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 May 7th, 1933

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PostSubject: May 7th, 1933   Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:45 am


We are all moved into our new place. We decided on a lovely small town in Georgia. The towns name is Fairmount. We are very close to the Cherokee National Forest, which is great for hunting. The only downside is that it is sunny a lot, but we have so many trees surrounding us we don’t really have to worry about that. Our house is amazing. My Carlisle never ceases to amaze me when picking out a new home for our family. This one is twice the size as our old home, to give room for the new addition to our family. There are 5 bedrooms, a huge living room, and a glorious kitchen. I may lean to cook just to get to use it. I could donate the food to charity. The back yard is spectacular; it stretches right into a small forest.

It didn’t take us long to get everything moved in, thanks to the super speed and strength. We rented a large moving truck and some movers to keep up looks. It was so boring waiting for the movers to move things, it took them 2 hours to move things we would have had done in 10 minuets. Edward insisted on moving his piano himself, he set it up in the living room where we can all here in play. Once the movers finished I decided to go for a walk with Rosalie to explore and talk while the weather would permit it.

While Rosalie and I were in town we found a lovely dress shop. Needless to say we indulged. I love being able to spoil a girl, it’s so fun buying her dresses. She loves them all. We bought so many things we had to have half of them delivered, as there would be questions if two young ladies carried 50 pounds of clothing home on their own. It makes me laugh to have to ask for help when I know I don’t need it. Rosalie seems to enjoy it though. We finished our shopping and went hunting. We ran all the way into the forest and found some large deer roaming, we helped ourselves to two each; shopping makes us hungry. After our hunt we returned home.

While we were out I tried to talk to Rosalie about a few things, I almost brought up Royce, but I realized after letting his name slip that it was a bad idea and quickly shut my mouth. “It’s ok Esme, I can talk about it a little, what do you want to know?” she asked lightly. “Well, I was just wondering if you are going to be okay, knowing he is still alive, I understand that you hate him, but I am afraid you will want to do something to him.” I asked carefully. “You are right to worry, I have a revenge plan for him, and he WILL pay for what he did to me.” She was nearly screaming by the end of her sentence. I was afraid for her at this point. “Rosalie my dear, he will be punished in his own way, you do not have to risk yourself to hurt him, please don’t try to get revenge, it is never a pretty thing, you are much to pretty a girl to do something so ugly.” I was begging. I didn’t want anything to happen to my daughter, I had only just gotten to know her. What if she exposed herself? I can’t even imagine it. I don’t know if my begging convinced her any. I can only hope.

Once we were home I found my Carlisle, in his study of course. I told him of my conversation with Rosalie, and he decided he would have a conversation with her as well. He told me all about it later. He told her that revenge would be dangerous, not to only her but to our entire family. She would risk exposing us, or ruin her vegetarian diet by feeding on them. She told him she had no intention of feeding off of any of the vile blood that runs through their disgusting veins. She said slyly that she had it all carefully planned out so that she wouldn’t spill a drop of blood and risk having the need to taste their horrid flavor. “Nothing that EVIL could possibly taste good” she stated as she stomped out of the room. Carlisle followed her and relentlessly tried to talk her out of it. He may still be trying.

I am worried about Rosalie, this revenge could destroy her. On the other hand, it may be good for her, not that I want her to. Now about Edward, he has been very quiet and distant again. I don’t know if there is anything I can do to help him this time. He seems to be a little more okay when he and Rosalie are getting along. But that doesn’t happen often. He seems to cringe away from her most of the time, I wonder if it has to do with her thought. What goes on in that girls mind? I wonder if I can get Edward to watch her thoughts for her revenge, maybe he can help us stop her.

I should really be going now. There is nothing else for me to share, and I need to catch Edward before he runs off again, I am going to ask him about Rosalie’s revenge. I will update you soon.

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May 7th, 1933
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