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 How I became KING!!!!

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PostSubject: How I became KING!!!!   Sun Nov 07, 2010 5:27 am


Dear Diary,
The moment I knew I wanted to be the king of the world, I was planning, my thoughts racing ahead, faster than my actions. So badly, I wanted to kill him, I didn’t notice when I ran and when I was caught by guards. I was standing almost a mile far from where I was and for one second, I glanced at Marcus’ shocked face. He looked worried and shocked, both.
Shocked, maybe, because of my behaviours. Worried? Was he worried...for me? Was he my friend? The one I could believe in? The one I could trust? Maybe. Maybe not. I didn’t know. There was not time to think about that. I wanted to kill the king. I wanted to kill the monster who forced me into a dark world, away from my family.
Kill him, kill him, and kill him. That was my focus. I moved forward. Of course, I was stopped- restrained by the captivating arms of the guards. I looked at Marcus, asked him to tell them to release me. He deliberated and then waved his hand in the air as if to push something away. The hands and the guards disappeared.
I walked back to Marcus. It doesn’t take much convincing but at last he agreed to help me in getting me through the guards. He also assured me that the king didn’t know tricks as he never had the need to learn them. He was always surrounded by guards who were employed to protect him.
He got me through them to the door of the king’s room. I was ONE DOOR AWAY. He asked me to stay where I was and wait until he’s back. He looked pretty scared. I don’t know how the guards trusted him. Maybe he was an important member in the king’s council of monsters. I don’t care. I was one of the monsters now. And Marcus was helping me.
I heard him tell the king, “Master, someone is here to see you. I think he has great potential so I wanted him to have a meeting with you. Would you devote a few moments of your precious time to this man, standing outside the door, please?”
“Sure. Come in young one.”
Frustrated by the “young” remark, I went inside trying to keep a straight face.
“Aro, this is our master. Sir Brando.”
“Greeting, Sir Brando” I said.
“Hello, Aro. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“It’s nice to meet you too, Sir. I’d like to speak to you alone if you don’t mind. Without a person in hearing range.”
He looked suspicious and looked at Marcus and Marcus smiled an encouraging smile. He seemed to relax.
“Fine, then. Marcus would you tell all the guards to move away from the room, please? Aro, do you want him to stay too?”
“No. I’d like to speak to you in isolation.”
“That’s done, then. You may leave, Marcus.” He ordered. It showed he didn’t respect Marcus for anything. He was a servant, just a servant which was more useful. It angered me more. Marcus was one of the kindest persons I had met. He deserved to be better than a servant. Not the king, but the minister. If I won, I would make him one of the important leaders.
If I would win, I would make him one of the important leaders. I was left alone with him. I knew Marcus would come as soon as possible for me. I went to him.
“So, you’re the one who orders people around?”
“Yes. Why would you ask that?”
“Because I don’t like to be ordered around.”
“Well, it’s your choice then- life or death?”
“I choose death.” I replied.
“That’s okay. We’d be really glad to have you in my army but I guess if that’s the way you-“I cut him off, not wanting to further deepen his vile misconceptions. “Your death .I choose your death.” I said and ran towards him without warning.
As thought, he was not ready. He was still frozen with shock for the tiniest bit of time when he saw me running towards him. As expected, he was not ready for my attack. I jumped on him and my new born strength was no comparison to his old power and lack of awareness. I jumped on him and he fell onto the ground with a loud thud. I started to hit him quickly and hardly, trying to perform both the actions in one blow. I tried for some unexpected shots. On the sides of his torso. Sometimes I could hear sounds like glass cracking and then joining up again. As soon as I would hear the latter, I would punch that place again. That was the basic and solitary knowledge I had of killing a vampire. There wasn’t much time to learn anything else.
Soon enough, Marcus came in and helped me. He pulled the limbs away from the body and threw them across the room.
The King’s shrieks pierced right through me. Made me happy beyond everything. He was tamed. Better still, I was the one who did it. I could be the king. Be a King, THE King. Of course, I’d be a better one than him. This fact made me feel stronger and my fury went beyond words.
This monster had taken my life, my family away from me and here he was, torn and broken in my arms. He was my slave. I shrieked unintelligible curses at him. Marcus stopped me after what felt like hours of violence.
“Let go, Aro. You don’t want to create a scene here.”
I threw the filthy body off me and started picking parts of him in my arms. Marcus did the same and we threw the parts out of the window one by one. We jumped down to the ground and burned him there. I was overwhelmed with a sense of satisfaction; like my life would be peaceful.
Realisation hit me just then. No, it wasn’t peaceful. I missed Alexandra and my children miserably. I’d go meet them...someday. I didn’t know when but someday, for sure.
Tell you later, dear.
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How I became KING!!!!
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