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 Meeting The Cullens (Entry 4)

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PostSubject: Meeting The Cullens (Entry 4)   Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:02 am

Topic: I have met an angel
Date: June 11th, 2019

Dear Diary,

How can I begin to tell you about my awesome day. So I woke up this morning and dad was there, he had a change of clothing for me. He has this crazy obsession with me not wearing the same clothing for more than one day. He hugged me good morning and then started to scold me for blinding Aunt Kate, he would not even let me have a word in so I just let him scold me. After he was done with his rant he petted my head, I felt like I was a pet or something, but I had to admit I liked it. I told dad I wasn't hungry this morning and for once he did not force me to eat, he instead gave me the sports bag to go get change, I took the bag of course and ran to the bathroom. The strange thing about the Denali's bathroom is it was unusually empty, there were a few products like shampoo and conditioner, but that was about it.

The bathroom back home had stacks of stuff like sunscreen, endless supplies of it, mainly because dad and I spent a lot of time on the beach just relaxing, thinking about home made me sad, I missed the beach, I missed the way the water would crash on the shores and sand making a splash sound, it was so peaceful to hear and so beautiful to watch. Most humans probably think that seeing the waves crash onto the shore and sand is the same, but it's not. In fact its like snowflakes, each and every single crash is beautiful and unique, the way the water glimmers as it separates into tear drop like particles. I used to always fall asleep to the crashes of the waves from the beach. Last night falling asleep was hard, everything was quiet. I know this sounds silly, but I feel like a part of me is missing, dad was wrong, the house is just not a house. I have so many memories being in that house, so many good times. I get it, mom died there and the house is too painful for him to be in, but believe it or not I feel safe there and I feel closer to her there.

I finished getting changed and saw he had packed a comb, it was obvious that he wanted to comb my hair. Truth be told i don't want to comb my hair, it's so long and to be honest its a pain. I also like having messy hair it's unique. I mean a lot of people can have messy hair, but it will never be like mine... because it's also unique. I packed yesterdays clothing into the bag and went downstairs with messy hair. I handed my sport bag back to dad and he looked at me. When I looked at him he had that weird look on his face.... Ok i have been neglecting to tell you, but dad has this look on his face, how can i describe it... it's parental mode. Yeah that’s it. When he gets that look there is an 89% chance he is going to do something to embarrass me. Yeah the odds aren’t in my favor. He pulled out the comb and he moved towards me and started to comb my hair. I scowled him and told him to stop ,that he was embarrassing me and he just replied "Well next time you will think to comb you're hair before you claim to be ready... you won't go out as some scruffy punk." I frowned at dad and heard aunt Tanya chuckle. She found this amusing for some reason while everyone else was quiet.

At least Uncle Eleazar and everyone had the decency not to laugh at me unlike aunt Tanya. I sighed quietly, glad that parental mode was over, or so i thought, dad actually pulled out a tissue and tried to bring it to my face. I had to act fast, I mean, this was just beyond parental mode, it was just weird. My abnormally fast heart was pounding just a little faster than usual. I knew what dad would of wanted to do, and trust me I would die from embarrassment. I tried to think of possible escape methods, all that came to me was the old fashion toe stomp. I stomped on his toe and watched him hop back on one foot, I bolted behind aunt Kate. She was the cool aunt, she was like one of the guys. Only she was a girl. I listened to dad call me a punk and I chuckled feeling amused and proud of myself for saving what little dignity I had left. "It was either that or let you clean me and that’s just creepy dad" I told him. I watched as dad glowered at me, he looked a little intimidating, but I knew he would never hurt me despite his scary faces. Dad was one big teddy bear with fangs.

I kept watching dad as he glowered at me. This was a stand off, a test of dominance in my opinion. Dad finally spoke "Fine... he is ready to go now. But be on you're best behavior and no showing off." I smiled and ran out the door bouncing about excitedly when I heard dad yell out "Hey where is my hug.” I quickly ran to dad and hugged him. He placed his hand on my back keeping me close "Love you dad" I told him and he spoke back "Love you more." I smiled and ran out the door excitedly to join Aunt Carmen, Uncle Garrett & Aunt Kate. Uncle Eleazar joined us a few moments later. I asked where Aunt Tanya was and Uncle Eleazar told me "Aunt Tanya wishes to help your father get your home set up for when you return." I was surprised. "Wow that was nice of her" I spoke back. While we were on our way to the Cullen’s house, I noticed how Kate was running from tree branch to tree branch. It was amazing to see her do that, it looked to be no effort at all.

