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 My King of the world (Entry 37)

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PostSubject: My King of the world (Entry 37)   Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:08 pm

Topic: Enduring the thirst & denying the primal forces within, my Emmett is so powerful
Date: January 10th, 2006

Dearest Diary
So Emmett and I stood in the water watching the night sky, this magical moment of ours felt like forever, we enjoyed the silence, our unspoken bond made everything so much easier we didn't need words to express our thoughts and emotions spending all these decades together we are totally in sync with one another. Emmett told me our next step is Bratislava the capital of Slovakia, then we are going to Paris the Capital of France, I asked Emmett if we could skip Bratislava for now and go to France, I wanted to see the new fashion trends in France and maybe buy some dresses for Alice and Esme. Emmett of course was happy to skip Bratislava he just wanted me happy. We eventually got out of the water and sat on the beach Emmett sat on the towel while I sat on his lap, we sat there together watching the night sky we had until midnight to get to the docks, it would be when the next boat goes to the main lands so we just waited to dry off, Emmett and I spoke a little about Edward, he confided in me telling me he was worried about our big brother, I could understand where Emmett was coming from, but still I found it odd to consider Edward the big brother, it's true he is the oldest out of Emmett and I, but the way he was... the way he acted Edward tends to act like a prude, he is conservative and usually in a depressive funk that was until Bella came along, still even though he is depressive and conservative he reminds me of a child in some ways.... a very grumpy child.

Emmett and I were eventually dried off and we got changed... well I got changed, Emmett actually put some clothing on he looked so handsome, he wore black jeans a white T-shirt and a nice black coat. I wore a long white elegant dress that went down to the ground. I also tied my hair back into a pony tail, Emmett removed his coat and placed it over me, of course he knew I wasn't cold, but still the gesture was not empty. I thanked Emmett and leaned in towards him we kissed for a moment passionately. Emmett and I left in the car and we went to the docks where we waited together in the car for the boat, we listened to the radio for a bit and I wanted to get closer to my monkey man. I climbed into his lap careful not to ruin my dress and sat there on top of his lap, Emmett had this cheeky grin on his face and I knew what was on his mind, I raised an eyebrow at him curious to see how he would react and Emmett pulled the rubber band from my hair and put it down, my long blond hair fell down to my shoulders and down my back and I flicked my hair back just a little and leaned in to kiss Emmett, we were making out rather intensely for like ten minutes when Emmett wanted to go further, I told him that I wasn't in the mood and like the perfect gentleman that he was he respected my decision. Emmett and I stopped our make out session and I asked Emmett if we could maybe have a house built just outside of Stari Grad, maybe near the beach we were at. Emmett told me he would think about it, I don't think he likes Stari Grad much it is a little small in population size. That and our skills in the Croation language were poor.

Our boat finally arrived and after I climbed off Emmett's lap he drove the car onto the boat once the car was parked we climbed out and locked the car. There weren’t many people on at this time which was not surprising considering that it was midnight. Emmett walked to the front of the ship and leaned on the rails while I was checking the schedule I was curious, when I found everything out I went to Emmett and saw him at the front of the ship leaning on the rails staring at the darkness of the night. I asked him what he was looking at he turned to me and shushed me he reached out his hand for me to take it and so I did with a tug he pulled me in to him and I crashed against his chest. Emmett guided me to the very front of the ship and told me to close my eyes, I did as I was told curious Emmett guided my feet onto the railing and told me to hold onto the railing "You're not doing what I think you're doing are you?" I asked him suddenly remembering why this was all so familiar.

Emmett did not answer me I felt him from behind his body against mine he touched my arms and guided them out. His arms were wrapped around my stomach I could feel the wind blow against us. "Alright babe open you're eyes." I did as I was told and felt his chin rest on my shoulder "come on babe say it" he spoke with a grin, "I don't wanna" I refused in a childish tone Emmett frowned "come on babe don't ruin the moment." I rolled my eyes up "you know how corny this is... seriously, ugh alright you win... you're such a girl" I spoke at Emmett, Emmett gave a low growl I found it really erotic, "I’m flying Emmett I’m flying" I spoke in a fake enthusiastic tone and Emmett chuckled "you're acting skills suck babe." I leaned my head to the side and Emmett kissed me passionately his arms still wrapped around my stomach I had one arm on the back of his neck caressing it as we kissed. The wind still blowing against us. Emmett eventually let me down and I smiled. I held his hand and tried to walk away from the railings Emmett was reluctant and I knew he was not done, I let go of his hand "alright Emmett get it out of your system" I told him, Emmett went to the railings and climbed onto the railing he placed his arms stretched out and yelled "WOOOOO I AM THE KING OF THE WORLD WOOOOO" I hit my head with the palm of my hand on my forehead and shook my head in disbelief. Emmett was finally done being a maniac and I grabbed his hand "since we are reenacting the Titanic I think there is a scene I want to recreate." I let go of Emmett's hand and started to run off towards the car my dress dragging after me I looked back and smiled with Emmett following I could see in his face he had figured out which part I wanted to recreate. Emmett eventually caught up to me and we were together in the car and we became very intimate together. After we finished we shuffled around trying to get dressed in the rental car. I told Emmett to next time take a mini van and he laughed, after we got dressed we waited till we reach the main lands and Emmett drove us to the place where we rented the car and caught a taxi to the airport needless to say we made our flight.

