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 Jasper's Diary (3)

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PostSubject: Jasper's Diary (3)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:31 am

Hello everyone!Here is the 3rd entry of Jasper's diary and my favortie so far,Alice and Jasper come even closer ;)I've got news :D!in a few days i'll be on vacation so i won't be able to post new entries :/But i'll sent Amy(one of the lovely admins of this group :D) my 4th one and she'll post it next sunday as always on 1st of July :D.I'm sorry guys but after june 30th i won't be able to reply at any messages or comments you post on our group or the entry below for a month,but maybe Amy will.So everyone please thank her and all the other admind for being so supportive ;).If you have any ideas about Jasper's Diary inbox me ;).Thanks again everyone for all the love and support :D.Love as always,Angie

So here it is :D :

Thankfully, the week past peacefully, the Volturi didn’t visit us, -as I expected- but I was sure, we would be as careful as possible. I didn’t want that giddy gift-collector nowhere near Alice.

Now that she can see the past she uses her gift all the time because she thinks that if she doesn’t, it’s going to get weaker soon,and slip away. She had a vision of the Denali’s coming to visit us-Nessie was excited- but we weren’t going to tell them about Alice’s new gift. The less people know about it,the better, as we had more chances of the Volturi not knowing it.

She had so much fun seeing Bella’s past,-watching her fall down a million times, blushing every time she was looking at Edward’s direction and hearing how her heart used to race when Edward was getting near her.

Me, Emmet and Edward went hunting together and from what Edward told me while I was finishing my deer, she hadn’t had so much fun going through my past and she was thankful that she found me.

“Jasper…”she told me dolefully, when we were alone in our bedroom. And I was grateful I went hunting with Edward.
“I know Alice, I’m so sorry I kept you waiting for so long» I told her, hopefully she would forgive me.
“Well I’m sorry, too for your past, but if there’s one thing I’m not sorry, is for you keep me waiting” She told me, trying to smile.
“Why?”I asked her, she wasn’t joking.
“Because if our past didn’t develop that way, we wouldn’t be together, right?” She told grinning.
Alice is more than all I could ask for, she was, is, and will be my life, my everything.

She also had a chance to thank me for the dresses, poor Edward, he didn’t want to be any near us at that point, and luckily none of her new dresses were ruined.
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Jasper's Diary (3)
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