Hello all members, I would like to wish you all a Marry christmas & Seasons greatings. I hope you have a happy holiday with friends and family.
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 A short short Holiday

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PostSubject: A short short Holiday   Mon Oct 18, 2010 3:47 am

Topic: so much for my Holiday with Marcus, hope we can go on a longer one next time.
Date: July 18th, 2009

Dear Diary

I am home, so much has happened in the three days I need to tell you everything, because I just need to unleash everything pent up inside me.after my last entry Felix left to get me a snack he came back with a nice plump human to eat. this human was wearing a blue T shirt and blue Jeans he had on black runners, he did not look bad the human had blond wavey hair and amazing eyes that were hazel I just looked at the human he looked frightened, Marcus was sitting beside me and Julian standing behind Marcus ready to pounce while Felix just held the human still "come on Sarah it's snack time, you wanted to go shopping today didn't you." Felix spoke, I nodded my head head, I removed my top leaving only my bra and jeans on the truth is when a vampire feeds it can get really messy unless you're experianced because I am young I am kind of a messy eater and since that was my favorite top there was no way i was going to get that top blood stained plus i did not bring many clothing with me. I walked to the human and smiled carressing his cheek he was whimpering "life is, but a fleeting dream...it's time you awaken" I spoke to the human and leaned down biting his neck, the blood came dripped down as my teeth cut into the skin, I could hear the screams of the human and said nothing I placed my hand on the otherside of his neck and Cut my fingers deep into the skin, my jaws opened a little wider as I took a deeper chunk bite and pulled out a large chunk of flesh.

After spitting the flesh out and pushing out the conciousness of my mind I sunk my mouth to the bloody wound and continued to drain the blood as it poured out the human's heart slowed down thump..........thump........thump and then it no longer thumped I pulled back and gasped looking at the ceiling for the moment, this human tasted especially good....I wondered if all Australians tasted this delicous, I heard Felix fake cough and I refocused my attention I looked at the human "don't drop him yet." I spoke as I looked at the corpse I used his shirt to wipe off the blood from my face & saw in his shirt pocket he had a pair of sunglasses after pulling out the sunglasses I placed them on and turned to face Marcus and smiled mischivous and went to put my top on, after it was on Felix had his arm out "Shall we be leaving now" he asked, after I intertwined my arm with his playfully I told him as soon as Marcus and Julian were ready, it was at this time Marcus told me he had somethings to do so he & Julian would be staying at the at our little home. To tell the truth I was not happy about this, the reason for our trip was so we could spend time together and after reminding him of this he told me whatever he was doing could not wait. So I left with felix and we went to town via Limo, the sun was hidden behind all the dark storm clouds the wind was cool and refeshing, we were dropped off and Felix walked inches behind me the entire time protecting me, I told him that we were safe that there were no others of our kind, but he told me it was better safe than sorry. we walked down town and I came across the hairdressers, Felix told me we should keep going and I told him no and entered the hairdresses, Felix followed me and asked me what I was doing and I told him "Felix...I look at my reflection and I don't see who I am, all I have is people telling me what I did & who I was...I gained strength from believing in myself, but the woman I was...she is long gone, so I should stop trying to be who I was and be who I am...it's time I change who I am on the outside to reflect who I was on the inside." Felix was still confused and I sighed, I felt this was something I had to do so I told Felix I wanted him to do a full scale scouting of the city area we were in, he was reluctant to leave my side with guard duty, I promised him I would stay here in public view, of course I would be safe in public we vampires don't want exposure.

I sat in the chair and the hairdresser asked what I wanted. I told him to dye my hair, and when he asked me what color I told him blond. So there I sat with my head tilted back for sixty minutes, my hair is a little long, I thought about triming it, but decided not to. Finally I was finished and I looked at myself in the mirror not beliving how different I looked, I paid with the credit card Marcus had given me back on the plane and walked out to the streets Felix was still hadn't returned so I decided to go clothing shopping.I tried on a whole lot of clothing and I heard foot steps "Sarah Frost you lied to me" I heard an angry hiss. I regonized the voice, I hid my shock he sounded extremely pissed I told him to relax Felix stomped his foot and told he would not relax. I was taken by suprised, did Felix just stamp his foot....that was so childish. I examined myself in my blue corset I was wearing on the right side It had a black design, it went well with the blue jeans. The short Leather jacket I had on was magnificent. Felix hissed out "I will not scold a closed curtain...open up at once, you need to be made aware of the stupid risk you have taken...Hones" I removed my sunglasses and opened the curtain and Felix and he stopped speaking, as he saw me for the first time since my makeover I was no longer a plain brunette "what were you saying" I asked him softly with a coy smile on my face.

