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 The arrival of the Cullens & Royce king (entry 1)

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PostSubject: The arrival of the Cullens & Royce king (entry 1)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:12 am

Date: January 1st 1933

Dearest Diary

What an amazing day today. So much has happened to me. To think it all started in the usual way. My brothers off scampering about. My father had left for work & My mother is managing the house. I was in my room combing my long beautiful hair one thousand times on each side when my mother knocked on my door. She told me she forgot to send father to work with his lunch. I was very worried, father working on an empty stomach - what if he made a mistake. He would get fired and then who would buy me my beautiful dresses.

My mother strangely insisted that I wear my white Organza and roll up my hair. I was very displeased. I had just finished combing my hear. Honestly the poor people believe that it's easy to look beautiful, but it's not, it is hard work to look as beautiful as I do. My mother should have known better, but still I did as I was told and I wore the white organza & rolled up my hair. I inspected myself with great detail along with my mother's help. I did not want to embarrass myself or my family. My mother had asked me to return right after I visit the bank. She made plans for us to go shopping, something that brightened my mood greatly.

As usual everyone that worked at the bank was watching me. I did not take much attention to all the common looking old perverts. I was much too busy with my own mission, drop the food off and go shopping a simple enough task. I did notice that there were a few men around Mr. King, my father's boss. I delivered the meal to my father and kissed him on the cheek. When I returned home my mother and I had gone shopping and purchased some beautiful dresses. On the walk home, my mother pointed out the Cullens, who were straight ahead of us. My mother had met the Cullens the day before and I was surprised to see how beautiful they were. All of them. Their beauty was otherworldly. I felt Inferior and I did not like feeling that way, not one bit. My mother introduced me to the Cullens.

Doctor Carlisle Cullen - how can I put such beauty into words: He has pale skin, golden eyes & blond hair. He is around six feet tall, looking at him and comparing his beauty to my own made me shiver for a moment out of fury, to see someone more beautiful than myself is totally unacceptable. Then there was Esme Cullen, Carlisle's wife, she has caramel-colored hair. She also had gold eyes, pale skin and she was slender, but rounded. She had a heart shape face too she would have been perfect if not for the purple circles under her eyes. Well, I suppose that is what happens when you are a housewife with no hired help. You do the work yourself and you sleep less. Finally, there was Edward Masen, Esme Cullen's Little brother. How I loathe him..no loathe is much too strong a word. I dislike him. Such a rude & uneducated young man such as himself. He has high cheek bones and his nose is straight with full lips. The hair was a messy bronze color, which I consider to be unattractive. How does he expect to court a lady when he is going around with messy hair? He is the same height as his brother in law, Doctor Carlisle Cullen. He has a slender body, something I found unforgivable. I placed my hand as to shake like a lady and instead of grabbing my hand to kiss it like a gentleman, he does nothing. Mr. Mason should be sent to reform school.

All in all I must say, I do not like this Cullen family much at all. They have the potential to be middle class, but the way they dress and act, now I do not think that will be happening.

Oh yes, before I forget, father returned home from work and shortly after his return there was a knock at the door. When mother answered, the delivery man had a bouquet of roses. My mother called me and when I came down she handed me the roses and a card that read:

Roses are red
Violets are Blue
Your eyes are amazing
and so are you
~Royce King

I was excited. I remembered how attractive Mr. King was the other day, and he is also very wealthy, too. My mother and father also seemed pleased. I must leave now, I am going to have dinner.

~Rosalie Hale
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The arrival of the Cullens & Royce king (entry 1)
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