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 September 10, 1950

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PostSubject: September 10, 1950   Sat Dec 04, 2010 11:00 pm


It has been quite some time since I have written. That is because up until now there has not really been anything to update on. However a few things have happened that I will explain before I get to the big news. We have moved away from Forks, such a shame, I really like it there. I hope we get to go back one day. We are in Alaska with our 'cousins' for the time being. A few other things have changed as well, most notably Rosalie and Emmett's relationship. They are much closer now, and she is so much more open to him. She has finally transformed into a wonderful young woman with him. They are great together and she is almost always smiling when he is with her. It warms my heart to see her that happy. Things are pretty much the same with Edward. However he has seemed to lighten up a little bit now that Emmett is around, they hang out together and do all the boy stuff Carlisle doesn't have time for. Carlisle is of coarse working at another hospital, this one is further away from home as we live in a very unpopulated area. But it's really no bother, it doesn't take him long to get to and from work, a benefit of vampire speed.

Now for the really exciting news. We have two new family members with us now. It was a very peculiar situation. One day we were all sitting at home spending some family time together and there was a light knock on the door, Carlisle went to answer it and shortly called us to come over to the door as well. At the door stoop a pretty young lady and a young man, they were both vampires. The young lady introduced her self as Alice, and the young man as her mate Jasper. She explained to us that she has visions, and saw us in one and knew they belonged here with us. We all looked towards Edward and he nodded to show she was telling the truth. Alice giggled and explained that the second room on the top floor would be theirs, and that they would like to get settled in now. We were all just kind of stunned and let them in.

After a while Alice and Jasper came downstairs and we all sat in the living room and talked more. Alice told us more about what she saw of us, and Jasper told us about his past and how they met. They both previously fed on humans, but once Alice had the vision of our family they decided to switch to animals as well. Jasper has a wonderful gift as well. He can feel and control emotions. However his control for his thirst is not that great, Alice explained how he was changed and that he used to fight in the newborn wars. After quite some time of hurting and killing many newborns, he could not take the emotions anymore and decided to take off. He has many scars from being bitten by the newborns. It is so sad to know he had to go through something like that, I can not even imagine how hard that must have been. Alice was first to decide to feed off of the animals, while Jasper took some time to warm up to the idea. He has not been doing it for long so it is harder for him to resist humans. But we will do everything we can to help him get past that.

We sat up together all night telling one another our stories and learning as much as possible about everyone. Poor Alice does not remember any of her human past, nor does she remember the vampire who turned her. She woke up alone and was alone until she found Jasper, the only thing that kept her going all that time was the constant visions she would have of him. Very romantic I think.

We also discussed our cover story for the new members of our family. We have to keep up pretenses. After much talking and deliberating we decided that Alice would be known as our new adopter daughter, and that Jasper would be known as Rosalie's twin brother and take her last name, Hale. The reason for that is because Jasper looks a lot like Rosalie, and they look to be the same age. Rosalie was not very happy about it at first, but I talked to her about it a little bit and she decided that it would be okay.

In such a short time Alice and Jasper already feel like they are family. Like they have been with us all along. Edward and Alice have already formed an amazing bond, Carlisle thinks it may have something to do with their powers being closely related. It is nice that he seems to be even happier now that he has Emmett, Alice and Jasper that he gets along with nicely. Things between him and Rosalie are still pretty rocky most of the time, but they do their best to get along.

I a going to see if Alice would like to go on a shopping trip with me to decorate her room to her liking. I will try to update again soon.

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September 10, 1950
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