Felix jaw was still open and I walked to him and pushed his chin up to close his mouth, Felix was quiet for a second "I...forgot" he spoke in awe, I smiled and went to pay for the corset and jacket along with a number of other clothing items, after paying for them I asked the sales girl if she could hold the clothing until our limo driver came to pick the clothing up, she told me it was no worries and I went walking around the shops with Felix, he called the limo driver and sorted all that out for us, I asked Felix what was wrong and he told me nothing and when I asked why it took him so long to find me, he told me he received a call from a Dominick and told me that Alec was still not back from his mission then he had to call Marcus to tell him. So it might take Alec a little longer to join us, hearing that made me depressed, Felix assured me that Alec would be fine, and told me to cheer up.
We continued along on our shopping trip and we ended up shopping in a little store where I bought a training bra. Felix told me he thought it was too small for me, but I told him it was for Jane and when he said she was as flat as they came that's when he realized what I was up to. "Very nice Sarah" he encouraged me and we continued on shopping, we ended up going to the jewelery store and Felix made me buy a stack of jewelery much to the owner's delight. I found this jewelry set where it had a silver necklace with blue emeralds, earings and ring and thought of Chelsea, I bought them and decided to give them to her, Felix told me the jewelery would look nice on me, but I told them it was for Chelsea. Felix was suprised at me and asked why I would do that after what she did and I told Felix "I am to become a Queen of Volturi, seeing the other wives, it made me realize that they ruled with violence and Fear, I won't stoop to that. When I rule it will be with kindness and forgiveness and if needed I will crush those who oppose me and threaten all that we stand for. So I am going to forgive Chelsea, because I know that I would want forgiveness too if I did something that horrible."
Felix looked at me in awe and told me I was incredible. We returned to the holiday home via Limo and Marcus was already out there waiting for me. He opened the door and held his hand out, I took it and as he helped me out he saw me for the first time with my makeover. He said my name in shock and I smiled as he told me I looked magnificent. Marcus leaned in to kiss me and I kissed him back. We went inside together and Marcus could not stop talking about how amazing I looked, I asked him if the old me was not this pleasent to look at, Marcus told me I was always beautiful to him.

He sure knew how to make a girl feel special i'll give him that much. Marcus asked me what I wanted to do for the evening and he sat me on the ground, we both looked at each other as our legs were folded he told me to try to use my gift without singing, So I concentrated, but nothing happened even after Marcus told me to try and let myself become inspired that once that happened it should work. So I tried, but nothing inspired me it was quite strange. After two solid hours of trying and looking in Marcus beautiful red eyes he told me we should go out. So the four of us went to town, the city at night was beautiful, with lights, but what I did not expect, well the four of us climbed the Sydney Harbour bridge. The thing about climbing the bridge it was something humans could do, we chose to climb the bridge at night, the Sydney harbour bridge has been a tourist attraction since 1998, according the phamplet the only time the climb is cancelled is when there is electrical storms or high winds. the hidious special clothing provided for us was just awful, but I did not care I had a great time oh another annoying thing about the bridge climb is each of us were secured to the bridge by a wire lifeline.

As we reached the end of the long climb the view was amazing, I have included a photo for you to see, I have also included a photo of the sydney harbour bridge, Julian took the photo because he did not want to join us. As we looked at the amazing view Marcus asked me what I would like to do the next night and I told him I was not sure, he had a smile on his face and told me that we were going to the Sydney Opera house, he paid a great deal of money to book it exclusively for me...he wants me to perform there, I mean its going to be incredible the Sydney opera house is one of Australia's best landmarks, the buiding covers 4.5 Acres of land and it's 605 feet long and 388 feet wide its supported on 588 concrete piers that is 25 metres below sea level. now not many people know this, but the concert hall has two thousand six hundred and seventy-eight seats. Just some trivia I picked up. So after we climbed down from the bridge we toured around town and eventually made it back home at 5 am. We spent the day together the four of us when Marcus and Felix went out to get someone to eat. I could see Julian upset and I asked him what was wrong, He told me "I just wish Dominick was here, I don't understand why he should be the one guarding Alec." I was shocked I went to Julian and asked what he meant by Alec needing a guard. Julian was quiet and refused to say anything else when Felix and Marcus returned home I confronted them both about what Julian told me, Felix told me that the reason why he was late in picking me up was because he recieved a call from Demetri telling him that Tristan and Alec got into a fight and their abilities caused some sort of bad reaction...Alec is physically fine, but his memory was gone.

I told Marcus to get the jet and he asked me about the opera house and I told him I did not care, Alec was more important, he was a friend...he is like a little brother to me truth be told and I know he shouldn't be alone right now. The poor kid was probably scared out of his mind. Alec had to come first I can't let him be alone, Marcus was on the phone organizing everything. Felix looked at me and I turned away, he apologiesd for lying and told me he only wanted me to have a good time, I told Felix "I am not mad at you Felix, just extremely disappointed, I never thought you would lie to me. I trusted you." I was hurt, but mostly I was worried about Alec the thought of seeing him alone and frightened it was too much to bare. Felix appologised again and I began to pack all the things I bought, putting Chelsea's and Jane's presents aside I wondered if we had enough time for me to pop to the stores and get something for Alec, I would have gotten him something if I knew, but I thought he would be with us by now, with Dominick.

