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 Emmett's shocking suprise [Entry 38]

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PostSubject: Emmett's shocking suprise [Entry 38]   Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:24 pm

Topic: Performing arts trauma style
Date: January 12th, 2006

"When Emmett surprises me, he goes all out without a doubt. But this was one surprise I could do without, I know this without a doubt" ~Rosalie

Dearest Diary,

Oh my goodness. The insanity that has gone on this very night, I fear my eyes may never be the same again. Right after my last entry I called Alice and we spoke for a while, she told me she had visions of me going shopping today, picking out cocktail dresses. She told me to go for the ankle length floral pattern cocktail dress or the black one. She said I would look elegant in the black one. I asked Alice how she knew that I was going shopping today when I did not make any decisions about going shopping and she answered "because Emmett made the decision when he decided to go buy a tuxedo" I was surprised Alice had given something away. I could hear her make a squeak as she realized she had given something away. I tried to get more information out of her, but she told me she had to go and hung up on me.

I had to admit this was a treat, Alice never gives things away, but she slipped up... I wondered what was going on in her mind. I decided to call Esme and we spoke about the things that went on, I told her about the fun we had in Stari Grad, I made sure to leave out all the good bits of the holiday, the part about Emmett and I get our romance on. I asked her about her plans and she told me she planned on doing some cooking for a homeless shelter and spend some time with Carlisle, maybe go for a walk through town.

I was impressed with Esme she really is an incredible woman, I am not sure if I told you this diary, but as vampires we can't stand the scent or taste of human food. See to us it smells and taste horrible, it would be the equivalent of eating dirt really. So to see Esme putting up with the horrible smell just so she can feed those who are less fortunate than her makes her an incredible woman. Esme eventually had to go and after I hung up I went out to the balcony of the hotel room and looked at the incredible view. The stars were still out, the night air, oh my gosh it was just so heavenly how can I describe it... I guess it was the atmosphere the beauty and romance in it all, the stars shined bright as a cool breeze blew against me I watched the lights from the shops and seeing the Eiffel Tower. I smiled and placed my hands on the balcony's rails holding it, I knew Emmett was back, I could smell his scent already walking into the hotel room a few moments after he entered the room he opened the glass sliding door and joined me, he stepped out and wrapped his arms around me from behind. He leaned in to kiss my neck and rested his chin on my shoulder, "hey babe" he spoke, I greeted him and asked him where he was, he deflected my question naturally, I decided to let it go. I trusted my husband and I know he would never betray me, he is an honorable man. Emmett asked me on my thoughts and so I told him "I was just thinking about how beautiful the view is. Look at it Emmett, how can you not see how perfect everything is, the way the stars shine in a radiance of cosmic light, the wind bringing in the scent of tranquility, the beauty of the buildings and their lights... the Eiffel Tower nicknamed La dame de fer Emmett, I see all this and know my heart would skip a beat... that's how beautiful this is" Emmett said nothing.

I closed my eyes embarrassed, if blood still ran in my veins, instead of venom, my cheeks would have been bright red, or at least a beautiful shade of pink. Emmett finally answered me "that was beautiful Rosalie, you know your a strange woman" he spoke. I raised my eyebrows confused and asked him to to explain what he meant and he told me "I noticed when your around our family you act so shallow, so self absorbed that you only notice yourself and your own perfection... you. But when we are alone you're different" I was surprised Emmett made these assumptions, "how am I different" I asked him. Emmett's grip tightened and I closed my eyes and smiled feeling safe and a smile came on my lips. "your insightful, wherever you see the beauty of life, the words you speak are so vivid it's poetic it's an art form Rosalie, and I believe Alice is wrong about you." I felt warm inside, almost alive and suddenly I realized Alice had said something about me to Emmett "what did she say." Emmett was quiet "well a few months after Alice and Jasper joined our family, I went hunting with them and Alice told me what she thought about us. She said you lived your life in your own head, she also said that your gift was your beauty, how you were the most beautiful of us all, I agree with her you are beautiful, incredible and I can't stop thinking about you, your funny and irresistible, but I believe your beauty is only half.... no not half, a fraction of your gift. I believe that you have the power to see the beauty in this world Rosalie, you see the beauty where others just see a plain scenery and when you explain it, you open people's eyes to just how beautiful it really is.... I just don't understand why you hide yourself from our family." He told me.

Hearing Emmett's theory on me I couldn't stop myself from smiling, every time I had my monkey man figured out he always surprises me. I guess what surprised me is the way someone so perfect, so gentle and beautiful like Emmett would say such wonderful and heartfelt things about someone like me. Emmett and I went inside and we laid together in a comfortable silence looking at each other. His hand brushed my hair from my face as he leaned in and kissed me on the lips, I kissed him back "I Love you" I whispered to him, Emmett smiled that beautiful mischievous grin of his "I love you more." the words escaped his lips. I leaned in and kissed him and we laid together until mid-day we walked out of the hotel together the sky was a beautiful dark gray the clouds blocked any traces of the sun, thus preventing our skin from breaking into thousands of sparking lights. Emmett and I walked to the stores enjoying each others company, Emmett told me he wanted me to pick out a cocktail dress that he had plans for tonight. I pretended to be in shock, Alice had actually given this away when she told me that she had a vision of him picking out a tuxedo.

