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  The Gifts

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PostSubject: The Gifts    Fri Oct 15, 2010 5:33 am

Dear Diary,
Leaving from where I left last time...
I stopped dead. What?! HE WANTED TO KISS MY PRECIOUS LITTLE BABY! No. I just glared at him. Bella who was holding my hand squeezed it in question. I just nodded toward the house and handed Nessie to her, and turned to Jacob. Bella had gone at lightning fast speed, maybe because she had figured out I wanted to talk to Jacob. Only if she knew how much I wanted to ‘talk’. I glared at him.
‘What do you mean?’ I asked him.
‘I want to...umm kind of...kiss her. Hold on..Il’l be back.’ He thought
He went into the woods and phased back to his sick, gigantic human form. Sometimes he was better off as a wolf. That way, he couldn’t tell my baby he wanted to kiss her. Ugh! Renesmee Cullen kissing Jacob black. Ew. No way this was going to happen, even though I knew she was attracted to Jacob as well. This? SHE want to kiss him? No....Maybe she did...Yes she did want that...Definitely. She wanted to kiss him.
Jacob was back. “Listen, I wanted to do this properly since I know you well enough. I already asked Bella. She said that’s okay, but she told me to ask YOU first, since...umm...you have issues with your temper when it comes to me and Ness. So I figured I should ask you before making a move.”
“You figured right, Black. You can’t kiss her. And that’s an order.”
His face changed just a little bit, his sad mouth turned into a deeper inverted U and it turned into a pout. He looked vulnerable to me.
‘I KNEW this was going to happen. I shouldn’t have listened to Bella. She is always so wrong... God, help me and give this man some brains and tell him I'll never hurt his daughter. Hell, I’d hurt myself to keep from hurting her. I should really get out of here and get Nessie’s gift and see her before I get too upset.’ His shoulders slumped like he was carrying a 300 pounds of weight on his shoulder and walked away, turning his back to me.
Now, I felt bad. What had I done? Mentally discouraged my daughter’s soulmate; that too on her birthday! Just then I heard familiar footsteps advancing towards me, much too fast. Bella? What was she doing here?
I turned around and waited for her to come back. I didn’t want her to see how bad I was feeling for Jacob. Did she expect me to be like this? Or did she want to make sure Jacob was fine with me? I didn’t know.
She came to me, waited about 10 feet away and as soon an she saw me, she ran to me and hugged me. “I’m sorry, Edward. I didn’t know you would feel bad about what I said to him. Do you want me to tell him to stay away from Nessie? I'll go righ-“
I stopped her. “No, no, no. Bella, I’m sad because I know Nessie thinks about Jacob that way too and I just told Jacob not to kiss her. He felt bad and walked away. I don’t want to make Jacob sad and then make Nessie unhappy no matter how much she tries not to miss Jake.” I frowned.
“That’s okay. He knew you would say no. He just wouldn’t admit it to himself.”
“I know that, Bella. How did you find me?”
“Then don’t worry. He'll get back to the way he was in a few. Let’s go home. Nessie is waiting for her gifts. And I found you because I saw the Jacob wolf crying and I figured it must be something you had done, as usual.” She winked at me cheerfully, but I could see that she definitely was sad that Jacob had gone. She was feeling bad for Jacob. I was feeling bad too. Not for Jacob, for Renesmee.
We went home and put on our happy faces. We had to be happy for Renesmee’s sake. I had mastered the art and now, even Bella couldn’t get through my tricks. But, Bella was still learning and sometimes she slipped. She went up to Renesmee while Nessie ran back to her. Nessie kissed Bella’s cheek while touching her exposed shoulder as Bella was wearing an navy blue off-shoulder gown (which made her look extremely gorgeous, of course) which I was not supposed to concentrate on.
“Happy birthday, Bella!”, everybody rejoiced while Bella looked down. She would’ve blushed scarlet now if that was possible.
“Thanks” she said shyly and I smiled. She hadn’t changed even a little bit.
Jacob came in after a few minutes and he refused to meet my eyes even though I was staring at him for the longest time possible till Nessie’s mental concern towards my stare caused me to look somewhere else.