Marcus told me that the jet would be ready by the time we got there and I packed everything in the limo with Felix's help. It was pretty uneventful from there. Felix kept looking at me, but I focused on what's going outside the window. we arrived back home 22 hours later as soon as I walked through the front door. I had two bags in my hand while Julian was carrying all the other shopping. Dominick met with us and I asked him where Alec was, Dominick told me that Alec was in his room refusing to eat. So as calmly as I could I asked Dominick if he would go and get Alec a human and I would make him eat, Domnick looked at Marcus and Marcus gave a nod, the next thing Dominick was gone. I thanked Marcus for the good time and told him I would make it up to him for ruining the holiday, but he told me it was alright that we could reschedule our trip, with that Marcus left to find Aro, it was just Felix and I and I smiled, "I am not mad at you Felix, but can I ask you to please take this jewelery set to Chelsea and pass on my regards, I would do it myself, but Alec needs me." I gave Felix the bag which left me the plastic bag with the training bra. As we parted ways I went down the hallway walking quickly towards Alec's room when I saw Jane outside the doorway, Jane looked at me and gasped at me "Sarah is that you" she said, her voice was shocked.

Jane had yet to see me since my makeover and I nodded my head, "yes it's me." I told her, She was quiet for a few moments "what happened to you....you're different." she asked, I smiled it was as close to a compliment I was ever going to get from Jane I walked past her and was near Alec's door, Jane told me to stop and I turned my back from the door "I can't let you in Alec is" I interrupted Jane and told her I knew. "Oh I almost forgot, this is for you." I handed the plastic bag to Jane and she took it, she opened it excitedly and pulled out the training bra the excitement on her face vanished and I told her "there you go your first bra, now maybe if you fill it with tissues you will get the illusion of having breasts and stop being such a bitch" I told her. I turned away from Jane and as I turned I saw her fist trembling, she was forbidden to hurt me thanks to Marcus.

I looked at Alec as he peeked out of the doorway he was watching the entire thing "Sarah" he yelled and he ran to hug me, I hugged him back "hey kid what happened to you, are you ok do you know who I am?" I asked him, Alec nodded "yes Sarah your my best friend...your my sister" he said. I smiled and looked back at Jane. "Why does he remember you and not me." She hissed, "Because you have a face only a blind mother could love" I said. Alec Laughed hard and told Jane to go away, he dragged me into his room by the hand and told me how beautiful I looked with my makeover. I asked Alec how much he remembered and he told me nothing, but he remembered me saying that I was a nice girl who always looked out for him. I smiled and petted his head. Chelsea eventually came and thanked me for the gift, she asked me what favor I wanted in return and I told her "Chelsea I do not give gifts and ask for favors in return, I am not like that...this was a gift from me to you, enjoy it." I said, she thanked me and seemed a lot nicer to me.

A few moments after Chelsea left Dominick arrived with a human teenager he looked frightened and he pushed the human over to me at my feet and I picked him up. I thanked Dominick and told him to go chill with Julian, that Julian missed him, he did not need asking twice. I looked at Alec and told him to eat and he told me couldn't that the human had feelings and he could not hurt a living creature. The human started begging and I pulled his arm dragging him right to Alec and held it out for him "smell that scent, smell the blood Alec...Forget about humanity...it's over rated, Humanity claims to be superior, but it is not, we are the superior ones, we do not wager pointless wars against each other, we do not commit hate crimes & discriminated based on color of skin or religion or even on sexuality...Humanity is nothing but talking parrots compared to us." I told him.

Alec still refused and I leaned down and bit into the humans forearm, and pulled up "See if I can do it so can you, come on Alec you can do this." I encouraged him. Alec leaned in and took a bite of the human, thankfully Alec ignored the human's screams, a few seconds later Alec's door opened and I saw Aro and Jane with Marcus and Demetri the four of them seemed suprised Aro finally spoke only to compliment me on my makeover and I smiled, Jane still seemed pissed and evetually they left, I spent the rest of the afternoon with Alec and he seemed happy, I told him I would be with him as long as he needed me and even promised to take him shopping with me tomorrow. Felix eventually found us and I introduced Alec to Felix, Alec was cautious at first but soon relaxed with Felix. When I stood up to exuse myself Alec hugged me and asked me where I was going, I told him to get changed and then I would return. Alec, that adorable child relcutantly let go of me and I left to get changed after that I thought I would tell you everything that happned....it's such a shame my holiday was cancelled Sydney was such a beautiful place...Maybe I could get Marcus to take us on another trip with Alec this time...I need to go talk with Marcus I just hope he is not mad at me...if anything I should be mad at him for keeping this from me.


The Jewelery I bought Chelsea

Sydney Opera house taken by me

The Sydney Harbour Bridge taken by Julian seeing as he did not want to climb it..such a slacker

Me after My makeover & shopping trip
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A short short Holiday
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