Garrett was right behind Kate watching her with a goofy look on his face. I shrugged it off as a grown up thing. Carmen seemed to notice the way I was watching Kate & Garrett "what is on you're mind little one?" Carmen asked me. I told her how I was impressed that Kate & Garrett could run from tree branch to tree branch, it looked like they could fly. Carmen chuckled "you're father never taught you then?" she asked. I shook my head and Aunt Carmen moved in front of me and crouched in front of me "climb on I will teach you." It felt strange climb on her back, especially that i was tall for my age, but after I did she jumped up high and landed on the tree branch. She helped me down onto the branch and I held onto the trunk to balance myself. "Stand up straight young one. You must learn balance first." Aunt Carmen spoke. Eleazar, Kate and Garrett stopped to watch. "You should go on ahead if you wish." Garrett and Eleazar decided to go on ahead while Kate hopped back to the tree branch in front of us.

I tried to stop using the support of the tree trunk but stumbled. I was about to fall when Carmen caught me by the back of my shirt. She held me as I dangled off the tree and was relieved as she pulled me up and placed me back on the branch. "Lesson one, find you're center, your balance, without balance you can not stand.... Now concentrate Tobias, focus" she spoke slowly letting go of me. I wobbled around at first, but Carmen's words stuck in my head after a few seconds. I watched as aunt Kate clapped her hands "good going kid." Carmen nodded her head "yes, lesson one balance is complete, now for lesson two Tobias, this is very important. This lesson is aim, you need to aim where you are going. Pinpoint the exact location then concentrate on it." I nodded and looked at the spot next to Kate. "Lesson three, don't wear heels or pumps. This will ruin them" Kate yelled. I looked at her confused. "I don't think this will be an issue for Tobias, Kate." Carmen spoke casually as Kate had this smirk on her face. "Ok now Tobias for your lesson three you need to pay attention because this lesson has three steps. The first lesson is to crouch, so you build up power in your lower body, specifically in the legs area. Step two you jump. Step three you land."

I watched as Carmen crouched, jumped and landed next to Kate. "Tobias use that power in your legs." I gulped and crouched. I stayed in the crouching stance for a few minutes. "Don't be afraid Tobias, I will catch you no matter what" I heard Kate speak. So I closed my eyes and I told myself I could do this. I opened my eyes and felt determination. I aimed at the spot in between my aunts. I used that built up pressure and pounced off the tree branch and moved towards them. I looked at that spot and moved my feet there. I landed kind of slippy, but Kate grabbed my arm at once and helped me steady myself. "Well done kid" she spoke. I thanked her and Carmen continued to speak "that's pretty much it. Well two more lessons actually. Next lesson is to keep moving, don't stop until your ready to get down... next lesson is like lesson two you aim where you want to land, simple."

I nodded and told them I would try. Kate told me she would slow down and stay at my side the entire time. Carmen offered to stay too, but Kate told her she would take over. Carmen looked a little disappointed. She jumped down and ran off. "On the count of three. One....two...three." Kate jumped like it was nothing and I crouched and pounced. I asked Kate why she didn't have to crouch. She told me she had years of experience.

I have to admit tree running is fun, once I got the hang of it. It was strange, it felt like I was flying, jumping from tree branch to tree branch never touching the ground. It was a total rush. We arrived at the Cullen place and the house was massive, I mean it had two floors. It was a white house with lots of windows. "This is the Cullen’s place, the Cullens built this place years ago." I looked at the house and told her it was very beautiful. In a flash, a long blond haired woman ran outside and ran towards us. I hid behind Kate as the blond stopped and chuckled, Kate smiled. "Hello Rosalie, how are you." I peeked out from behind Kate to look at Rosalie as she answered. "I am well thank you. Is this Brian's son?" she asked. I asked her how she knew my dads name. She smiled and told me she met my dad recently and she was very excited to meet me. She Introduced herself as Rosalie Hale. I stepped out from behind Kate and placed my hand out and introduced myself. "My name is Tobias Marcus Jacobson. It's a pleasure to meet you." Rosalie smiled and took my hand and shook it slowly. "My what a perfect gentleman, it's a pleasure to meet you too." I smiled, Rosalie seemed to be a really nice lady. I wondered why she was so nice. "Would you like to come inside and meet my family? I have someone very special you may like to meet." I tilted my head curiously. Rosalie was sort of creeping me out a little. I could hear a chuckle coming from inside the house and in an instant a giant came out of the house and was hugging Rosalie from behind. The guy was huge. "Hey babe, who’s the short kid" he spoke as he kissed her neck. Rosalie giggled and I raised my eye brow "I'm not short, your just unusually tall." I spoke in my defense.

