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 March 10, 1936

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PostSubject: March 10, 1936   Sat Oct 30, 2010 3:18 am

March 10, 1936


It has been almost a year since I have written in you. A few things have happened since then. Emmett decided to stay with us, he has had a few more slip ups, but over all he has gotten the hang of our lifestyle. Rosalie seems to be very happy with him, she almost always has a smile on her face when he is around. She still is a little shy with him touching her but she has opened up so much. Edward and Emmett quickly became good friends, and I can see at times that Rosalie is a bit jealous of that, I don't know if its because Emmett likes to spend time with Edward and they sometimes leave her out or if it is because Edward took a lot longer to warm up to her. Either way it is kind of funny to see her get jealous, especially since she tries to hid it. Everyone gets jealous at times tho. We have also recently moved again. I hated having to leave my home again, but we found a beautiful secluded place in a small town called Forks in Washington. There was not much to the house, but I quickly made plans to redesign and redecorate. The weather here is pretty gloomy most of the time, which is wonderful for us because we can be out of the house and in the open a lot more often than not.

About 5 days ago we were out hunting when something really strange and kind of scary happened. We were all together hunting like we do sometimes, when three large wolves strolled up to us. After a second Edward explained to us that theses wolves had human thoughts, and they knew what we were and wanted to harm us. My Carlisle was quick to step in and let them know that we do not wish to hurt them or any other humans, that we only hunt animals. The first wolf was a bit hesitant at first then he turned into a man right in front of us. He told us that his name was Ephraim Black and that he was the leader of something he called “spirit warriors” and that we were on his land. After a long while of discussion and arguing we settled on a treaty. We are to stay off of their land, and them off ours. We are also to never feed off or change another human. And they will keep our secret and us theirs. If any of the rules are broken they will come after us. Otherwise we will all live in harmony. It was a good treaty I thought it was very fair.

Once that was all over we finished our hunt on our land and returned home. There wasn’t much of a home to come back to at the moment as I had just finished my demolition before the hunt. I was planning on making the living room and most of the bedrooms larger. There are a lot of bedrooms and we don’t need most of them at the moment but there are plenty of ideas of things that they can be used for. Such as guests and offices. However they just need to be bigger. So in the morning when the rest of my supplies arrived I finished up the house making everything perfect, including my kitchen. They do not have a shelter here in this small town however we can drive to the next town over which is larger and they have a few. So Edward and I still cook for the homeless when we both have free time. I like spending time with him. Emmett has tried to help a few times but he just can not get the hang of it and has almost burned the house down twice. Rosalie really has no interest in trying.

Carlisle is of coarse working again, he was quickly hired at the local hospital, any hospital would be happy to have him. He has a TON of experience, more than anyone could know about. He works a lot, he is pretty much the only doctor that never minds having to come in in the middle of the night, because he is the only doctor that doesn't sleep. He loves his work more than I could explain, and it makes me happy to see him happy and to know he is helping people and saving lives every day. But it is still hard to have him gone all the time. He knows that too so when he is home he does everything he can with me and spends as much time as possible with me. It is wonderful to have him.

Edward still seems very upset all the time, I think it is harder for him now, with Emmett being around. Yeah, he is his friend, but now he has to see not only Carlisle and I but Rosalie and Emmett also, while he is alone. I wish there was something, anything I could do to help him find someone. But it will happen at the right time when he meets the right person, I just hope that it will be soon.

That is about it for now. I am going to go hunt with Edward and talk with him about finding something to help him be a little more happy. I know he hates when I do things like that but it just hurts me so much to know my little boy is hurting. I love him, I can not help it. I hope I can help him.

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March 10, 1936
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