used his home and fortified it so it could act as a shelter for the citizens. Below I have included pictures too. I'll try and write in captions if there is enough space.

Emmett and I returned to the hotel room, our things were packed and we stuffed our things into the rental car we left our one bag that was unpacked inside where some swimmers for us, after sunset we drove out of town and took a dip at the beach, I wore a 2 piece bathing suit while Emmett decided to go full commando and just dived into the water. I rolled my eyes up and I just knew he would do something like that. Emmett jumped from the sand and into the water doing a Cannon ball and I ran in after him. Emmett and I swam together under the full moon. There were no stars out tonight only the darkness of the night time clouds. We floated together the entire time locked in each others embrace. "Thank you for bringing me here Emmett. I am having a wonderful time." I told him softly, Emmett leaned in and kissed my neck "good...I am glad you're having a wonderful time Rose" he spoke softly whispering into my ear. I told Emmett I was lucky to have such a wonderful husband, to have a man so loving and perfect in everyway imaginable I would have said I was blessed...if I didn't know any better, If we met as humans my life would have been perfect, I would have lived and died a happy woman to have my Emmett beside me. I leaned in to kiss Emmett on the lips as his huge arms tightened around me. Emmett and I looked up at the night sky while we were in each others embrace the water was up to Emmett’s waistline and we just looked at the sky and the beautiful full moon, it was so big, the wind blew against us I felt refreshed by the night breeze, but not cold, vampires don't feel cold or hot. This was a perfect romantic moment we have had so many in the past, Emmett has given me a lifetime of love and memories to treasure. I am glad I asked Carlisle to turn him, it was one of my most selfish acts I have asked for in my entire existence, but still it was worth it I am not alone anymore, that spark I felt so long ago when I saw Emmett that spark...that connection turned into a lifetime of love, I want to journey with Emmett to the very edge of the world, to be with him for eternity. Emmett is my salvation. I need to start thinking of some ways to surprise him for a change.

~ Rosalie Hale

this is Stari Grad, Emmett & I actually took this on our last day in town.

This was taken at the Tvradlj Castle

Thank you Kayla for helping with the editing

Please feel free in showing your support at our facebook group twilight Diary, we are also holding several contest for more infomation please click on the discussions tab on twilight diary facebook group

Of course Rosalie has her own facebook group too

thank you and please feel free to leave feedback.
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Stari Grad (Entry 36)
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