‘Just be happy. or, at least look happy. For Nessie. Come on, be a sport. He’s a father, he has the right to refuse you. Damn! I shouldn’t have asked in the first place! Ugh! That doesn’t matter now. Just be happy,’ he was talking to himself as he came in.
‘God, she’s so beautiful. How can someone not see those lips and not want to kiss them?! Control yourself, Black. Wait for another month till she looks old enough to be 18. That way she legally has her free will and her father won’t be able to stop me from kissing her. I NEED to stop.’ He was ogling at her and Nessie was blushing deeper and deeper every passing seconds.
‘Why is he staring? Do I look funny? Or does he like me?! I wish that he likes me! Those muscles...!!! Huh... I need to stop dreaming about myself with him.’
“Happy birthday, Ness” he smiled brightly at her.
‘Good Lord! SO hot!’ came the mental response. “Thanks, Jake” came the oral response.
I chuckled under my breath.
“Here. I got” –‘and mad’-“ this for you, Nessie.” And he handed a small box shyly towards Renesmee. Her eyes sparkled with excitement.
She opened the box and gasped. Of course, I knew what he was giving her. He has asked me and Bella for advice if giving Renesmee this would be okay.
And I knew Nessie would love it too.
They were small earring. The size of a shirt button. They were made of wood and were so intricately carved that even I couldn’t believe Jacob had made this himself. I started with a rose in the middle and then a wine of leaves overlapping each other at places came out and coiled around the rose. The rose was the most beautiful and detailed carving, and the leaves were the same. One could see every petal of the rose, every vein in the leaf prominently despite of the small size. You wouldn’t have to take a closer look to know it was beautiful .It looked beautiful form a distance. Bella gasped too as she saw the earrings now. She hadn’t seen them before. I knew what she was thinking. Yes, I knew Jacob had made this with his own hands after spending almost a whole day on this. He made the earrings many times but something went wrong and he threw them away to make new ones. I saw this in his mind, him thinking how hard he had worked to make them perfect. This too, while stying away from Renesmee. He had take courage from he thought that this was for her. He wouldn’t work so hard for anyone else. He knew that, and I knew that too.
All this while I was watching Renesmee too. Her eyes were glowing with wonder. As soon as she realised what it really was- that it was all hand-carved, she shook internally.
‘Jacob’s made this? For me? Wow, this is the most beautiful accessory I've ever had! How do I tell him?’ “Jake...This is wonderful. Thank you.” And she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.
‘Did she just say thank you and kissed me? Wow, she must really like it’
Jacob blushed and looked down mumbling a faint “no problem.”
Nessie noticed that and smiled to herself. Suddenly, something struck her. “Did you make this, Jake?!”
“Uh, yeah, I guess I did.”
“Oh my God, Jake! It’s so pretty! I had no idea you could make this stuff! Thank you. So much. This is the prettiest thing I've ever had in my wardrobe!”
“Um, thanks, Nessie. I’m really glad you liked it.”
“Liked it?! I loved it!”
They both laughed and Nessie stretched up on her toes to give Jacob a friendly hug, which was not so friendly when their bodies met.
Next were our turns. Me and Bella gave her room a makeover. We got Bella’s bed in her room and told her how I would sneak in every night to look at her sleep. She smiled at that and said, “How cute! Thanks Mom and Dad. I love you and the gift.”
Jasper and Alice gave her, ofcourse, a whole new wardrobe to keep her clothes in.
Emmett and Rosalie gave her a new laptop. She loved facebook.
Esme and Carlisle gave her plane tickets so Bella ,Jacob and I could go to Amazon so that she could meet her favourite vampire talent holder- Zafrina.
She thanked everybody and hugged them all. She was the best daughter one could ever ask for. She was unimaginable. And she was MINE. I was the happiest man alive. I have the perfect family!
I’m keeping Bella’s birthday for the next time as Alice is calling me to do a “photoshoot” of me and Bella for an archive album. Sounds interesting. Talk later.
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The Gifts
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