I let Emmett go off and went to look at cocktail dresses, Alice told me to go for the black one or the floral ankle length one, I smiled and picked up the red dress. I received a text message just before I took the red dress it was from Alice "I said the black one" I chuckled and and decided to go for the gray one and I received another message from Alice "No the black one, you will look amazing in the black one" I laughed out Alice was so amusing.

I decided to take the black one and expected another text message. I tried on the black dress my hair was straight and ran down my back, I received a text message and checked my phone. Alice had sent yet another message which contained "See I told you so, you look amazing now all you need to do is put your hair up, ooo no wait make your hair bouncy you would look stunning... and go jewelery shopping buy some pretty jewelery you would look amazing." I smiled and replied "yes boss" on my mobile after I texted Alice, I removed the black dress and got back into my clothing. I decided that Alice was right, I needed to glamor myself up for my man. After picking out the dress I went out to the other stores to pick out some perfect heels, and maybe I would go jewelery shopping afterward. There was no need to tell Emmett where I was going, as I have previously explained vampire's senses are heightened, Emmett will be able to locate me by my scent and I by his.

I went out and found this beautiful necklace, I will of course include a photo of the necklace I bought. As I tried it on in the store, I could not stop myself from smiling. The sales assistant said "I would smile too if I looked that good with the necklace." The silly human misunderstood my joy, it's not that I was smiling because of the beauty. It's because I had Emmett, he makes me feel... he makes me feel human. I love him so much. He makes me so happy, if I could cry tears of joy I would be crying an ocean, if my heart could beat it would only beat an odd number of times because it would always be skipping of joy if I could give him children, I would give him as many as he wanted.

I left the jewelery store with the necklace and the dress I had bought to see Emmett waiting for me. He had his own shopping bags "What did you buy" I asked in a playful tone, "wouldn't you like to know." he spoke back and I smiled, I leaned in to kiss Emmett passionately and he kissed me back "well I have a surprise for you babe, we have to be back at the hotel by four pm and ready to leave by eight. So that gives us four hours" I suggested to Emmett we return to the hotel and drop off the shopping and go out exploring. He liked the idea and we quickly returned to the hotel room and dropped off our bags, we returned to town and we found ourselves going to the Eiffel Tower, Emmett bought us tickets for the stairs to the first and second level, we did not rush the climb to the first level we took our time enjoying each others company and the ever increasing view of the surrounding area as we climbed the first floor. As for the amount of steps, I stopped counting after three hundred. Emmett and I made it to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower and we stopped. We looked around and I asked Emmett if we could go to the very top of the tower and he of course said yes. He went off to pay for us and I looked at current view it was so beautiful I wish I had a video camera to tape this.... I wish I thought of getting one. Emmett eventually returned and we took the lift to the final floor. Being in the lift was fun I watched the outside view in awe, the view oh my goodness everyone and everything looked so small, I mean I loved being on the top, Emmett had his arms around me from behind as he rested his chin on my shoulder "I can guess what's on your mind babe" Emmett spoke, I smiled and placed my hands over Emmett's hands enjoying his embrace, I loved the sensation of feeling love and safety.

I closed my eyes for a moment "of course you can, you know me better than anyone else" I spoke back softly, as I opened my eyes I felt a kiss on my neck and I smiled. Emmett and I watched the beautiful scenery of Champ de Mars it was so amazing. The lift finally stopped and I looked at it in awe, I loved this I really did. I loved seeing the world from this view, but most of all I loved that Emmett was with me every single step of the way. As we left the tower I told Emmett I wanted to return to the tower at night time before we left Paris, to see the view at nighttime. Emmett told me he would like to see it too. Emmett and I still had a little bit of time so we went for a walk at Champ De Mars it was beautiful from a distance, but from close range it was just well, amazing, the Eiffel Tower really complemented the beauty of Champ De Mars that’s all I can say.

Emmett and I stopped in the middle of Champ De Mars and we I looked at the surroundings, Emmett grabbed my hand and held it in his soft, but tight grip and I Looked at him I moved in to hug him and wrap my arms around his muscular body, he was such a big guy with all those muscles, our lips connected for a moment and I pulled back to look at my husband smiling. Emmett placed his hand on my cheek and stroked it softly, I suddenly felt something wet hit my head, I looked up to see it started pouring rain and I smiled enjoying the rain as the two of us got soaked in the rain, "you know what this reminds me of Rose" Emmett asked, I looked to Emmett "yeah... the first time we got married... we left the church and kissed and it started pouring." Emmett chuckled "you remembered that?" he asked me and I nodded my head "how could I forget that, it' was one of the best days in my entire existence and one of my favorite memories." I answered, Emmett leaned in and kissed me passionately, we did not care about getting soaked in the pouring rain. I guess you could say this was probably the most romantic situation we will find ourselves in, we are standing in the middle of Champ De Mars with the Eiffel Tower in the background getting soaked while we kiss

