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 Bella's Birthday

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PostSubject: Bella's Birthday   Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:54 am

It is 10th of August. It is my Bella’s vampire birthday.
And Alice wants a ‘small’ party.
She came to me the other morning, screaming at me in her mind. ‘EDWAAAAAAARD!!! I need your help! I want to give Bella a party! I was thinking just close friends...The Denalis..and The Amazons...and maybe Benjamin and Tia..and Nahuel too..He would love to meet Nessie again...and Pet-‘
“Alice, NO.” I cut her off, icily.
‘But Edward she needs a party! Don’t you see how tied up she is? Being a perfect bff to Jacob despite the stench, being a Mother to Nessie, despite her thirst and being a perfect wife to you just by loving you‘
“Do you want to put her under more pressure by making her react well to your outrageous ‘small’ party measures?!” I shot back at her.
“FINE!” she shouted and then thought, ‘Do what you want, PIGward! Just make sure she’s well dressed! And do NOT make the mistake of dressing her up in jeans and a tee on the 13th!’ she thought as she ran off to meet Jazz. She was one, crazy little sister. She was the best sister anyone could have. I was lucky.

Emmett thought, ‘Hey, jackass! What was all that about?’
“She’s planning a party for Bella’s birthday”, I told him and sighed, shaking my head.
“What’s so exciting about it?”
“Dude, I can’t wait for the 13th! She’s totally going to freak out at the gift I got her!” and I saw a metal table with two rock-like boulders on opposite sides. ‘A table for us to arm-wrestle’, he grinned the wicked-monster grin.
I laughed too. Bella was not strong anymore and I knew Emmett was going to win. I grimaced at that thought, and Em recognised. ’Haha! Look at your face! I know what your’e thinking. You better give that house at least a crack, Edward. I’m going to be a monster in the next few days, so...please, STOP discussing national debts with Bella at night.’ He laughed his boisterous laugh while disappearing from the room.
I frowned after him. Considering Bella, she was definitely going to take the challenge if Emmett talked her into it. And she was going to lose. That was going to be bad. Very bad.

Alice and Jasper gave her a bike. A bike that now suited her. It was black, sleek and looked beautiful. It was a monster machine. Bella loved it. I was sure she was going to make me buy one for Jake too so that they could ride together like kids, shouting at one another and trying to hit each other while driving.
Em gave her the table and she grimaced at the thought. Even she knew she wasn’t as strong anymore and she was going to suffer for that first challenge she won. “Hahaha! Look at your face, freako! Don’t you like the idea of wrestling with your big brother? I may let you almost win some times, if that would make it better.” He said while Bella glanced at the table while chewing her lip. She knew she was going to have a bad time putting Em’s bets off with excuses.
Esme and Carlisle decided to give her a small painting that Esme made of her as a human. She just smiled and shook her head and threw a look at me. I looked at her questioningly and she let me into her mind.
‘I was so weird as a human...’
I glared at her while she smiled to herself.
Nessie gave her a photo frame that she made by herself with ice-cream sticks. In the middle was a picture of herself and Bella together. It was a picture we recently taken. The photo shoot that Alice and Rose did every morning was going on and Nessie wanted a picture with her mom. Jacob was watching this happily from the couch and Seth was in the kitchen. Bella headed over to her and sat down on the floor. Just as she was sitting on the floor, Seth who had been hogging in the kitchen on the cream rolls that Esme made, burped loudly.
Everyone instantly cracked up. Except Rose of course. Bella started laughing like someone was tickling her and Jake was rolling on the floor. Alice was just sitting on the floor and holding her stomach while laughing. Nessie was giggling to herself. Everyone calmed down after a bit.
But I knew Nessie was up to some mischief. She thought, ‘Daddy, can you take a picture for me? Click it when I think SNAP okay?’
I nodded inconspicuously and went to Alice and put my hand forward silently asking her for the camera. She thought, ‘What happened?’ I just kept looking. ‘Okay, fine! Take this and return it!’
I stood in front of Nessie and Bella and Nessie thought ‘DADDY! 3...2...1...snap!’
And made a noise by blowing up her cheeks and gushing the air out noisily throught her lips. Bella cracked up again and laughed like a hyena, her mouth wouldn’t shut becaue she was laughing so much.
I snapped the picture and looked at it. I chuckled. Renesmee’s chubby cheeks looked like there had been 2 tennis balls thrust into them and Bella’s face behind her, was...funny. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was hanging open, her long tresses halfway in the air. She was so beautiful.
I was caught up in the memory, so I jumped a little when I heard Jacob’s mental stress. ‘OH God! What am I going to do?! Shit. I’m so screwed. Bella’s going to have me for dinner today. I f she doesn’t, Edward sure as hell would! I’m dead! Damn!’
Jacob gave Bella.....nothing.
He gave her nothing. You read that right. Nothing. He walked up to Bella from beside Nessie and told her, ‘I’m sorry, Bella. I didn’t get you anything. I was busy with Nessie’s gift.’
Bella smiled at him, relieved that at least one member of our family had not made a big deal about this. ‘Really?’
‘Yeah. Sorry.’ And his lips turned down at the corners.
Bella touched his cheek and smiled. ‘Thanks, Jake’, she whispered.
His jead jerked up and he raise one eyebrow. ‘What the hell?’
‘I don’t want it. I don’t want any of these gifts. So thank you, you didn’t bring me one. That’s a gift itself.’ She smiled.
Jacob laughed. ‘Always the same...’
And they both chuckled.
Bella hugged him and thanked him again.
I have to go. I'll write about Nessie’s birthday party the next time.
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Bella's Birthday
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