Emmett had some problems on the flight, he found a scent that was appealing to him, my poor Emmett suffered so much, he was clenching onto the sides of the chair, I did my best to soothe him and comfort him, the trip was long and difficult, but I am proud to say my Emmett resisted temptation I am so proud of him you will never meet a man with such will power and strength I can promise you that. We arrived at our hotel, and placed our luggage in our room Emmett was in bad shape I could see it, the scent of humanity was all around us. Emmett was shaking his eyes were pitch black and I held his hands and leaned in to kiss him on the lips "shhh Emmett look at me... concentrate on me, let me become you're world forget about everything around you" I told him he was shaking I knew why, there was a human right outside our hotel door. He bolted towards the door and I moved with speed and grace gliding on the ground to stand in front of the door with my arms open wide blocking his path.

Emmett looked at me furiously his fist trembling, was I afraid he might assault me... no, but still I did not like seeing him like this. No human being will ever understand what it's like for us, the burn we feel for blood when thirsty it's like a human addicted to narcotics and going into withdrawals. We become down right unpleasant and a serious threat not just to others, but ourselves too when we are thirsty we loose the capacity to think clearly, we become animalistic and savage we tap into a deep darkness within us and we unleash it into a deadly and primal force of nature. I looked at him with pleading eyes "Please Emmett... Please I know you can do this Em concentrate, I know you're throat burns, but you're stronger than the thirst don't let it define who you are... I promise I will help you keep our oath to never drink human blood again, but I can't do this on my own.... I need your help" I told him in a low hiss my words were too low for humans to be able to hear us, I watched as Emmett struggled with the urges, either way I would not let him do this to himself, I will do everything within my power to stop him doing something that he would spend a lifetime regretting. I was thankful as Emmett's fist stopped trembling and I placed my hands over his giant fist holding them "it's ok I am here for you" I spoke to him comforting him. Emmett rested his head on my shoulder and I petted the back of his head comforting him, he was hurting bad.

Emmett calmed himself down and we waited till midnight, there would be no humans with the exception of those who worked at the motel. "Emmett, if you have trouble squeeze my hand as hard as you can, alright." I told him, Emmett nodded his head and I grabbed a backpack with a change of clothing and a few other things, I wanted to be prepared just in case. Emmett and I left the motel and walked towards the edge of town, with no one around we bolted out of the town and went hunting, I watched Emmett as he snapped and tapped into that primal force of darkness... Edward liked to call this our killer instincts, I disagreed with Edward see instinct is an inborn pattern of behavior we weren’t born with the instinct to loose humanity and become savage killing machines, don't get me wrong as a human we were born with instincts to kill to survive, but there is a great difference... humans retain the capability to show restraint, to show mercy they remain endowed with feeling and unstructured consciousness, we don’t we unleash that inner monster and once the monster is out of the cage it refuses to return to it's cage until it is appeased with an ultimate sacrifice... life, if you think about it vampire's don't really feed on blood... we feed on life, blood is life it is everything to most of my people, but not my family as you well know by now.

Emmett ran and he caught himself his meal and I joined him we fed together, I finished before him and watched as Emmett finished his meal we disposed of the leftover of our meals and I could see Emmett's shirt covered in blood, he really must have been thirsty to be so careless. Something we pick up in our immortality is perfection, our hunting skills become so advance we could drain our prey dry and not leave a single drop on us, we drink it all, but that requires practice Emmett was a messy his lower face covered in animal blood. He had this grin on his face it made me smile, I walked to Emmett and stripped off his clothing "whoa babe we gonna do it right out in the open? I like you're style." I Ignored Emmett grabbing the fabric and dug a hole to burry the clothing after kicking the dirt back to the hole Emmett looked confuse "no monkey man we can't have you going in town covered in blood" Emmett chuckled “So I get to go in town and show the French women what a Tennessee man is all about... nice plan babe."

I Looked at Emmett he is an utter pervert and as arrogant as they come, but I loved that about him I found it to be a turn on and an adorable trait "First of all Mr. Cullen you're underwear is still in tact. So you won't be going to town completely naked." I told him, Emmett removed his underwear and threw it behind him. I hit my head with the palm of my head in disbelief and heard him chuckle. After taking in a deep breath I exhaled as I bent over to my backpack and pulled out a change of clothing for Emmett underwear included, like I have said a thousand times in my immortal life, I can read Emmett Cullen like a book... mostly when he is not surprising me. Emmett scowled at me and I had this smug grin on my face "please as if I am going to let a bunch of French women get a look at my man." I spoke humoring him, Emmett grinned it was cheeky. I also leaned down to pull out a packet of travel tissues and opened the packet up I pulled out a tissue and licked it, I walked close to Emmett "Stay still" I told him Emmett was still scowling and I placed my hand on his shoulder to keep him still and used the tissue in my other hand to wipe away the blood from his face Emmett resisted just being childish I found his behavior adorable.

He continued to squirm as I licked the tissue again and carefully went over his face, the reason why I did this first instead of having him get dressed simply because I did not want him to get blood on the clothing I had to get him cleaned up first. "You know Rose, you reminded me a lot of Esme today” I asked Emmett what he meant, and he told me the way I was cleaning him off now and the way I took care of him in his time of need it was something Esme would do. I smiled "of course Esme would do that, she is the most loving and compassionate woman I have ever met, maybe it was just a coincidence" I told him, Emmett shook his head. I made sure Emmett was clean and gave him his clothing to try on. When Emmett was dressed he looked like a god dressed in jeans and a skin tight shirt with Emmett dressed I threw the tissue away and closed my bag. Emmett and I returned to town running until we reached the outskirts from there we walked Emmett was acting a little strange. He asked me if I would be ok to return back to the hotel on my own I told him I would be fine, I asked Emmett what he was planning, but as usual he told me it was a surprise. I explored the streets browsing the window displays, lots of nice things I wanted to buy not just for myself, but for Esme and Alice. I made it back to the hotel and thought I would catch you up on everything that happened.

~Rosalie Hale

Thank you Kayla for helping with the editing

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My King of the world (Entry 37)
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