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 Visiting Grandpa

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PostSubject: Visiting Grandpa   Fri Dec 03, 2010 11:21 pm

Well it's been about 3 months since I have written in you and I'm sorry about that, but there has been a lot going on here. Me, mom, and dad went and saw grandpa about a week ago. He was so happy to see us. He said that he can’t believe how much I have grown in the last few weeks. I was so happy to be back in Forks. Well back to the visit with grandpa.

We got to spend a week with grandpa. The visit was really fun. We had a lot to talk about, and we sat around the living room just talking for hours. I told him about the new place and what we do for fun. How I like to go on long walks with Jake. Then grandpa asked how Jake was doing and I told him that he missed Forks but he was getting used to the new place just like the rest of us.

We talked for a little while longer and then mom said that it was time for me to go to bed. I didn’t really want to but I know that I had to because I had a lot of plans for us to do the next day. I got up early the next day and told mom that I was thirsty and she said that she needed to hunt too, so me and her went out on the hunt just the girls.

I asked her if dad would ever get over the fact the I was in love with Jake. She told me that I just had to give him the time to get used to it, that he will come around, that I shouldn’t push him because he would only get mad if we tried, and that she has been working on him to let us be more then just friends. “I know that Jake would never let anything happen to you but your dad is just worried.”

It took a lot for me to not think about what me and mom talked about on our hunting trip. I could tell that I wasn’t doing a good job of it because grandpa kept asking me what was on my mind and dad wanted to talk to me alone, but I just changed the subject to sports because I know that grandpa loves sports.

When I was in the room that I was staying in at the old place, seeing as grandpa’s place wasn’t big enough for all of us, dad came in and sat on the bed. He said that he needed to talk to me about Jake. He told me “I know that you love Jacob, I can see that in the way you look at him, and I can tell that he loves you the same way. Its just that I am scared that you will run off with him and not want to come back.”

I told him that would never happen, I love my family to much to do anything like that. And I know that Jake would never take me to far away from the family.

Dad said that he will think about it a little more and let me know. The rest of the visit went by really fast. Grandpa didn’t want us to go but we had to, we were starting to miss the rest of the family (and I was missing Jake really bad). We told grandpa that we would be back soon. On our way home dad told me that Jake and I could go out on a date and see how thing go, and that if anything went wrong that I was to call him and mom right away. I thanked him and gave him a kiss. I was so happy that as soon as I got off the plane I ran to Jake and told him the good news and that he had some planning to do.

Well its late and I think I will go to bed for the night but I will write again soon and tell you about the date that Jake took me on. Until next time.

~Renesmee Cullen~
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Visiting Grandpa
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