Emmett chuckled and let go of Rosalie, he stepped in front of us and he placed his hand on my head and messed up my hair. "Hey shorty I’m Emmett, Roses husband" he introduced himself. I frowned as he called me short. I thought about using my ability on him to take out one of his senses, but I could just picture dad scolding me and telling me to behave, so I let it go. I haven’t met many vampires. I mean I knew my dad and I just met the Denali's and now Emmett and Rose. It's not just vampires I am meeting, but extended family and friends. Rosalie surprised me, she grabbed my hand and guided me inside. With Emmett and Kate following I could hear Kate snickering, we entered inside the house and I saw Carmen and Eleazar sitting together while Garrett was leaning against the wall as Kate walked towards Garrett and Hugged him. "Take a seat little dude, relax" Emmett spoke I looked at Emmett and frowned "I told you I'm not short, your abnormally tall like, BFG tall" Emmett asked what BFG meant. Before I could answer another woman entered the room. This woman was extremely beautiful. I noticed like the Denali's she had golden eyes, I was curious about this. The lady had a heart shaped face and caramel colored hair that was tied into a bun."My it can't be... little Tobias is that you?" My jaw dropped. Did this lady know me?

The lady moved to my side and hugged me. She told me her name was Esme Cullen and I asked her how she knew me. She then told me that she met me as a child. I made sure to be polite to Esme and apologized for not recalling her. She excused me, telling me it was perfectly understandable. Esme walked to hug Rosalie and i could hear her whisper "he is such a gentleman, very respectful." I shook off the whispers mentally and looked at Emmett “BFG, it means Big Friendly Giant. It's in a children's book written by Roald Dahl & Illustrated by Quentin Blake. The book is about a girl named Sophie meeting a giant." Emmett made an "oh" sound and I heard Rosalie continue on. "ooo he is smart too, he can probably read past the fifth grade level unlike fido...she's going to flip when she meets him." She whispered again to Esme, "she will probably flip....at you now. Don't be rude Rosalie" Esme whispered back. Kate asked where everyone else were. Esme told us Carlisle was at work, while Alice and Jasper went hunting and Bella, Edward & Renesmee were on their way over. Emmett suggested a game of baseball once everyone is together. I had to admit it sounded fun, "Boys vs girls" Emmett spoke, "But there is more boys then there are girls" Kate retorted "yeah but you guys have Alice" he argued back.

The wait was short as three people arrived, at the back was a woman with long brown hair and golden eyes, she was wearing Jeans and a dark brown top. Next to her was a male with messy bronze hair, he wore a black jacket and white shirt with black jeans. He also had strange golden eyes, but what I wasn't expecting was an angel standing in front of them. I was stunned at the beauty of this girl, her beauty had surpassed Rosalie with no contest. She had high cheek bones and her nose was straight with full lips, her hair was long and bronze and curly. She had the most amazing eyes I had ever seen they were chocolate brown, and her skin was slightly pale. But the thing was her skin glowed, it wouldn't stand out to the normal humans, but all I could think was wow. I could hear voices, but they made no sense until I heard the male speak "give him a moment Esme." He spoke with a grin on his face, Edward's grin was crooked and I wondered what he was smiling about. I could hear Esme speak again and could see Rosalie excitedly standing next to her nudging Esme eagerly. "I'm sorry what did you say?" I asked. Esme smiled "I said I would like you to meet my son Edward, his wife Bella and their daughter Renesmee." I looked back to them and saw Edward move in front of me. He placed his hand out and I took his hand to shake it. "My name is Tobias Jacobson it's nice to meet you and your family." I spoke honestly. Edward returned the gesture and Bella came and we exchanged greetings, but Renesmee i found it hard to talk to her. I mean, she was just so beautiful I kept on thinking that if I said something she would probably laugh at me for it being something lame.