Emmett and I pulled back he made a comment about me being wet, I laughed and looked down shy. He pushed my wet bangs back and I looked at him "I love you" he spoke and I told him I felt the same way. We returned to the hotel room exactly at four pm, completely drenched in the rain water. I had four hours to make myself look exactly perfect for my Emmett. I decided to take a shower even though I was already soaking wet, after I finished I combed my hair and used the hairdryer at the same time to dry my hair as I combed it, by the time I was finished with my hair it was dry and bouncy. I got dressed and placed the jewelery around my neck and walked out of the bathroom. Emmett was already dressed, he looked at me and let out a sexy whistle and I smiled "you like" I asked him my voice was softer than normal, almost like I was trying to seduce him, Emmett nodded his head "Oh very much so" he spoke almost enchantedly.

Emmett walked to me, he grabbed my hand and lifted it up to his lips and kissed it. "I think it's time we get this surprise ready, come on we only have ten minutes left before our ride gets here." he spoke pulling my hand. I smiled and reached for my handbag on the counter and just managed to get it. Emmett and I made it to the ground floor and we waited indoors I was curious until I saw a long black stretch limo arriving and stopping at the door. I looked at Emmett and saw that mischievous grin of his, I smiled as he guided me to the door of the limo. The driver came and opened the door for us and I climbed in Emmett followed. I was shocked "how could you have organized all this." I asked. He sat opposite of me "Alice helped naturally" He told me, "Ah yes your usual partner in crime.... how can someone so short be so diabolical" I asked him, he chuckled and told me it was her gift. "yeah cause anyone can see the future" I scoffed. We both chuckled, and I asked Emmett where we were going.

Emmett pulled out two tickets and handed them to me the tickets read, "Feerie" I spoke surprised. Emmett nodded "yes it's a Cabaret show at the Moulin Rouge" I looked up extremely touched by Emmett's thoughtfulness, "you don't like this sort of things you will be bored out of your mind." I told him, Emmett shrugged "what's a few hours of my eternity if I get to see you smile... it's a sacrifice I will gladly make" I moved across to sit next to Emmett and hugged him "thank you" I spoke. Emmett wrapped an arm around me and kissed my cheek "anything for my Angel" he spoke softly. We arrived at the Moulin Rouge and entered the building, it was air-conditioned very nice and cool and a lot of people were waiting for the show to start. "I have heard many good things about the performing arts that go on here, I can't believe I finally get to see it." I told Emmett "yeah I guess... it's not as awesome as football." I raised my eyes up, Emmett had no appreciation for the performing arts.

We watched the show it was interesting, but I did not expect what would happen next. The performers came out topless dancing and singing my jaw dropped in shock and I heard Emmett scoff "the performing arts kick ass" I looked at Emmett and glared at him ice cold. I placed my hands over his eyes "yeah big sacrifice huh buster" I hissed as I lowered my hand from his eyes, Emmett looked at me with a grin on his face "I didn't know. Honest" he whispered I stood up and grabbed Emmett by the ear, lifting him up. He frowned and I let go of his ear and dragged him out "come on Rose this is the performing arts we need to broaden our minds" I knew he was joking around "not funny" I hissed and Emmett chuckled, we walked outside "Emmett you know I am a lady of moral integrity and I will not watch a bunch of harlots parade around half naked... that is not performing arts, that is smut." I spoke back. Emmett looked at me and smiled, he apologized for a ruined evening and I told him it was fine, that I did not care as long as we were together my evenings would always be perfect.

Emmett was quiet as we embraced in a hug "I certainly must bring Edward and Jasper here for a bachelor party next time Jasper gets married" He joked, "you must certainly not" I spoke back with a smile. Emmett faked a groan and I smiled. We returned to the limo and went back to the motel, after arriving to our room, Emmett removed his tux jacket and started to pull off that black bow-tie and I stopped him "I have a surprise of my own Mr. Cullen... so stay in that monkey suit just a little longer monkey man." I asked him. Emmett looked at me surprised and I went to my bag and pulled out my iPod, pulling out the headphones I turned the volume all the way up, and selected one of my favorite songs in my iPod Beauty and the Beast sung by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson. I pressed play, and the music began to play quite loudly. Another perk of having vampire senses, every thing is much much better. I walked to Emmett and placed out my hand, he smiled "Oh I see" he spoke surprised, with that beautiful smile on his face. Emmett and I danced slowly together while the music played he raised my hand and I spun under, he pulled me in close and had one hand wrapped around my waist and another on my upper back and I did the same. We danced together slowly in bliss until the song ended and Emmett let go. I helped him out of that monkey suit and left him to get dressed on his own. While he is doing that at this very moment I am outside at the balcony writing in you and telling you of the "Surprise" Emmett threw my way this evening and now that I am done, I think I may watch the beautiful scenery for a little while longer before I go back inside to my lovely monkey man.

~Rosalie Hale

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The song emmett & Rosalie danced to

sung by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson
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Emmett's shocking suprise [Entry 38]
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