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 March 18, 1951

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PostSubject: March 18, 1951   Sat Dec 04, 2010 11:01 pm

It has been about a year since I have written again, I don't find much need to document very many things, seeing as I can remember everything clearly. However there are some things that I feel I have to write down. This is one of them.

On Christmas day Emmett proposed to Rosalie. He drove her nuts about it in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Everyone in the family besides her knew what he had gotten her, and she wanted to know too. Of coarse we wouldn't tell her, but that did not stop her from begging everyone. Alice almost told her once, but later we realized she was only joking with Rosalie and was not going to tell her.

Finally on Christmas morning we all opened our presents, and saved Rosalie's ring for last. When she opened it she gasped and looked up to Emmett who was in front of her on one knee. He grinned from ear to ear as he asked her to be his wife. I was beaming with excitement, I am so happy for them. Rosalie nearly screamed yes and pounced on him. She hugged him for at least 15 minuets before she realized we were all still there. After we finished all the family stuff, the newly engaged couple went out to celebrate by hunting together for the night.

They set a date fairly quickly, March 17. Alice had a blast helping Rosalie pick everything out and decorate everything. I did as well. It was nice to see my Rosalie so happy and confident. We agreed to have a girls night in the night before while tho boys had a sort of bachelor party, Edward's idea. Rosalie didn’t mind whatever they wanted to do, on the one condition that they were not late for the wedding. Which they were.

After about 10 minuets of waiting for the boys to arrive Alice whispered it's time, and the boys walked in to a low growl from Rosalie. Once she saw her husband to be she could not stop smiling. The ceremony was pretty quick, but very elegant and absolutely gorgeous. Rosalie looked stunning in her dress, and Emmett very handsome in his suit. Our cousins the Denali's were there as well. The vows were so sweet, I would have cried a lot if I could have. I was just so happy to see them so happy. That's all I want is for my children to be happy all the time.

An interesting secret came out at the reception. Rosalie had planned to try to set up Tanya with Edward to help make him happier, she is a very sweet girl my Rosalie. However, Edward just does not see Tanya in that way, he sees her as family. Tanya does like him tho, and it made things kind of awkward. Alice decided to tell me about Rosalie's plan so that I could put a stop to it before Tanya got hurt again. She has been in love with Edward since they first met, but he just doesn't feel the same, poor girl, she won't give up and keeps getting her self hurt.

We all danced for most of the night, I even danced with my sons and the beautiful bride. After hours of dancing Rosalie and Emmett decided to go on a hunt together and then return to their room for the night. In the morning Emmett had a surprise for her. It was from all of us tho. We had all been sneaking off with out Rosalie in the month leading up to the wedding. She was getting frustrated with us and I explained that she would understand soon and she would be very happy about it. We were building a house for Emmett and her to live in as newlyweds. When we took her there she gasped and was speechless for about ten minuets. Finally when she was through the shock, she gave me and Carlisle huge hugs, then she hugged Jasper, Alice and Edward and thanked us all. After all of our hugs she leaped into Emmett's arms and squeezed him tight thanking him over and over.

The house was gorgeous, perfect for the two of them to live as newlyweds, and blend in. It was also not to far from our home, so they could visit whenever they wanted. As we were about to leave Carlisle and I pulled them aside, and let them know that being newlyweds, we know they will want to do things that may put the house in danger. We offered to fix any damages they may cause with their acts of love, all they have to do is give us a call and we will come fix it. They thanked us both and hugged each of us tightly. I gave each of them a kiss on the cheek and told them to enjoy their new home, and that I love them very much.

One last thing. It amazes me how much Alice and Jasper have become a part of our lives, it is almost as if they have been here with us all along after only one short year. I have so much fun with Alice, she loves to shop and help me decorate. Jasper is a wonderful young gentleman, he is always so kind to every one. I absolutely love my family. And I would not have it any other way. I am going to spend the rest of the night cuddled up with my Carlisle until he has to go to work.

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March 18, 1951
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