Renesmee smiled and I was shocked when I saw her smile. I was dumbfounded, it reminded me of last year when dad took me to the fireworks show at the New Years party. It was just so beautiful, so unique and so very perfect. She placed out her hand and I took it. Wow, her touch was soft. But unlike her father's hand shake, Renesmee's touch was warm and gentle. "Just call me Nessie" she spoke. "Uh Tobias is my name....I mean my name is Tobias." I rambled on wishing I could bang my head on the wall for the lost of reasonable senses. I could hear Edward chuckle. Nessie and I walked to the couch, we started talking...well she did most of the talking, I just sat there nodding my head and making agreement sounds. Everyone else was off doing their own thing, well almost. Rosalie was leaning on the wall, her arms folded watching eagerly...it is a little creepy. Nessie gained my attention by whispering "Don't worry about aunt Rosalie, she really is the best....she just gets a little odd from time to time. Please don't let her intimidate you." I nodded my head and continued to listen to her speak. Eventually I got to meet Carlisle, Alice & Jasper, they were all really nice. Alice is kind of an oddball. She is so hyperactive, like she was on a sugar rush. Nessie and I continued to chat. We eventually started talking about books. She told me she loved the ballad The Lady of Shalott by Alfred Lord Tennyson. I had admitted to Nessie I have never heard of the ballad and she was surprised. She recited the ballad word for word and it was beautiful, she was so passionate about it and I found myself enchanted by the balled, it was intense. I made a mental note to ask dad to buy me a book on ballads and poetry. Nessie asked me about stuff I liked to read and I sheepishly admitted that Alice in Wonderland was my favorite book by far. She seemed surprised and I explained my reasoning behind it. I mean its a book about discovering who you really are, it's basically a coming of age story. A lot like another book I love called Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta. So I told her about the book. "Another good book to read is called Looking for Alibrandi. It's about a third generation of Italian-Australian Josephine Alibrandi. Where she is in the last year of high school and struggles to overcome the narrow minded social and racial bigotry that goes on in her school by two high society classmates." Nessie seemed impressed and I suppressed a smile. We actually talked about swapping books so I could read some of Tennyson's works and she can read Looking for Alibrandi. I was shocked at how fast the day went by I slowly found myself getting comfortable around Nessie. But i still left the talking to her, I did not want her thinking i was stupid. Emmett and Jasper were getting out all the baseball stuff from the garage.

I was surprised when Rosalie just burst out and asked me if I wanted to sleep over and get to know the family. Carlisle and everyone with the exception of Edward & Alice seemed surprised. I asked her how many days and she suggested ten, I thought about it and it sounded great. I mean everyone is so interesting. I wouldn't mind spending time with them. I like Edward & Emmett, despite him continuously calling me shortie. I also liked Alice and Esme. Rosalie was plain creepy, but maybe I was imagining things. It was just a little strange. I asked Carlisle if that would be ok and he said it would be fine. I thanked him for the kind offer. Now the only problem would be convincing dad...ten days was a lot. Uncle Eleazar offered to let me borrow his phone and I thanked him. Well dad's answer was of course no and i begged and pleaded with him and he eventually asked me to put Carlisle on the phone and I smiled I knew I had dad right where I wanted him. They talked for a few moments and then I got the phone back. Dad of course said i could stay on the condition that I did as I was told and be on my best behavior, along with the lame daily phone calls and visits. I agreed and told dad I would abide by his conditions then told him I was going to play baseball. I said goodbye and hung up. I gave the phone back to Uncle Eleazar and thanked him for letting me use the phone. I told Rosalie and Carlisle dad said it was ok and Rosalie looked thrilled. We all left to play baseball. Basically it was the boys vs the girls with the exception of me being on the girls team. The game was good, Emmett was the pitcher and of course he mocked my height. "I’m gonna have to get on my knees just so I can throw balls that he can hit or at least have a shot at." he commented. I scowled at Emmett and heard Nessie speak "don't listen to him Tobias he is just trying to get into you're head. Remember he who angers you conquers you." she shouted from third base.

Emmett was chuckling and my grip on the bat tightened. Nessie was right and the thing is Emmett's trick is working. I was mad, my grip on the bat tightened and I could see the ball come at me at lightning speed and with the swing of the bat a loud BANG echoed the clearing and the ball went towards Emmett’s face and he ducked just on time. It was clear he could have caught it if he wanted too. I wondered why he didn't. I apologized to Emmett only to hear Nessie yell "apologies later, run the bases now I don't want to loose to the boys." She yelled out sounding rather competitive. I did as I was told and made it all the way to third base before Edward managed to get the ball. The game continued on and it was fun. We won the game, although i have a theory the guys let us win. Dad arrived with Tanya. They were both wearing different clothing and I asked why they both got dressed. He told me they both went hunting and things got messy, although Tanya had this odd satisfied look on her face. I decided to shrug it off. Dad handed me my sports bag, it had my clothing for the week and my comb of course. Well I have to go, Esme is starting dinner for Nessie & I and dad wants me to have a shower "No son of mine is going to eat while he is dirty" were his words. I smiled. I love dad, he is so old fashioned. So I am going to go have a shower....I might ask Nessie why her families eyes and the Denali's eyes are golden.

Ill let you know

~Tobias Jacobson

A big thankyou for Kayla & Gary's help editing the diary

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Meeting The Cullens (Entry 4)
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